Sunday, May 20, 2007

...yet fully shod

Yes, my very gentle ladies and occasionally artful gentlemen, I find myself coaxed to light of day.

First, to make careful note of how swiftly even the slightest spot of disrobing on the Internets will be made note of.

And to thank one of the most artful amongst you for the charming, and much appreciated, bit of poesy. One of my favourites, as he must have known, exquisitely wrought and an astonishing surprise.

As for the rest – Life, Love, Work, Footwear, Flora and Such - time to revisit all, I should imagine.

But perhaps we should tread lightly for now, forgoing the first three topics for the moment, and concentrate on the latter.

Footwear, Flora and Such…


Pint said...

And a welcome return.

irlandesa said...

Thank you, and more to follow.

As for topic, I'm thinking of the intersection of Footwear with Somesuch...