Monday, May 21, 2007

A nought-told tale

As much as I’m in the mood for Footwear as a non-salacious topic for bemused discussion, I’m sensing more than one problem.

First, of course, I would be abandoning half of our readers, or at least those amongst that half whom I would care to know, since I must admit I don’t much fancy gentlemen who give more than a passing thought to their brogues or flip-flops or Docs or whatever. Yes, I do believe that there are a number of Issues which should be the sole province of the Ladies.

Cosmetics, of course. Unless, that is, the gentleman in question prefers to don the entire costume. Oh, and every once in a while mascara is fine, as long as it’s navy.

And bed linens! There are few things in the universe more off-putting than hearing a man using the term “thread count.” Even ladies know enough to confine the words to the cloistered privacy of their own sculleries.

Unfortunately, I do have an amusing tale of a Boy and his Boots, but given the times and the parties involved, the telling of it might have somewhat unfortunate consequences. Suffice that once upon a time one of my very best friends received an urgent request for a replacement pair of his most fave, most hardy and well-known brand of very waterproof, very durable, um, boots. They were dispatched through the usual channels, along with the Beconase that had been earmarked for me [much to my chagrin, because my allergies are much worse than his].

A transaction ultimately regretted by all involved.

Which is the very best part of the story. So good, in fact, that we might even find it in an upcoming issue of Yo! Basta. Yes, our most glossy Tabloid of the Left is promising a bit of a renascence itself.

Or so promised our divinely authentic Editrice, who was reporting, a tad incoherently, from Somewhere in Cannes.


Pint said...

Cannes. That's in France.

Mark said...

I once made a palapa in the Yucatan, near to the village of Xcacel, bearing only a machete and a pair of hiking boots. And I mean only. Although I was actually running away, still I felt so free in those days!

A welcome return


irlandesa said...

France. Right on.
And Mark, you have been a very busy boy. Adore your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Buenos tardes Mark,
I'll be there soon. Not the village of Xcacel... in an undisclosed location in Quintana Roo... skipping with butterfly and swimming with Mother Turtle.

Querida Irl... so very glad you have returned safe and sound. It has been hectic, but hope to put up a few pic's and maybe a word or two at my Rebel Seeds on La Otra... oye. The final lag of the journey, internazional will be held on Yaqui lands, near Potam in Oct. 07... or sometime around then (many have been divided about the choice of venue, for reason's I can't and won't say here)... but it's finally winding down a bit for those of us who have traveled with Otra in various parts, having helped cook enough food for an army at time's (lol) providing what we could. Got involved in a 501 to help a free clinic there, so badly needed, and now the nazi's on the Northern side want to "follow American" money there. Hmm. I Think we should offer the same in kind and our legions could follow missing billions from American coffer's... whats missing is missing (wink)

In the meantime, looking forward to a litlle holiday before too long... mapping out celestial bodies at ancient ruins, for a return home.

Abrazos to all...

Mark said...

Thankyou dearest wh'Irl, hello Monsieur/Madame Pint, & buenos noches fair Rebellious B

Irl, hope you like the cake-to-come, for t'was captured especially for one such as you



Anonymous said...

Did I hear someone say CAKE? Please do share.

Mark said...

It's taking me longer than I expected to perfect the icing

Mark said...

Readers may be glad to know that, though not completely without the Antoinettine taste for cake, I'm really much more of a bread, cheese and wine kind-of man

Besides, all that sugar is quite vulgar

And if you look for it, you'll certainly be rewarded with the most amazing picture, something to feed the whole world.. ?

But also: rest assured cake-lovers, if riddles and treasure-hunts are really not your thing, gateau will follow, but later, in a most unexpected fashion

Stephen said...
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irlandesa said...

Just trying to find a few spare moments and a few non-boring words, though I must admit that the pics we've gotten from Editrice are, um, a tad indiscreet. All the more reason to hand them off to our glossy.

Stay tuned.

Mark said...

I for one would like to see any, and all, indiscreet pics, of whoever, doing whatever, with whoever (wherever and whenever)

(see profile?)

And please, rest assured fair hostessa, that to me you appear quite incapable of being boring

Word-wise anyway

Not that it's all about me or anything like that

Your Anti-Mine Field


Mark said...

A Frenchman says: 'Storm in a tea-cup' ~ whatever next
Asterix too French

Yes I know, this post might be considered a tad self-indulgent, but hey girls and boys, I just love Vitalstatistix..!

Mark said...

There are some good gallery pictures here of the recent, riotous assembly in Europe. For the scrapbook!

Anyone blogging from Rostock on this page?

Stephen said...
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V said...

Thoughts on "footwear":

Anonymous said...

Querida Ms V.

Footwear? From a glance: Teva.

Abrazos lovely Irl,

I hope we hear from our girl reporters soon at your infamous glossy (s)

Hasta pasta,

Anonymous said...

Querida Irl,

My hope is that all is well on that side of the planet (s) I was wondering if I could bother you for a bit of information about Noches de Fuego, Marcos' newest book erotic.

Perhaps you or one of the salonista's could shed some light on where to purchase a copy? Secondly, does anyone know when it will be available in English as well? Oh, yeah baby... that's what I'm talkin' about: love in a time of revolution!

I supose I could eventually just ask in person, but I don't want to wait that long (lol)

Abrazos Fuertes,

PS Official title: Goddess Of The Wind... but my friends simply call me, B.

Anonymous said...

Hell-o-ello-ello-ello-ello-ello-ello... my immitation of an echo.

Came back to see if anyone had information on the question I asked, and thought maybe I asked the WRONG question (sigh)



Mark said...


Mark said...

2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the situationist and wider global revolt against the dictates of capital, known as soixante huitard. 2008 also marks the 60th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights.

It's being proposed that a civil society event should therefore be held at the end of the year, in the wake of the Beijing Olympics, to:

1. Commemorate the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the UDHR, reflecting on the history of Human Rights implementation thusfar
2. Consider how the EU project is shifting emphasis away from Human Rights & subsidiarity and towards a dehumanized, undemocratic form of globalisation
3. Connect and empower individuals and groups by establishing a workable model for constructive rights-based work in the future
4. Develop a programme and model of grassroots organisation in the UK based on consideration of Article 1 of UNCCPR
5. Mobilise successfully and challenge this process in the UK and wider EU by 2012

If you'd like to get involved in the planning for this event, please come to the Parly Square picnic this Sunday from 1 til 3pm, on Westminster Green just behind Brian Haw. We'll also be celebrating a partial, possible, controversial victory of sorts, this week being a week in which it was announced that s.132-138 of SOCPA is to be repealed..

We hope you can make it.

GO Zapatist@ 2012 !

irlandesa said...

Dropping crumbs, as we do.

I have been elsewhere, just in different guise.