Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yes, darlings, much too long in the rabbit hole.

As for the previous post, I was forced to delete it entirely as Blogger was refusing to allow me to delete some of those more annoying Comments individually.

I trust our most kind readers will forgive me for vaporizing their words and might, in true spirit of seasonal charity, provide us with more.

And, speaking of more, I promise the same.


Anonymous said...

To our most wonderful hostess, Irl...

I am very glad you didn't vaporize(s)

Que viven renaiscence! Que viven la salon y salonistas!

Welcome back Irl. Some of us have missed your eloquence, sorely.

Abrazos fuertes,

irlandesa said...

Thank you, sweetheart.

An early Spring, I believe...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Irl,

We miss your words.



jorge corral said...

irlandesa: hola. I looked and looked and couldn't find how to contact you...just have a Q or 2. I'm writing a novel about the 2001 Zapatour and hoping I could reach you. I'm at
thanks. nice blog. jorge

jorge corral said...

irlandesa: hola. I looked and looked but couldn't find how to contact you...just have a Q or 2. I'm writing a novel about the 2001 Zapatour and hoping I could reach you. I'm at thanks. nice blog.

Spark said...


So much to catch up on. What's next? Are you still there? Do you have a boyfriend ?

Eternity of disappearance!


irlandesa said...

Hi, lovely ones,

Jorge, I'll write you in a day or two.

Spark, darling, I've missed you as well, and I promise we'll catch up shortly.

Spark said...

At your service M'Lady

Revolutionary PMT

With apologies for typograpical errors.

Spark said...

Yo Irl

Thought you might be interested in this entry and sister Ginger's blog:

Zombie Jesus

Here's how the topic came about: I had read a hilarious David Sedaris essay about David participating in the equivalent of an English as a Second Language (ESL) class, only this one was in France and for non-French speakers. That would make it FSL? Anyway, according to the essay the class was trying to explain (in broken French) the idea of Easter to a non-Westerner. Think about it. A dad allows his son to die a horrible death. The son then comes back to life and visits his friends and family, and we celebrate this with colorful eggs, bunnies (and in France, the flying Easter bell), baskets, chocolates, and fake grass. I was trying to describe the hilarity of all of this to Christine, and as usual the topic became philosophical and serious in a surreal, circusy kind of way. You know. The usual.
ANYWAY, we thought that to people who aren't Westernized, we could be saying that Jesus is a zombie, and to others that may seem strange. We carried the metaphor a little bit further, but our ideas only went so far. We decided that we should consult the Zombie Expert of America, Jamie F. - my dear friend and Christine's dear hubby - for the REAL answers. Christine asked him, “Do you like zombies as a twisted expression of your Catholicism?” His response: “No, I like zombies as a twisted expression of my nihilism.”

Here is Jamie's dissertation on Jesus, zombies, nihilism, and the whole of humanity:

"The Jesus/zombie thing is interesting. I have thought about that as an ironic little funny before. I said to Christine once that Jesus was the ultimate zombie. He came back from the dead, but he did not conform to the mindless flesh-seeking that most zombies seem to. The idea that you and Christine presented, that Jesus is a self-sacrificing zombie who lets his flesh be consumed by the masses, is very interesting. That paints the picture to me of the mindless throngs of the masses (pun intended) mindlessly pursuing the flesh they want to eat, not because of conscious choice, but because of some primitive instinctual brain impulse provided by generations of indoctrination.

Ah I get it. It is the ultimate zombie movie, but not because Jesus is the ultimate zombie. What Jesus did, probably quite unintentionally, was create zombie-like masses of people who follow and never question.

Here is where the comparison really piques my interest. In zombie movies, there is generally some kind of plague that reanimates bodies. The top-level struggle is usually the remaining living trying to stay alive while fending off the zombie onslaught. What I love about this construct is that the living are doomed. The zombies have an unending supply of soldiers, while the living's numbers wane. The zombies are much less fragile than are the living. I like that it represents the pointlessness of the living's struggle; they try and try to survive and live and create a future, when in reality their own corpses are closing in on them and rendering what they're doing largely pointless.

That's the first level of conflict in the construct. The second is more powerful to me. The living, surrounded by death and the threat of death by former loved ones' corpses with the munchies, always end up causing more problems for each other than the zombies ever do. In Night of the Living Dead, the group shacks up in the farmhouse and boards it up. They are doing a successful job of keeping out the zombies. We, the viewers, know that if they survive until morning they will be rescued. Their undoing is each other, not the zombies. The alpha-male struggle between Ben and Mr. Cooper leads to Cooper's death, while Ben successfully wards off the zombies until morning, the sole survivor in the house, only to be shot by the hick sheriff who thinks he is a zombie.

In Dawn of the Dead the living have holed up in the mall, which is a well-stocked fortress. They are doing great until the motorcycle gang decides to loot the place, letting all the zombies in in the process.

And my favorite aspect is the way love is the downfall of the living. The most common way of otherwise intelligent people getting bitten by a zombie is because the zombie is their brother (Barbara) or their husband, or father, or whatever. The living are unable to separate a corpse from the sentimental attachments they have to the person it used to be.

So, ultimately, the living are screwed. Their world is closing in on them. Death is inevitable. No matter what they do to make life bearable, other living will screw it up through greed. If they love anyone, that will eventually cause them pain and even death. And no matter how clever they are, they will die. It is a huge metaphor for life. All that they can have is hope that they will be delivered somehow. Just as mankind has faith in an afterlife to make this life more bearable. It's not a happy picture at all, but it is fun to watch the living scurry around, and zombies are phat."

Blog is go-viaggio at blogspot


Anonymous said...

Globalization is here.It has already happened.
Mobilizations of people and the laying of groundwork for people's resistance
has become obsolete in the 21st century.
The mobilizations for atenco did nothing...they are still prisoners.
The mobilizations regarding voter fraud did nothing...those in power are still in power.
The Oaxaca mobilizations did what?Disbanded by the use of force of the powers that be.
New tactics are obviously needed.

Anonymous said...

Left you a few acorns at the top of the rabbit hole to nibble on.

Anonymous said...

unless we find a common post-capitalist lever around which communities worldwide can unite, the global forces of coercion and the disparities of local conditions are just too great

as anon has just stated, globalisation is a reality. it is so because it is to some degree successful. why so? because, through a combination of coercion, the desire for work and/or greed, depending [as always] on context, it appears to offer some, though not all of course, an acceptable route out of the old ways: and so it is in this sense a global lever

regarding tactics, what is our shared ideal?

is it not vital in this globalised era that we search, in solidarity and with hearts and minds open, for that one basic inalienable right, that one global good that every community worldwide might unite around ??

could there be one issue that every sane community of frustrated humanity, whether rich/poor, north/south, wherever/everywhere is concerned to appropriate?

something that we all need in order to begin the process of transforming social relations.

for how else can we be united ?

the save the whales campaign was successful as a global movement precisely because nice people can relate to the wonder of whales, because whales are recognised as a "global public good" worth saving.

land, and specifically community sovereignty in relation to land [whether it be a social centre on every high street, to be run by the people living around it outside of the state/private property paradigm or larger plots, both inside and outside cities, lived in and worked collectively, on the same basis] is the ultimate global public good.

what will it take for north and south to unite ?

how does someone like me, stuck in London, communicate directly with subcommandante marcos?

tea or horchata, anyone?

Anonymous said...


PLEASE come out of the rabbit hole.

irlandesa said...

LOL, comrada. I do promise to duck my head up this weekend. Time, perhaps, for a few more words.


Anonymous said...

Top o' the Morn lovely Irl and all our fine Salanista's...

Don't worry your pretty little head's... but it's official. Well it has been for some time. I am suprised no one noticed. I dropped the comrada and left the B because of what comrade can confusingly connote. It can mean: 'a friend or person who shares interests and activities in common with others'... Si?

Or it can be a member of the Communist Party. I B, am not much of one for joining a one party system of anything.

And I would not be seen in the company of my LOCAL Communist Party group, as some of the youth take to joining as an opportunity to be combative, never decisive and the elders I should find an affinity in age with have too much of a tendency to be dour and selfish... not fit for an even distribution of the wealth or even crumb of bread for that matter.

Appologie's here to any member's of said Party who may be Salonista's in the lovely Parlour. I speak only of the local group, as in my local. Quite frankly my dear's, I have yet to see a true model of Communism in any given society... as I look around the world this generally referred to and commonly used title/name for a social system has been in fact a ruse for: totalitarianism or even fascism with perhaps emphasis on the dictatorial.

Many people, more than not, associate the name Comrade (believe it or not folks) to 'comrade in arms' and this auto-association seems a common malady... conjuring up a picture in one's mind of a battle-ax of a person. But this does not mean I would fear battle in the least. Indeed, out of self-defense or the defending of defenseless other's, B would not hesitate to 'B' fearless. The common mistake of comrade connoting 'comrade-in-arms' makes me B, well weary (sigh)

There ARE elements of communism that I accept but only in it's purest theoretical form... and my leaning's are in fact quite anarchist combined with some of the above pure form. This left me feeling rather half-baked and I had to mix in a little spice for posterity. With no want for reference being made to B as a "plain little dish" I had to add to the "mix" some fine chocolate` (for exotic flavor and color) rare pepper's (the anarchist in me), pineapple, banana (for the sweet love of humanity) and the finest of finely ground nut's (one must always keep the enemy guessing.)

Well I said to myself B, this sounds like a recipe for my favorite dish... Mole`. Now this Mole` nomme would have been fine with me, B as a silly name and certainly not my own. But since the dictatorial Blog admin. would never allow for such anarchist inflection's as an anccent mark in the making of names... this particular choice in nome de guerre, "Mole" without inflection... could, most certainly have had dire consequences among my fellow Salonista's.

All of this reference to nome here sounds a little self-serving, at time's a little self-absorbed, maybe even a little self-rightious, but is in fact self-confessed here: B is more self-conscious than her words have conveyed at time's, of which she is aware some words parted have lacked self-restraint, happily, through self-policing. So simply for the sake of self-effacement the comrada in B was self-immolated.

One can click on the B and see it's not about me or "B" but in fact about...


Spark said...


B: lovely to hear your voz once more, after all this time

how's about communionism? it's refreshing in itself, and, in my limited experience, quite effectively cuts the wheat from the chaff, by casting out all reactionary elements, at the very inset !


Anonymous said...

Darling spark, muchas gracias.

What exactly IS communionism? (s)


Spark said...

Ending obsessive focus on the cheerleading of faraway struggles, and instead reaching out to connect, commune with,& so transform our locality ?

Creating new communities of sovereignty from and as our coming home: isn't this the best, and only real way to find union/solidarity intergalactically ?

For me communionism is also about the spiritual, regenerative element in this process. Breathing together the force of creation into the life of the world. Building new communities in landed space: towards a world of many classless sovereign, communities.

And don't we need to break out of the ghetto of anti-capitalist activists only talking to, and in the language of, other anticapitalist activists??

Towards a new template of social relations - especially where we live - in solidarity with other righteous struggles for liberty, everywhere..

Maybe we could start sharing our practical experiences of this ind of work, in the salon ?

Anyway[s], with this in mind I've set up a blog record of my/our attempts at this where we live, it's at: People In Common

And, as mentioned before, there is a more esoteric one at RPMT

And B, whatever happens here, will certainly come visit you - better late than never! - at your blog, Rebel Seeds in the not-too-distant future..

Ok darlings, that's all for now

best wishes


Anonymous said...

Spark, darling...

As for the blog, it's not much, and doesn't reflect what I truely have on my mind. It really all started from "Dangerous" and evolved... from a dream of a dear friend and it was posted and created for reason's I can't reveal here. You are welcome anytime though.

"...obsessive cheerleading of faraway struggle's..." (?)

I'll choose my own endeavers young one, and it isn't cherrleading from here. Because, well, I can.

"...need to break out of the ghetto
of anti-capitalist activists only talking to, and in the language of other anti-capitalist activists." (?)

It is nice to know I am not all alone in this big mean world while preachin to the choir... all I need do is go back and read almost every post and comment in the lovely Parlour and find that same or similar "language" among the same and simliar people. It called common ground.

This communism thingy is dandy, truely.

Where does this communionism fit in, lets say, for the ex-pat. (where ever they may be) ?

Abrazos fuertes one and all...

V said...

What in blazes is going on down in that rabbit hole that is engaging our Irl so? Hang onto my ankles, Tigress B, and I'll stick my head deep inside and have a look.

Just don't let go.

(I'm certain she has a whole stash of lovely La Perla underthings in there... Selfishly hoarding them, no doubt.)

Anonymous said...

I love fethcing ankle's V... just can't help myself that's just the way it is.

I hope V isn't wearing La Perlas. Even my voracious appetite for ankle's would make my jaws of life grip on them difficult at best.

What is in the rabbit hole V... what do you seeeeeeee... oop's

V said...

Tigress B, your claws did not damage my La Perla stockings and my fall was broken by a soft, overstuffed fainting couch. It seems that by falling into the rabbit hole, I have unwittingly discovered the Parlour Behind The Parlour - where the real operations are carried out.

Here there is silk and softness, tea and conversation. Women are draped across the upholstery, dressed in flowing, high-waisted gowns. They speak to one another and sometimes kiss. Their laughter is tinkling and their speech witty.

Irlandesa must be around here somewhere. I would search for her, but this couch is so soft, so comfortable... I just can't bear to... move...

Find the Other, Looking-Glass V here (in La Perlas, of course) here:

Anonymous said...

Who said the Tigress was using her paws? (lol)

And why waist an hour glass figure on a high-waisted dress... when you can just go au naturel, like "Sophie of the Fainting Setee?"

I don't think those are La Perla's sweet V... they are much too plain. Although, they could be a pair of the Innovation Stay Up (All Day) but most their thigh highs's tend to be racier, er lacier I mean.

Although the Skin Fitted Cycle Short is Tigress preferred for the most fetching of thigh's, the Grigioperla Crown Shower wrap is much easier on the teeth.

V said...

Traveling just a little further into the past, Parlour tricks and all... just saw "The Illusionist" (2006). It was exactly V's cup of tea.

Available on DVD or you can download it for $3.99 at:

fauxtapatio said...

such a tease, our illest irl.

Spark said...

well this is just getting beyond a joke.

i hope you're alright Irl

as some of you may be aware, March 25th marks the 200th anniversary of the british parliamentary abolition of the slave trade, as well as the 50th birthday of the EU

the leaders are planning a Berlin Declaration to set out their vision which is quite ironic given the initial Berlin Decalaration took place shortly after the end of slavery in 1884 and was basically the carve up of Africa, the legacy of which still lives on

as it happens it [March 25] also used to be New Years day, before the catholic church decide to mess with our heads one more time, it being [quite a day this] the day of Gabrielic annunciation/immaculate conception of beloved Mary

now of course, new years day is a far more sombre day to celebrate, it having beeen moved to Jan1 = jesus' day of circumcision [ouch]

anyway, it's time to change all that, so pls come and join us in due course at New Sov where we will be hatching cunning plans masque or otherwise, & many other jolly japes of the most civilized kind

ok, that's all4now

abrazos, to none and all


Spark said...

one question: is 'from below' be a state of mind, as well as a social class?

pls come visit me, it's not the same without you!

TripleJ said...

And Happy St Patrick's day to all the Patricks and all Irish men and women!

C'ptn Hook

Anonymous said...

word on the street is that our fine hostess has run off to start that small back alley clinic called Hope.

Anonymous said...

Should we start a Where's Irlandesa?
international media campaign?

Anonymous said...

Was the last anonymous a sex worker or just your run of the mill white pimp? Well, I guess someone has to do it (lol)

Anonymous said...

Was the last anonymous a sex worker or just your run of the mill white pimp? Well, I guess someone has to do it (lol)

Anonymous said...

PS Blogger must be acting up for obvious reasons...

mark said...

The Truth Isn't Sexy

About Globalise Resistance

And on riots, a nice aside:
Remember J18

Ok - that's all from me for now. Local newsletter, as slantedly advised by Irl, now on the way.

Also, it appears that I may have finally found the perfect woman..



Mark said...

bloody hell, it seems you really have scarpered


participation not false representation

sigh. well, i hope this finds you in good spirits, wherever, and whoever you are

in solidarity, for justice


Anonymous said...

My gawd Irl, you are missed... I can't talk for other's , but you're missed sorely by me... and from other's comment's, them too.

Wishing you good health and happiest of trail's where ever that may be,


Mark said...

Marcos' Guardian interview


Nick said...

Dear irlandesa,
could you e-mail me when you get a chance - I'd like to ask you some questions.
In the meantime, a big thank you for the years of hard work translating Marcos/Zapatista material - very much appreciated!
Best wishes,
Nick Henck
(author of a new biography of Marcos - the only one in English, and the only one in any language that is not hostile towards him! - entitled "Subcommander Marcos: the Man and the Mask, Duke University Press, June 2007)

Nick said...

Dear Irlandesa,

A big thanks for all your hard work over the years translating Marcos/Zapatista material - very much appreciated!

Could you e-mail me when you get the chance, I have a couple of questions for you.

Best wishes,
Nick Henck (
(author of a new biogrpahy of Marcos entitled "Subcommander Marcos: the man and the mask", Duke University Press, June 2007. It is the only English language biography of Marcos, and the only biogrpahy of him in any languge that is not hostile towards him.)

Anonymous said...

Querida Irl,
If it weren't for your hard work at translations for the communique's all these year's... there were the many that just would not have been able to read the communique's. Oh, yes there were some who attempted to translate but NONE who who could do it with such grace and articulation.

There has never been anyone who could translate them into prose as you have... none.

Mark saw that, elsewhere first. Hope he does pen erotic. It would be the first ever from the worlds only post-modern revolutionary... and besides: sex sells (lol)

Mark said...

Green Pea