Monday, May 21, 2007

A nought-told tale

As much as I’m in the mood for Footwear as a non-salacious topic for bemused discussion, I’m sensing more than one problem.

First, of course, I would be abandoning half of our readers, or at least those amongst that half whom I would care to know, since I must admit I don’t much fancy gentlemen who give more than a passing thought to their brogues or flip-flops or Docs or whatever. Yes, I do believe that there are a number of Issues which should be the sole province of the Ladies.

Cosmetics, of course. Unless, that is, the gentleman in question prefers to don the entire costume. Oh, and every once in a while mascara is fine, as long as it’s navy.

And bed linens! There are few things in the universe more off-putting than hearing a man using the term “thread count.” Even ladies know enough to confine the words to the cloistered privacy of their own sculleries.

Unfortunately, I do have an amusing tale of a Boy and his Boots, but given the times and the parties involved, the telling of it might have somewhat unfortunate consequences. Suffice that once upon a time one of my very best friends received an urgent request for a replacement pair of his most fave, most hardy and well-known brand of very waterproof, very durable, um, boots. They were dispatched through the usual channels, along with the Beconase that had been earmarked for me [much to my chagrin, because my allergies are much worse than his].

A transaction ultimately regretted by all involved.

Which is the very best part of the story. So good, in fact, that we might even find it in an upcoming issue of Yo! Basta. Yes, our most glossy Tabloid of the Left is promising a bit of a renascence itself.

Or so promised our divinely authentic Editrice, who was reporting, a tad incoherently, from Somewhere in Cannes.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

...yet fully shod

Yes, my very gentle ladies and occasionally artful gentlemen, I find myself coaxed to light of day.

First, to make careful note of how swiftly even the slightest spot of disrobing on the Internets will be made note of.

And to thank one of the most artful amongst you for the charming, and much appreciated, bit of poesy. One of my favourites, as he must have known, exquisitely wrought and an astonishing surprise.

As for the rest – Life, Love, Work, Footwear, Flora and Such - time to revisit all, I should imagine.

But perhaps we should tread lightly for now, forgoing the first three topics for the moment, and concentrate on the latter.

Footwear, Flora and Such…

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yes, darlings, much too long in the rabbit hole.

As for the previous post, I was forced to delete it entirely as Blogger was refusing to allow me to delete some of those more annoying Comments individually.

I trust our most kind readers will forgive me for vaporizing their words and might, in true spirit of seasonal charity, provide us with more.

And, speaking of more, I promise the same.