Thursday, August 10, 2006

Halcyon pleasures

Seduction, once again.

Odd how my mind so rarely strays from that charming subject in all its incarnations.

But now, mid August and swooning from the swelter, I’m in the mood for languor. For tarrying in odd enticing corners, for gentle, intriguing notions.

I somehow imagine that courtship begun on a midsummer eve might flourish with such slow pace. A flutter of fans, night-scented blooms tucked unseen behind garden bower.

Thoughtful missives strewn here and there, waiting patiently for the quiet magic of discovery.

So, a time for discussing Wilkie Collins in the back garden with a charming new swain and for revisiting Durkheim in a cool, dark nook in the Study.

Stolen moments, when Time, as we know it, seems silly and irrelevant. Duty refuses to call, and we’re left with a meadow full of possibilities. A poem to write, a paella to concoct, even another world to be conjured.

Seduction in the time of indolence would be less focused, fraught or finite, a time for simple, silly indulgence, the delicious divertissement before the next Act must be considered.

And, speaking of a meadow of possibilities, cheering news from our amatory source of first resort, Dangerous Liaisons. I shan’t give it away, but suffice that we are pleased.


Anonymous said...

Not that I would ever want to stray from such lovely pleasures as the amatory (s)...but have wondered of late why that lack of communiques in general from Marcos? Albiet there has been a shift in venue where he voices now and then, but NOT with the usual eloquent bashing seen in translated communique's over the years, of which our dear and lovely Irl translated for so very long...the shift is eerie.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

PD Prefering the amatory, for the momment anyway...blows grand bisous to all Salonista's!

irlandesa said...

Darling b,

Well, you know that behind my thoughts, no matter how amatory, the "other" always lurks.

We know that M has been rather reclusive for the last few weeks, but he has also paid at least two unobtrusive visits to regional OC groups. My hope, even as I was indulging in quiet summer pleasures in this post, was that others might also be quietly conjuring up another world.

I would imagine that this current hiatus has to do with a necessary pause for taking stock, for looking thoughtfully about and, always, for listening.

As I said, the divertissement before Act II.

As to what Act II entails...


Anonymous said...

Querida Irl,

I think it is prudent and a sign of some wisdom too, "..for this necessary pause and taking stock, looking thoughtfully about and especially listening."

'Brilliant mind's...' (s) And so, this conjuring up another world is my hope too!

While I rest from serious infection, I will have to
let other's do the 'conjuring.' For now anyway...

Jesus del Norte said...

I will tell you what I think. I think it's an extended vacation in Mexico City. 1994. That's 12 years. 12 long years.

irlandesa said...

Truth is, Jesus, it's been quite a bit longer than 12 years in fact...

Anonymous said...

I beleive, but correct me if I am wrong, he has been there much longer than 94'. Vacation? would you like to ellaborate?


Anonymous said...

Are you saying Jesus, he has been on "vacation" since 94'? I didn't quite undertstand hon.


irlandesa said...

...I assumed [and I hate to speak for anyone] that Jesus was merely noting that he had been very long away, and perhaps there are times when it might be good for one's heart to revisit, reconnect, restore...And I'm quite sure he was referring to the hiatus in DF, not the "since 94".

Anonymous said...

Querida Irl,

Again in keeping in the same tones here, truely (s) tis' good for the heart to 'revisit, reconnect and restore...' All OF US need this kind of renewal now and then.

It very much help's restore our focus , revitalize our energies...thus renewing hope and commitment.

I am a child of passion that feels so passionately about so much and I think at time's but not too oft, may have been mistunderstood in the Parlour about said passion.

In 'other space's and place's' when I have made reference to 'matter's of the heart' almost instantly those I address before any real indication of the specific 'matter of the heart' in which I am about to speak of, I have found, the many, just assume this has something primary to do with the amatory.

As many of our Salonista's already know though (s) many a passion is born of the Revolutiinary Love... the well spring, the Heart.

Una Esperanzado Corazon en Millon de Esperanzado Corazones,


Jesus del Norte said...

I realize that the movement, in one way or another, goes back to Tlatelolco but it was the latest post in the library that referenced December, 1994. As I gazed at that year I had an epiphany thinking twelve years is really a long time.

Then I saw the post in this group, "lack of communiques in general from Marcos" and I thought that "the lack" is really much more than just in communiques.

Then I begin to think of the name sake of this movement, "The Attila of the South", who boiled out of Anenequilco in the bottom 1910 and who lay dead less than nine years later at the gates of Chinameca and I wondered what would he think of this group and I heard him say, "Well, it's a nice group. I like them, but they should call themselves The Association of Chiapanecan Allied Farming Communities and NGO Recipients, Manuel Obrador is more like me".

Before I knew it, I had hit the button on a snark and for that I apologize.

I hope Marcos enjoys a long vacation in the City sans communiques or action. After 12 years in the jungle I am sure it is well deserved and if he wants to consider himself a "Zapata" it's not me who is a bit perplexed, it's Emiliano himself.

a said...

...snicker snack!


TripleJ said...

I always though Emiliano joined Juarez's revolution to return the land to the people who toiled it. In this sense I can see the link between him and the Zapatistas.

I like Emiliano, unlike Pancho Villa who was just a thug and highway robber.

Jesus del Norte said...

The Juarez/Zapata connection is an interesting supposition. Juarez was a liberal as in that which came before neo-liberal. He destroyed the ejido system, though perhaps inadvertently. Probably, Francisco Madera was his counterpart.

More to my point, I found this in the NarcoNews Bulletin a couple of days ago.

"...and the quiet organizing being done from Mexico City and in other states by its Subcomandante Marcos and thousands of organizations and adherents to the Zapatista Other Campaign, which, outside the glare of the media and the electoral spectacle, organizes toward a national rebellion more ambitious than saving the vote of a single election, but, rather, seeking to topple an economic system. The Trife, if it imposes the fraud, will accelerate the Zapatista calendar as perhaps the greatest consequence."

I think its best if I just say, nevermind and excuse me.