Sunday, July 16, 2006

Under the lilacs

Simply reclaiming space, or Parlour, this weekend.

And also hoping that a bevy of posies and poesy might even act as a kind of firewall, warding off the ill-humoured, whilst welcoming, with endless embrace, the other. Or, as our dear John Keats once noted:

GIVE me women, wine, and snuff
Untill I cry out "hold, enough!"
You may do so sans objection
Till the day of resurrection:
For, bless my beard, they aye shall be
My beloved Trinity.


Spark said...

Angels !

Verily, verily much to my delight t'was reported last week, in the Times Literary Supplement, that a long lost Shelley poem has recently, miraculously come to light, now apparently in the possession of one lucky London bookseller.

Sigh. From the very revolutionary poet himself

Adios, mil gracias, y abrazos, from This Ego** to That Id*


PS Twin Tower Flower Power

The ultimate firewall:

May 144,000 Flowers

[B][L]OOM !

V said...

There are gardens, and then, there are gardens...

We all have our special places. Come visit me in mine:

irlandesa said...

Lovely, v.

Now we know you must have had an equally lovely weekend!

V said...

The photo was taken by me on Saturday. It is a very real place. I have merely expanded on the idea for a blog.

Everything really is possible.

Anonymous said...

(s) how very lovely, V.

I will have to plan a nice camping trip. I love the smell of the pine even the messy, sometimes too smokey campfire smell is lovely too. I see there is no need to ask if you enjoyed your trip (lol)

This world is a lovely garden. Too bad some would rather view concrete or shopping mall.


Spark said...

Yes, I am heartily sick and tired of Babylondon, and, poor sod, I only moved back here a year ago.

And also, this refrain is recurring:

Let's all go back to the garden !


V said...

Those infinite Edens are calling us.

V said...

Well, I have just received some interesting news...

Just when I thought I was joking about fighting City Hall, along comes an actual notice to appear for an arraignment on charges I disputed already some time ago and believed were dropped. Without showing all my cards at this point (thus revealing my identity) I can tell you that they involve what I consider to be a free speech issue on which I have stood firm from the beginning.

But it seems the City is unwise enough to pursue it.

I am thrilled, actually. I have been waiting over a year for them to make their next move.

Let the games begin...

Spark said...

V for La Victoria [Siempre]

Et la Vie en Voz !


V said...

Thank you, dear Spark!

The wheels of Justice turn slowly and I will not have further news until after August. Can you keep your fingers crossed for that long?

In the meantime, let us enjoy the beautiful summer.

Anonymous said...


Tiene curaje y buena suerte. Vive liberdad y voz!

Desde mi corazon,


V said...

Good morning, B, and thank you.

Challenges of this nature arise every day and one must simply rise to meet them. It is an opportunity to hone the definition of democracy, which is still very young.

And you already know how firmly V can stand. No need for the "hard sell", as you once described it, here among friends.

But in a court of law? With our basic freedoms at stake, even when in a small arena?