Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sweetness and light

Yes, I’ve decided to stay in the Parlour/Garden, and not just for the summer.

A much finer place from which to view the world. Feet more or less firmly planted on ground. Hands in dirt. Tending or flirting, dozing, reading, playing, nibbling, weeding, gathering.

Even plotting and solving, as Jasmine and Peony well know.

We also enjoy silence from time to time, even more when it’s followed by greater wisdom, perspective and lightness of spirit. Especially, may it please the gods, the latter, although I still believe the latter is a necessary and much wished for consequence of both the former.

And, speaking of wisdom, perspective and lightness of spirit…wishing my most favourite person an even greater abundance of all, always.

Especially the latter. Especially today. And tons of love and cheer.


a said...

So lovely!

V said...

I couldn't agree more. I will visit you in your Parlour/Garden, if you promise to come up to the Cabin from time to time.

Sanity shall be ours.

V said...

By the way, Irlandesa, there's a little something for you at the Cabin:

Anonymous said...

Good morning Irl,

Walking lightly through a garden in wonderment amazed at the...

Anonymous said... the rediscovery (s)