Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home again

"...Y la vida es misterio, la luz ciega
y la verdad inaccesible asombra;
la adusta perfección jamás se entrega,
y el secreto ideal duerme en la sombra.

Por eso ser sincero es ser potente;
de desnuda que está, brilla la estrella;
el agua dice el alma de la fuente
en la voz de cristal que fluye de ella..."
Rubén Darío

Home. I wish.

And, since that is a subject which is ever on my mind, that’s probably why I’ve been thinking so much lately of other homes, home.

Not the OC, but what came before. Not the EZ and their spokesperson, but those who, we were told, gave them writ and path.

Those who, we were told, taught them, changed them, gave them new ways of seeing the world, of claiming it and making it.

And so there were autonomous communities, municipalities, evolving into other structures. There was governance from below, “governing obeying”, rotating leadership positions, the removal of unfit officials by the governed, decision-making by consensus-making, and much more.

It was what many called zapatismo. It existed before the OC, even, in many senses, before the EZ, and, I presume, it still exists today. In the communities – which have not suddenly disappeared off the map just because spotlight and words have departed. And it exists in many other places. In the hearts, minds, dreams and even path of people, groups and organizations quite literally throughout the world.

The communities grew, disproportionately we know, and, as they did, their needs evolved as well. From being overwhelmingly concerned, in many cases, with security measures against paramilitary and military forces, they were able to focus more on thriving rather than surviving.

Schools, housing, medical care, food, became paramount. Self-sustaining paradigms for these were required, as well as financial and moral support, better communications and infrastructure. The hard work grew harder, more demanding and daily, less dramatic.

But the communities still exist, as do their schools and clinics, warehouses and brick-making machines, basketball courts and cultural centres.

As do the paradigms and playing fields.


V said...

And how does one find one's direction again? It's tough, without the Other coordinates.

And by the way, I am afraid some armchair members of the "National Geographic Society" have settled into the Parlour with virtual muddy boots, maps and cigars. Not quite polite of me but perhaps maps and armchair explorations and even some real, planned expeditions were "of the period"? They were, you know...

a said...

For those of you perusing the Page and La Jornada on a regular basis, you know Marcos has given us an update on the communities, and announced the intention of the Comandancia to join him in DF in solidarity for the presos politicos of Atenco.

In his statement, Marcos tells us that the communities have been suffering under the red alert (to remain in effect, it seems indefinitely), that no aid is being received, no programs are being run other than those "internal" ones, and that there is not even access to newspapers and television (an important tool for decision making under ANY circumstances). As for the EZLN military, they are standing ready to fight.

And why? "Por que hay companeros presos en Atenco."

Cannon and bazooka.

And the hope of a paradigm shift through programmatic engagement (one that requires work and time building community[ies])? To the side, apparently.


Spark said...

Bazooka and Cannon eh

Well, i suppose that is how it started, isn't it - as an armed struggle. Plus it's terribly hard to compete with the headlines coming out of Lebanon..

Sad day? Perhaps, yes in many many ways in so many places, but I am too far awaay to know for sure.

We are still all one struggle, but also it is good if we become less spectators and more engagers..

..but luckily that includes Jasmine and Peony in whom i have enormous faith!

[..see you soon, my beloved, but for the moment Armageddon Outta Here..Xx]

irlandesa said...

Darling Spark,

You do know we always miss you when you stray.


Spark said...

Aww shucks: you are just too divine for words

Have some nice things to share today: Emerson in sublime form & then some long lost Shelley, greatly worded goodly doggerel for the common man

Man is his own star; and the soul that can
Render an honest and perfect man,
Commands all light, all influence, all fate;
Nothing to him falls to early or too late.
Our acts our angels are, or good or ill,
Our fatal shadows that walk by us still.
Emerson's Epilogue to Beaumont and Fletcher's Honest Man Fortune

And here's Shelley's conclusion to The Poetical Essay, 1811, thought to have been lost to the censors' destruction, written in defence of the Irish journalist Peter Finnerty who had been imprisoned for a libel that ends with a call for the overthrow of the monarchy.

Man must assert his native rights, must say
We take from Monarchs' hand the granted sway
Oppressive law no more shall power retain
Peace, love and concord, once shall rule again,
And heal the anguish of a suffering world;
Then, then shall things which now confusedly hurled
Seem Chaos, be resolved in order's sway,
And error's night be turned to virtue's day



Anonymous said...

Good Morning V,

I have just returned from my legal quagmire. Strangely and a bit remotely also pertain's to the theme and name of this post...finding direction, asserting one's right's.

Yes and yes (from question you posed at "Under the Lilac's".) If it be a single judge... sometime's one must be more prudent, sometime's not (the attorney should know them all well.) With a jury, even if the venomous other side wishes to "strike" your comment from the which 'the jury is asked to forget the (palintiff/defendent') last comment.' Unfortunately for the court we are all human and those words "struck" can play on our minds and of course that of the jury.

I have just returned from reclaiming space and voz in the legal arena, in a town so small everyone knows everybody' everything and such a tight arsed space at that.

I was struck three time's for outing voz (when finally being the last to speak but given chance to testify on my behalf,) by the venomous snake of the other side as he winced, face red and obvious high blood pressure problems...but my words still struck a cord in the heart's of the juror's who were working class stiff's watching the wealthy affluent, suposedly supeior opposing side try and use that influence to their own selfish finacial benefit... and would NOT have wanted to be like I in the same Box (as it seems most of those populating this same 'venue' have a hard time "thinking outside of the...") faced with being 'the underdog' with the same slim chance of defeating the powers that manipulate so much, having voz stiffled.

With irony of ironies, the snake's in this case, used a so-called expert witness in hope's of justice being blind and securing their 'heavy handed old boy style of law'...the same investigator who had tried (and thought he had secured) a huge cover-up in a separate case, (three fatalities) in which justice concerning 'official cause' was never served. Even after 'strikes' against my voz, the Tigress was able to put into question the honesty and integrity of said expert witness on the snake's behalf...apparently enough to convince the jury: justice needed being served up (but truely, and not on a steaming hot platter piled as high as the opposing side' you know what) and passed back as snake food of course.

Cheers to the underdog everywhere facing heavy handed odds...may voz out!

Smiling like a Cheshire, er... Tigress

Q said...

Perhaps a time will come when the MAREZ will open themselves up to the world again. Perhaps not. I think of one in particular which I know quite well.

Anonymous said...

What eloquence...ahhhhh

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