Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Disrobing redux

Despite my usual penchant for masques, mystery and Marvell, this evening seems to demand something other from us, given current words.

Once upon a time, in celebration of the first issue of a new magazine, a much-renowned gentleman penned the following lines, paradoxically [given perceived possible disconnect between said lines and recipient] and ironically [given perceived lack of disconnect between method of address and said recipient], to a compa he addressed as his “big brother”:

“...UNO.- El quehacer intelectual de izquierda debe ser, ante todo, un ejercicio crítico y autocrítico.
Como lo autocrítico siempre queda pospuesto para el número siguiente, entonces la crítica se convierte en el motor único del pensamiento...”

Or, in one of our other languages:

“...ONE. – The intellectual work of the left should be, above all else, a critical and self-critical exercise.
Since self-critique is always postponed for the next issue, then criticism becomes the sole engine of thought..”

For those of doubting nature:

One might be tempted to assume that the eternally self-perpetuating postponement, the illusory Next Issue, is shaping up. The fact is, as one of our noted salonistas has already noted, like the Real Slim Shady, the Auto-Critique Issue has been out there for some time. It has been easy to miss, however, since the moment one its articles, or comments, has appeared, the author has been summarily dismissed, reviled, garroted or purged.

The segue to Josef and his Compas-in-Arms presenting itself so handily… there was an earlier Post, two in fact, on the subject. Disrobing [yes, “v”, always] and Noblesse Oblige, both in February of this year. There are some interesting crumbs to be followed there, speaking of, oh, fawning, faux and perhaps false spin doctoring.

But, speaking of purges, we are delighted to announce that our Pulitzer-ready YO! undercover reporter, Yasmin, is putting the final touches on a daring exposé of her own. She tells us that it has to do with mysteriously non-revolving IP numbers, “shaping the story” faux pas, site administrators gone wild and rude children with much too much time on their hands.

Do look for it soon, if, that is, you enjoy a pinch of criticón along with the crítico.


V said...

Disrobing AND masques! Now there's a lick and a promise...

V said...

Excuse me! I thought a " lick and a promise" sounded like a good thing, Checking, it turns out it means a "superficial effort".

I meant it sounds promising.

But you can lick, if you like...

Anonymous said...

Opens one eye at the morning sun and stirs, stretching with a moan (s)

There are never superficial efforts in this lovely Parlour.

Watching from masque's ever so necessary... bedmates and their promiscous political behaviour revealed through sheer corsage... in the final act a disciplining after disrobing...Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Opens one eye at the morning sun and stirs, stretching with a moan (s)

There are never superficial efforts in this lovely Parlour.

Watching from masque's

Anonymous said...

well that wasn't all I posted but somehow an update decided on trick of curser and the of what was said was disappeared.

Following masque's...bedmate's and their political lewdness...the disciplined disrobing. Oh my!

Spark said...

Salve to Jesus! Welcome to Irl's Parlour, thankyou for your intelligent commentary, and, best of all, cheers for making me laugh with your delightful profile.

And ta, as always, to Irl for all the new postings in all the various places.

Apropos the current debate about the cult of Stalin, MLK once apparently said: "The hope of a secure and liveable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood"

Now, given that there is no shortage of non-conformism in postmodern culture, and also that Zapatismo has had, thankfully, no history whatsoever of purging people for their eccentricities, perhaps the Stalin cipher is telling us something else: that it is discipline we need to focus on.

But what kind of discipline do we need? And how is it to be achieved?

A number of obvious contenders spring to mind: the London movement, for example, is awash with counterproductive indiscipline in various forms: eg [1] drug abuse [in the sense that tobacco, cannabis and booze are used habitually and pervasively] [2] a mindless and reactionary aggression [now fading at last, thanks be to God, or, more prosaically, thanks be to burn out, and an almost total despair and/or surrender]: aggression towards the world-at-large and in particular representatives of the state [instead of a vertical, impersonal war with the system of powers and an attempt to sweetly subvert every individuals' relationship to it, we are too often caught up in a personal, horizontal war with each other as human beings: in forgetfulness that our quarrel is not with flesh and blood, but with a system that marginalizes]: a counterproductive misuse of righteous rage.

This is particularly frustrating because in the current climate it sometimes feels as if, if we could only get our act together, we could be pushing at an open door - as once predicted, by Marx.

It is in this sense that the removal/exhaustion of the violent aspect of the movement, and the consequent reduction in its numbers, is a good thing.

To my mind, an avant garde is forming, within which the seed of a positive revolution is contained.

Local, regional, national and intergalactic.

Time for a musical metaphor! Another influential JS, but this time of the Bach, and not the Gulag variety:

"Not the autocracy of a single stubborn melody on the one hand, nor the anarchy of unchecked noise on the other: instead, a delicate balance between the two, an enlightened freedom"

My suggestion is that, as a movement we have yet to articulate and embody a balance between these two. But when we do, we shall become unstoppable.

There are, in other words, real signs of hope.


V said...

Licking and promising, disrobing and discipline, masques and praise unto Jesus...

This is sounding more and more like a certain rare volume of the Marquis de Sade I happen to own (richly and fully illustrated, if anyone's interested, especially those in sheer whatevers.)

What was the question again? Oh yes, political discipline...

Speaking of which, wasn't the Other supposed to be a rather quiet affair, meeting with the People of like mind and so on? It became so very inflammatory and noisy, with a great deal of attention paid to the gentleman who always previously resisted becoming a cult figure. With a great number of speeches from a man who said he would listen.

I think discipline might include honoring the original purpose and promise of the Other Campaign, without the fanfare, just as Jesus said (del Norte, that is.)

Anonymous said...

After I discipline my server for doubling my words during an update...I will clarify:

I meant discipline Comalcalco style...the disrobibing obvious (s)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Stalin since when are we in the habit of translating Guillermo Almeyra's drivel!!! A little flat footed here Irlandesa, what's wrong, too cynical to affirm your own cynicism?

irlandesa said...

Goodness, anon, I don't know where to begin.

The last time I looked "we" weren't translating anything, just the solitary "I". Have I had an unknown invisible angel at my shoulder, perhaps guiding my work? If so, mil gracias!

As for Almeyra's "drivel", I can only presume that you know absolutely nothing about him. His history, his work, his summer job, even. As for the latter, you need look no further than Mexico Solidarity Network's workshops.

Oddly enough, he will be sharing duties there with two other formerly imprisoned persons, both of whom you should know, assuming you are familiar with the former frente and former comandantas. One of whose pictures has appeared in our lovely tabloid.

As for Josef, I believe you have proven my point better than any of my words ever could.

Anonymous said...

My goodness indeed! Your “point” Irlandesa? Quips, quick wit, and a lifetime worth of “your” translations do not a “point” make—much less a worthy political outlook.

Almeyra’s critique of Stalin mirrors that of most Trotskyites. He is vehemently opposed to Stalin the person (see La Jornada Feb. 26, 2006). Unfortunately, what Almeyra and company have failed to understand is that Stalinism is not a person it is a persona (a social function). Thus, unless you are willing to take your opposition of Stalin to the level of political principle, that is, to the level of pointing out that there is something wrong not only with Joseph Stalin but also with the ideas and practices that made him possible (particularly the mediation and containment of social change through the party and the State)…Unless you are willing to take this step, which Almeyra is not (and his malicious critique of every self-directed movement in Latin America is witness to this), one can decry Stalin until one is blue in the face (i.e. Almeyra) and yet remain a Stalinist (i.e. Almeyra). Wasn’t this the very point with which CLR James (“assuming” of course that you’ve heard of him) confronted Lev Davidovich Bronstein himself…unfortunately, to little avail.

Irlandesa are we to be impressed by your mention of “comandantas” ( a certain G.B.) and “frentes”…and the MSN of all things (ha!ha!)? Or is their mention an effort to intimidate? Regardless, it’s definitely an invitation to stop thinking, cause your logic runs paper thin here…You’re asking us to make the following presuppositions; comandante=good? (Stalinism is a persona indeed!). Here’s a name for you Irlandesa, Raul Reyes, Comandante Raul Reyes. Have you heard of him? He sucks! Second, you’re asking us to believe that going on a speaking tour together rises to the level of political agreement??… Regardless, for every former “comandanta” that may or may not agree with Almeyra’s positions there is another former “comandanta” (not to mention a base militant) that stands directly opposed to the very politics he represents—check out Raquel Gutierrez (former “comandanta” and former political prisoner) or how about Almeyra’s long standing nemesis Luis Mattini (another former “comandante,” and Almeyra’s paisano)?

Oh, Almeyra? “We” know him well!! But you didn’t build up your blog translating Almeyra did you? Oh, there “we” go again, sigh!

TripleJ said...

Thanks Anon! I wasn't too sure what sort of political person I was. I don't know Almeyra at all, but since I find myself in almost complete agreement with what the translated article says, I must conclude I'm a Stalinist!

Whoa! Who would have thunk it? Me a Stalinist! I've been a Stalinist all my life and I didn't even know it!!!

Hail to Josef! Hail to Josef! :^)

irlandesa said...

So many points made, darling venom-tongued anon, it would take me almost as much time to recite them as for you to have googled your tirade.

Suffice, perhaps:

"...another species which I call castrati, for what I would like to think are quite obvious reasons. You know this sort. Often, though not always, male. Driven by hysterical [and I use that adjective with full intent of referencing its historical origins] rage, bonded to his computer with superglue, always on the lookout for a new target for his sublimated wrath.

In other times they were tying limbs to a rack, flogging disbelievers, burning the dangerous one at a stake. Tedious stereotype at its worst – displacing, projecting, purifying, pogrom making. These repressed zealots are the easiest to spot. Their hysteria gives them away, they despise anything female [unless she be virginal or martyred or, preferably, both]..."

And perhaps, in your next life, if you are a very, very good boy, you may be allowed to come back with a fierce uniform and a VERY big shiny gun.

irlandesa said...

A bit of A PD, because I now believe I was incorrect in assuming your identity, anon. It was much too deeply personal to have been the other gentleman.

I am deeply sympathetic with your feelings. I understand your particular investment in these particular issues. And I also know that you have probably been angry with me of late. All the more reason to have back-channeled this discussion.

You, of all people, should remember the fight with NAP, and others, over their "owning" me, and my response [and someone else's], that I work for everyone and no one. You, again, of all people, should remember that I have translated just as much of/for Enlace, the autonomías, CCIODH, Fray Bar, CIEPAC, the BCN collective, Rebeldía, López y Rivas, González Casanova, Hernández Navarro, and a host of others...even a certain someone else, whenever he asked.

I doubt, though, that you visit the Parlour much [and it is the Library, another blog of mine, where the translations are kept], or you would understand that here we value civility and freedom of thought. Issues are discussed, but persons are not attacked. The first point [far above, now] was exactly that: the unwillingness of some to auto-critique. Or even to allow others to do so.

Given the depth of your anger and misplaced sense of personal betrayal, I would urge you to back-channel any further discussion. It would be much more useful, and valiant, than posting anonymously.

Cheers y abrazos,


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Voz will out. (sigh)

Anonymous said...

A bit of a PD of my own:
Forgive me if I am just a tad confused, but how many anon's are there? There was an anoncompa who posted poem at other, shall we say places. There has been anon, simply. There has been reference to A as anon and not as. Then there is a venomous anonymous. Is it possible there are other name's taht belong to the same? I have posted once in anonymous. And that I was 'brought up on.' Otherwise everyone has known me by signature B. The comrada was dropped for purpose that I won't go into here, but namely a conversation with a friend months ago, on conotation and congruence. As for expectation's voiced...I haven't seen nor heard a thing that wasn't expressly said prior to OC (and in writing) as to intent of OC that hasn't been completely transparant and fullfilled: INCLUDING LISTENING... out side of state repression (and there has been plenty of that, no thank you) trying to detour OC. Critique of the direction of movemnets and it's intelect is one thing but this? There aren't words to descibe what I see here and feel from it. Misplaced expectation perhaps? Nonetheless. I remain an adherent.


a said...

Dear b,

I sympathize with your confusion. For my part, I've been posting as simply A. but in the interest of keeping voz intelligible, I'll start posting as I have now - with an "a" in the header too.

I hope this helps.


Spark said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Spark said...

Personally I am in favour of the Invisible Angelic Guidance Theory.

But also, continuing with the Russian theme, here are Catherine the Great's Salon/Hermitage Rules.

Feel very free to critique!

1. All ranks shall be left outside the doors, similarly hats, and particularly swords.

2. Orders of precedence and haughtiness, and anything of such like which might result from them, shall be left at the doors.

3. Be merry, but neither spoil nor break anything, nor indeed gnaw anything.

4. Be seated, stand or walk as it best pleases you, regardless of others.

5. Speak with moderation and not too loudly, so that others present have not an earache or headache.

6. Argue without anger or passion.

7. Do not sigh or yawn, neither bore nor fatigue others.

8. Agree to partake of any innocent entertainment suggested by others.

9. Eat well of good things, but drink with moderation so that each should be able always to find his legs on leaving these doors.

10. All disputes must stay behind closed doors; and what goes in one ear should go out the other before departing through these doors.

A kind of benign autocratic constitution?

And later, the Vinaya, I promise.


TripleJ said...

Since we are always talking about disrobing, and because the other room is called "Dangerous liaisons", let me combine the two!

Un homme tout nu marchait
(Les liaisons dangereuses)

Un homme tout nu marchait
L'habit à la main
L'habit à la main
C'est peut-être pas malin
L'habit à la main
L'habit à la main
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Un homme tout nu marchait
Le costume à la main

Boris Vian

V said...

I respect your loyalty and choice of continued adherence to the OC, B. However, in the end, there were many states not visited and groups not heard from. There was an edge of belligerence which was not, in the end, helpful at all. Sticking to the planned program might well have been, while still speaking out about the real atrocities of Atenco. To speak without calmly dehumanizing the police officer who was beaten by the crowd. It was far from V's definition of dignified behavior. For all the talk of presenting an undivided and workable alternative, much was done which was divisive and positions taken which were not workable. I am all for flexibility of scheduling and so on, but were I an actual adherent - a signer of documents (and isn't that what signing online meant? Isn't it as fully a document as any paper?) I believe I would have demanded fulfillment of what I would have viewed as a contract. I would organize efforts and petitions to ensure fulfillment of the pledge.

V is a tad old-fashioned, but still regards a promise as a promise and a pledge as a pledge. Otherwise, the OC is not what it advertised itself to be.

Throughout the history of Zapatismo -the public history which we have all seen and read about since 1994 - there was a special tone to it which made it different from other movements. It inspired efforts and ideas from all over the world. This new tone and tenor (and we all know it has changed) is such that it makes that movement look like what it really it - a group of ordinary people with a lot of dirty, complicated problems coupled with bad attitudes and escalating rhetoric. Just like those all over the rest of the planet.

It's enough to make V wish to return to working with inner-city kids or helping out in medical clinics right at home. Even fighting City Hall begins to look more romantic. And more effective.

What will hold our attention and stir our imaginations the way it once did? Surely not this new way. Not for V.

Anonymous said...

3J: I got a good giggle from that!

Spark: One could probably write tome on rule's, lovely and silly. I additionally got a laugh from that...

to both mil gracias.

v: Wherever home is that is lovely, do that which fortifies your home. I am suprised for someone who has read all, has not seen and read the disclaimer for reason of postponement. It has not been just written but stated and more than once, that it is postponed, for stated reasons and has never said it was 'over,' unless there has been a communique of recent that was in a language that cannot be deciphered that states so to the contrary of the 'stated.' So where was the end...did I somehow miss it altogether? No one is perfect v, certainly not humans. As the saying goes "to be human is to..." I smile, and add this gently, if the OC had been a contract it would have had it's disclaimer. It in fact was set up most clearly for those who adhered, that if they chose to at some point not adhere, there weren't stated penalties of a contract. The type of contract you speak of sounds like, if I am correct in reading what you are saying, is the American law regarding contract. That they stated up front that (and loose translation here) they would carry out said OC baring unforseen circumstances, and stated so in writing. A promise is...but for unforseen circumstances. I reiterate here that it isn't over, unless someone would like to enlighten me with news I am not familiar with concerning future of OC, then I will be glad to reveiw said news. I also wanted to add that I am expatriated if that has not been clear. A true homeland torn to shreds by totalitarian's who came in the guise of of something quite different, a borrowed homeland that shredded a life new of that of an 18 yr old unarmed girl naive to it's inherent evil, just because, well....they could.

v, it is lovely to see you. I am reminded of coffee and such. Then somehow an incident of past with another who insinuated itself on coffee houses banned from, insipid conversations of other's (certainly not you, lovely v!)insinuations of the necessity of coffee and of very specific "camps" and that "that's what it's ALL about!!!" consternation (actually unspoken hatred) of zapatismo. Then of late from the same, voter blog forum for the masses to join said coffee drinker in that country which hates so zapatismo and enjoy's their land as "it's back yard, to do with (lol) as it please's."

So glad we in sharing coffee V, don't have those charades and non compa in common. It would spoil anyone's coffee experience.

Abrazos Fuertes Irl, as you could most definitly use one...

Expatriated and glad so,


V said...

Good Morning B. Thank you for your remarks and the opportunity to clear up just a couple of things...

First, I will definitely admit to imperfection! Gladly, actually, because it takes the pressure off. I cannot keep up with ALL that has been written because of my own personal and professional constraints. I am interested in Zapatismo and have been almost since the beginning, becoming more involved a bit later on, but there are other aspects of life which require my attention. I don't mind at all if someone takes the time and effort to remind me of the goings on.

I do seem to remember reading an announcement about a postponement. However, it seems to me (from this distance and lacking the knowledge and language skills that Irlandesa possesses, for example) that the continuation of the original plans would be most desirable for several reasons, one of which would include the interest in unity of which all here have spoken.

Another reason is that, while I can see the value of placing pressure on a government to release the prisoners of Atenco and making some kind of amends, if that is at all possible, for the violations by the police, I am not at all certain that the current path is the most effective one. I don't know, of course, of the behind-the-scenes action being taken or how involved is Marcos and the OC in them - perhaps there are volunteer lawyers already on the scene, lawsuits against the police department being filed. I certainly would expect this type of action to be taken if this sort of violation happened in the US and I am certain it could if we do not remain vigilant. I must say, I have never been so aware of the sloppiness of the law, both in its writing and in its application, in other lands as I have been since my interest in the Zapatistas. It was a lesson to be learned and I am grateful. But if the OC and Marcos are on the scene merely to cause embarassment to the government, then I'm afraid it may not be doing much good. He is rather easy to ignore. And further street action would probably lead to more violence.

The 'contract" I refer to would be a contract which I would imply by giving my word. A contract certainly does not have to be formal - many marriages are based on the word and spirit of a couple, not a contract drawn between state or church or lawyers. And in the US, even an informal contract can very often be successfully defended. For me, at least, my own word and a handshake is sufficient in agreeing upon actions between individuals. Would that it could be true of larger concerns - corporations, governments, political parties and the like...

In general, a holding to one's word would already be so unusual that it might make itself prominent on the political horizon, particularly if well-advertised and noted by journalists and other writers.

I lay no claim to the actions of the OC, since I did not sign, but perhaps those who did sign and do not write their thoughts in to the Page, find it as frustrating as I do in watching it. Perhaps even more so.

Do the Hermitage Rules say anything against having belly dancers and tiki lamps aflame? If it does, V's in trooouuuble...

V said...

Jesus del Norte mentioned in the "Just a Note" posting, the "wedge" which the OC, for him, might represent. Interestingly, Ron Gettelfinger, president of the UAW used exactly that word when describing modern politics in a recent article in the Detroit News. I thought it might be good to toss it into the fray, here:

"...The trend in politics these days is to focus on so-called "wedge" issues, intended to divide voters into separate subgroups. In the labor movement, we succeed in the opposite fashion -- by advocating "bridge" issues, like good wages and decent health care, which appeal across lines of race, class and gender.

Union members and our progressive allies have plenty of work to do to close the gap between broad public opinion and the narrow interests of elite policy makers. To succeed, we'll have to persuade officeholders of all stripes to pay less attention to their well-heeled campaign contributors and their highly paid campaign consultants.

Instead, the focus should be on the needs of real people -- and the real issues that matter to working families."

V said...

Sorry, I should have specified for those unfamiliar with the initials, or for those in other lands...

The UAW is the United Auto Workers. I happen to receive a great deal of labor news.

Jesus del Norte said...

I think I mispoke and should have said "hammer" instead of "wedge". I've always thought Zapatismo was stridently anti-neoliberal, birthed as it were on the first day of NAFTA.

When it rode out of the southeast as the OC, well, I was thinking Evo across the altiplano or even che and fidel toward havana. For christ sake, he was on a motorcycle. I realize that I am more romantic than intellectual. I do not have the degree in political philosophy to get into the tedious hairsplitting but I think the OC is quite brilliant. The ruling class spends billions creating wedges and taking away voices and the OC rode across Mexico taking down these barriers with nickels and dimes, giving voice and building bridges between diparate groups. Gandhi said, "nonviolence is for the strong", but Gandhi had a political plan.

Neoliberalism has problems. There are many hammers: Chavez, Evo, Castro, Nica elections-Ortega, the SCO, iraqi insurgency, Ahmadinejad, N Korea, massive US war debt, US military shot, 70% of US against the war, free-trade agreements falling apart, free-trade agreements driving huge immigration - the list goes on.

Mexico moving left would be a big hammer. It seems that a well developed OC could make that happen and then could drive AMLO toward the "socialist left" focusing on needs and issues of working families.

V said...

Hello Jesus, thanks for responding.

The US fears Socialism in part because it is perceived as godless. A Socialist Mexico would certainly worry the US, but I wonder, given the staunch Catholicism of Mexico, how likely this is? Perhaps very likely, in light of the division within the country, reminding us so much of the split in the US. But then again, perhaps not.

As one who believes that one should at least attempt to model the behavior one would like to see in others, I am still uncomfortable with the word "hammer". It reminds me most immediately of the Inquisitional witch trials, in which the monks responsible for so much of the identification, prosecution and dispatching of so-called witches wrote and published a book called Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches, 1486)

A hammer is unlikely to win one many willing converts. It might win some fearful ones or those who would enjoy wielding the hammer.

I am far more interested in the "bridge-building" aspects of the OC, the promise of which have not yet been allowed to continue. And I for one would not limit its influence to the perceived left. There are many issues which are universal among humans, believe it, or not, even the greedy, ruling ones. Let those issues be the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Irlandesa, you've got us all wrong. We can assure you in all honesty that we do not know each other--all for the better--we remain Anonymous. Personally, it's not personal--it's on the subject of autocritique. After all of your translation work you not only have a right but AN OBLIGATION to critique The Other Campaign. But, dredging up revolting orthodoxies (i.e. Almeyra) and reducing the errors of the EZLN to the personal failings of a single figure simply do not meet that obligation. The EZ and the Other Campaign are in need of a critique more than ever, but those critiques you offer and help circulate, miss their target at best and are counterproductive at worst. But we have said our piece and will leave you be.

One last thing, a request: sincerely reconsider your use of pseudofreudian attacks on "that other gentleman." (which uhm...you have decided is not us). Notice the tragic bind you create for the poor fellow: first, through quotations you accuse him of having been castrated...and then, in your own words, you reproach him for wanting a "gun." Well, gun or no gun, either way, the poor fellow is f...ked (quite literally). Now consider that primary castration in Freud is always on the side of women! That's right, Irlandesa, this logic is no friend....of "ours."

O.K., Otro Abrazo...Pero, Muy Otro...

P.S. All others signing "Anonymous" from here on in should bear no responsibility for their unfortunate relation to the aforementioned...and should instead be considered singular expressions of being who reserve a right to wear their masks so as to be as irrecognizable tommorow as they were today!!

irlandesa said...

Sigh, for the Last Anonymous:

Once again, if you had graced us with your presence more frequently, you would have known that I have always much preferred Carl to his compatriot, and of course I cannot imagine anyone more in need of a very large gun than a castrati. Or a more dangerous scenario.

Which is precisely why one of our few Parlour rules is the checking of all firearms, of whatever sort, at the door. I see you have noted that. But not, I see, your need for snide quasi-academic condescension. I can understand how difficult that might be for you, to unlearn that.

As for sensing voz, well, your syllabus provoked a flurry of notes from others who concurred.

Nor is it good mask-making to post here and then, quite immediately, the other flurry. Of missives. I imagine you might have taken a bit of a hit for that, the Almeyra and all.

But I [still speaking only for myself, as I do] am delighted to see you back and in much less antagonistic fettle. If you were to stay a while, you might even have an opportunity to hear a few other, quite disparate, voices. As well as a chance to occasionally discuss something other than zapatismo and/or marxism, which is by no means the focus of the Parlour.

Cheers y abrazos, as you well know,


Anonymous said...

Good evening V (s)

It is my hope, that you know I think you are as lovely as can be. What I said of imperfection was not adressed to you, but all of humankind: I included. There.

I understand constraints, I have them too. There have been time's when I missed or forgot something read that was addressed by the Zapatista's and when made reference to in here, Irl was sweet enough to post the communique that applied to the given situation. I found it quite helpful, as I have missed some communiques and shared stories, but read when I can to fill in some small gaps.

Unity, uniting the people, I feel is a key element of the OC. There have been times when I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Imagine then, perhaps in another voice (their intended one) in managing the tremendous feat (and it's weight) of those trying to bravely to unite people all over the world, in an anti-capitalist campaign. When I think of OC...I see all the faces of all adherents and non-adherents who agree what capitalism is doing to all of us and this planet. If there is such a thing as sin, (which I do not beleive in on the path to enlightenment) 'unchecked capitalism' should have been at the top of the Ten Comandments.

On to law suits... If the laws were similar between say your home and that of Mexico, then civil law suits would follow that of any criminal sanctions, as with Atenco. In regards to Atenco and binding laws there, the people so terribly harmed are lucky (with the long history of abuse of their laws usually by those who enforce them) to have investigations on the police. That those investigations result in criminal sanctions against not only the police but result in the police coming forward and making testimony that they were following order's (which they did, not wishing to take the fall for their paymasters) so that the criminal's at the top had to answer for their behaviour, is what has happened thus far; but alas sanctions against those at the top ordering such absurdly brute force so very unwarranted of beatings, rapes and death to some, have yet to have criminal sanctions against those directly responsible: those who ordered it. As far as I am aware of the laws there, these people so brutally abused will be lucky to get out of jail, civil torte aka a lawsuit (compensation financially) would be nearly, if not completely out of the question given their judicial system history. There has been wonderful and creative efforts to help get attorney's...some by women (s) Attorney's and the courts themselves are not free: everyone pays ($) under their system. If the charges are trumped up, false, and if one stands by their principle's (in there lands) as many have, they do not pay because it is equal to admitting guilt for something you didnt do. I assume you live in America. American's actually have it fairly good in terms of a justice system, in comparison. It's obvious we difer on one teeny tiny thing as much as I adore you: Marcos isn't there to be on the scene, Zapatismo (which is all the people, not just a spokeperson) is not easily ignored, but rather something to be reckoned with...a good read, at this juncture is, Subcomandante Marcos', "Our Word Is Our Weapon" (the title implies, but it's about fighting with words and truths and not through violence and yes dashed "hopes" of promises made by those at the top.) I am again reminded by all said by almost everyone here and there and everywhere in their critique`... that the Zapatista's have no want for violence of any kind and adhered to that pledge fiercely from the very begining, only wavering slightly from that and in utter self defense of one's life.


For more on the effort's to get legal defense of those still languishing in jail and those released but still facing trumpted up charge's...there was a lovley evening of hours of entertainment from some of Mexico's creative artist's gathering to raise money for just that (as no attorney is free anywhere,) although some do volunteer now and then here and there; an evening called "Women With No Fear" organized by and with women artist's...Irl has more on "Women With No Fear" in her lovely library, for starters anyway. It is a little scrolling down, but it's there.

And of all the words spoken here recently by the many, but primarily of "hope" (which is usually dashed when expectation isn't met)... there is a communique in the library (second from the bottom) that I am reminded of here (s) called "Little Unarmed Paper Boats." Oh, how I know demanding life can be and constraining, but totally worth taking a little time to read the (above) for those who haven;t and for those who have.

Esperanza y armonia,


Anonymous said...

A warm welcome Jesus...

I agree, it is briliant. (s) The kinks just need to be ironed out a little, but better than I have seen from any one group.



V said...

"By the time you read this..."

Good morning, B, and thank you for your comments. I would love to be able to respond, but I am heading for cool northern forests with two dogs and a canoe to escape the heat of the city, so I cannot respond this morning and by the time I return perhaps the subject will be too old. But I will try.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Darling V,
You will have to share your adventure's in canoe. I love a good canoe. Maybe the two dog's would like to conrtibute, as well. If only my fish could communicate more than just clancking his teeth, by sticking his mouth out at the top of the water when he is hungry...he has such a personality I'd bet he'd have some stories to tell. Now we just got to get doggy bark down pat (lol) If you like and it's off subject "by the time you..." (s) you are more than welcome to share it at Seeds. Happy trails,


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