Thursday, July 13, 2006

Derring-do and derring-don't

Well, Blogger is still denying pics, despite having closed down today in order to "fix" said incapacity. And I so felt the need for a bit of beauty and grace.

I will keep trying, but, in the interim, I wished to alert those Readers Who Care of two new contributions.

One is Jasmine's first fling, or, rather, filing, in YO! dangerous and daring piece of derring-do that they hope shall leave their readers breathless.

And, in an almost frightening bit of Life Imitating Art [as the YO! reportage was filed prior to this one], we have archived a new Set of Rules, posted today on the Page, in our Library. I am quite sure that one of our recent Commenters will be thrilled, although I was tempted to tears.

I may or may not translate it.


Anonymous said...

hi Irl :-)

FYI the link to Yo is a typo


Anonymous said...

Dang! It's true on Yo! link. Nonetheless, there are always other paths...


irlandesa said...

Thanks, darlings. All fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a brief summary?

irlandesa said...

Well, I actually translated it, and it's up in the Library now. As I noted at the end of the translation, I had been watching, over the last few weeks, much too diligently, and I saw exactly which comments were summarily disappeared.

I believe the issue has been probably sufficiently addressed by Jasmine, at YO!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Irl!Much appreciated.

NingúnOtro said...

Hey, the pathetic internet geek with no life, why is it you who blames others not to be able to put up a fair fight with life?

What is wrong with having a discrete look at the madhouse and deciding it is no healthy place to stay around and be spotted by the masses?

There are three kind of people:

1) the (semi) ignorant masses.

2) those who ruthlessly manipulate the first group.

3) those that not being ignorant do not belong to group 2 and can not intervene without being targeted by group 2 and being forced to become as ruthless in order to merely survive.

I think we are doing all we can while not backstabbing ourselves by abandoning a coherent logical and ethical framework only within which we can define ourselves.

Because that is todays Achilles heel of democracy: ethics and logic will always be outnumbered by ignorance and greed.

If I were a doctor, I would try to find a cure for that, but it surely wouldn't be a one day miracle. What would I be supposed to do in the meantime?

Off topic suggestion: maybe those that wish to remain anonymous should pick at least a talking ticket (a number in secuence one higher than the last present one) and add it to the default "anónimo" so that we have "anónimo0", "anónimo1", ... It is not that much effort, and it is at least a little effort most of us would apreciate.

TripleJ said...

Actually NingúnOtro there are 10 kind of people:

Those who understand binary notation and those who don't :^)