Sunday, June 18, 2006

New words, old friends and a bottle of Irish

Having just wasted the last 20 minutes trying to upload the most fetching, and devastatingly appropriate, pic here, I give...

And this after, well, perhaps this isn't the proper moment to go into it [though anyone out there who might have any bloody idea whatsoever as to the meaning of "fanfirulea" will earn, shall we say, the best of all possible lagniappes].

The point of the post is to let everyone know that there is a new acquisition in our Library, one which I trust some of you might wish to take the time to peruse. Don Durito makes an appearance, as do two other persons of various renown.

Now, thank goodness, it's most definitely time to retire with, sigh, the Charterhouse of Parma which I do not recommend, and an even heftier tot than usual of Jameson, which I always recommend...


Anonymous said...

surely it must be a made up word ?!

seeking *que signifie*, when i asked my spanish friend she just started to laugh.. & without knowing why

[this maybe due to my pathetic pronunciation]

And Hurray! for made up words - & most especially ones that have this particular effect

& Thankyou Irl for the translation[s]; onwards,upwards "eVERYTHING fOR eVERYONE", to that global nation..

And Finally: Cheers! to One fine day in the Future.

Tonight I'll be drinking a wee dram too, to you two, too


Comrada B said...

All made up words make up clue's. I have arrived to break the code and venture bravely (where most get a headache just thinking about it) of:
(could include but not limited to fanfare)

Fan: a person enthusiastic about a sport, pastime, performer; devotee... in this case perhaps, devotee of a particular Small nosed knight errant?

fir: could be the cone bearing tree strong, mighty, errect. Perhaps though in this particular case, only a devotee mighty enough to 'hang' with knight errants; but could possibly be 'fir,' the abbreviation for 'firkin' which would make a lovely but sturdy pirate galley, room enough for Small devotees and perhaps after a very precise selection process, said firkin with room enough for one very unique devotee.

u: could be abbreviation for union, but that would be capitol and we're anti. Definitively not abreviation for uncle (as that would only be one devotee.)u as in upper class? that still denotes too much capitol. Could be referred here to as a unit of atomic mass (his devotee base having similar volitile qualities of expansion, once released of course) Could be the 21st letter in the alphabet (holding some critical clue to the code and what code breakers are for) Or perhaps, 'u' simply being internet language for "that means u!!"

lea: I took this at first to be a grove, glade, a clearing, grassy field; but when it come's to code's the obvious is never usually the code that breaks the code... albiet, if it's a large enough field it just might suit a knight errant of gigantic personality of such a gargantuan devotee base. At this final junture though....I could not help but notice that this word also means 'a measure of yarn,' which reminded me of "The Stone Raft" of the supernatural occurance of the woman with the worlds largest ball of blue wool yarn...

Possibly having broken the code here... The Durrito, not wanting to be too obvious to the rest of his devotee base lest he break hearts worldwide, but having left a clue in His last stately appearance, the one where, He knight errant the instigator of sigh's of women out of admiration and devoteeism worldwide, was also as The Nose has found (which then gave said errant beetle great hope for possibilities) of finding that unique one, out of his large fan base?

Now the firkin makes so much more sense!

Gallantly, I have broken the code!

TripleJ said...

Each time you mention firkin, I can't help thinking of the world renowned, and proudly stout, whore Merrybelle Firkin in the novel 'The Potato Factory' by Bryce Courtney


TripleJ said...

While I don't know what the word means, I note it has been used also in this article

Comrada B said...

Firkin...originally, a wooden butter tub; or similar

Perfect for tiny adventures.

Comrada B said...

Alas...I could not find the exact article, where firkin was mentioned at Diario...I believe you anyway, lol.

TripleJ said...

My mistake, I truncated part of the URL. For those who may still see where the word is used, well try THIS

Comrada B said...

A little joke I assume triplej?

I looked over the article 3 times. No place could I find firkin, of which I can not find a direct word in spanish. The first meaning of the word firkin is: a small wooden tubThe second english meaning for firkin is: is a measure of weight, equalling a 1/2 barrel.

The what I was referring to was the first meaning: small wooden boat. And if the actual word or reference to it's meaning's was not in the article...what then?

Comrada B said...

The article was a tad funny, but alas you got me there...could not find the word firkin.

Comrada B said...

Maybe a lovely parlour guest or hostess could help me out by taking at quick glance at the article, triplej has been so kind as to post here, where upon he saw the word firkin. Not that the word is unique by any measure. Neither are outings. Adventures are always more fun with friends, than alone.

irlandesa said...

The word that appeared in that article was, in fact, "fanfirulea". I always google first myself - then tear my hair out.

It was still impossible to figure, even with that tiny bit of context.

So I assume we are left to our own fancies, and they have certainly been most delightful!

NingúnOtro said...

"me la fanfirulea" is slang meaning "i'm not the least impressed by" or "i could not care less about". Fanfirulea is indeed a made up word without real meaning, and it is explicitly meant that way to establish an equivalence of nothingness between it and the subject of the other half of the sentence. An less expressive albeit more known, but equivalent expression is "me la suda" (which I should beg you not to translate literally either, as sweating has nothing to do with it).

Just for curiosities sake, I did a Google search for "me la suda", and found it has a webpage all dedicated to itself and utterly expressive, minimalist as it should be:

The expression is usually employed to minimize or even ridicule a menace or perceived threat.

In the text we are talking about, Durito uses the expression to show unlimited faith (as far as he can, staying in character) in the potential of "Impossible Dialogues" by saying he is not the least intimidated by the success of Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code". He even dares suggest not to forget to secure the film rights!

Playing Sherlock Holmes, I should say Subcomandante Marcos might have borrowed some less than politically correct literary expressions from Arturo Pérez Reverte, a former war correspondant and photographer that grabbed a seat in the Spanish Language Academy through his notorious succes as a writer, granting his characters the linguistic freedom he never abandoned himself. Surely most of the books about his primary character, Captain Alatriste, have already been translated into english.

I'll be hanging around for a while.

irlandesa said...


Thank you so very much, for everything. A far cry from what I might have expected to see here.

And I don't suppose you might know a gentleman of my former acquaintance. One who does what I do but, might we say, the other way round?

NingúnOtro said...

Dear Irlandesa:

There are too many hints in your saying that remain unevaluable to me this time.

I've got a very bad memory, thus even if I know a few gentlemen, I am hardly capable of remembering their names if it is not my own. I've known you for a while to be a more or less official translator of the EZLNs words into english, but then, I hardly need any translation at all.

Maybe I once said something somewhere where you might have picked it up, but I surely can't remember anybody that might be an acquaintance of yours.

I'm not very up to date as to what you are up to right now, so I can hardly imagine what the other way round is supposed to mean.

Anyway, I have a very consistent identity throughout the internet that has only in a few intellectually insignificant cases been usurped: NingúnOtro, ningúnotro or ningunotro, depending on the system's tolerance to capital letters and/or diacriticals.

Before being banned, I once left a few words at the official EZLN forums. And later on I had some fun fighting zapatista intolerance at (unhappily shut down for lack of activity after the boycott).

Still, even if I once thought the zapatistas could use some help, I certainly have an identity of my own and do not need their approval to be myself. I have projects of my own which I once thought would benefit the zapatistas, but I can do without them and they sure won't miss what they never got to know.

Actually, most about me can be found at and Still very basic stuff though as there is not that much that one can do alone with two hands, and obviously one only writes down what dwindles in ones head when one has certain estimates about the scope of the audience making it worthwhile.

Anyway, I'll be hanging around because ... maybe that should be too obvious to tell.

irlandesa said...


Your voz had reminded me of an old friend from Barcelona who also translates [but from English to Spanish, thus the "other way round"].

Welcome to our Parlour, then. And also to YO! which I see you have found as well.

I assume you've noticed that we do, unlike other places you mentioned, allow, and encourage, the free discussion of doctrine, path, ways and means here.

As well as other, less serious, though equally important, topics.

I very much look forward to seeing you about.

NingúnOtro said...

I certainly do enjoy the openmindedness you all show here, and without which there is no way new air can blow through old ideas.

Sadly enough, also for the OC, openmindedness can only be shared among a few with a truely developed mind. When one aims at mobilising big masses in a short time period, the easiest way is to add up preexisting short-sighted groups in a difuse framework where everybody thinks he can plainly be himself and act accordingly, while all the time the organisatorial structure remains fuzzy to all but woever reserves to himself the right to organise it the way he sees fit the moment he needs it.

The Sexta offered little structure. In fact, the only thing it really offered was that an effort would be made to gather everybodies input before it would democratically decide which way to go.

This is why there is an ethical urge to complete the tour and have everybodies voice count in the final decision making.

Some say the OC has gathered enough strength and this trip does not need to be completed because it has already built an own identity. They make it sound like the initial plan was just a clever trick to get it all started. If the OC has built an identity without consulting those states not yet visited AND without extracting any sintesis of the content of the notes Marcos made in those he did visit, what identity is this and who is the mastermind behind it?

I have seen articles written about comrade ethics and impossible geometries, and wonder if the OC knows they could apply to themselves too.

Too many decisions in the OC come out of thin air, and too many general assemblies follow up each other without structure nor content to decide anything in depth at all. Gathering everybody available on a short times notice without letting anybody make up his mind about the decisions that are to be made there is only a parody of an assemply Chaplin would dismiss as a valid sketch.

Would anybody but Marcos have had the authority to decide to stay in DF? If Marcos would have decided not to, would anyone or any structure have been able to decide otherwise?

I suggested once time had come to give other valuable persons and groups the opportunity to share some of the responsibility. Had this kind of thinking anything to do with the way Marcos assumed a mere moderator role in the last assembly? It was so surprizing a change that those that were suddenly asked to fill in the void without preparation did a very bad job of it. I would not have been able to improvise better though.

If the idea was to give other people a chance to be part of the OC voices, it was not a fair one.

But what is fair nowadays, even in the OC?