Monday, June 19, 2006

Kitten fight [old, fat, white-guy style]

OK, I know some of you have already seen this pic - and, no, it's not the one I referenced in the previous Post, and, yes, we know I should be relegating silly tidbits to our Tabloid of Choice...but I simply couldn't help myself.

Spats, especially of the hysterical, boyish sort, are simply too entertaining to ignore.

Now, I actually have two in mind this evening.

The first I discovered from an email sent to me by one of the wisest compas I know, sending me to a page he knows I do not haunt. And there I discovered one of those faux socratic dialogues which we've been seeing so much of lately. Wherein one is set up as a straw man of sorts and the other waxes endlessly verbal.

In this case, the gentleman being so set up - previously of much renown, but currently, I should imagine, kicked out of the sandbox - asked some very hard and simple questions. Twenty of them to be precise. Speaking for many, I should presume, if, that is, I were to judge from the tenor, and quantity, of email I've received on the subject.

And, speaking of faux socratic dialogue and odd words, I wonder if anyone else was taken aback by recent references to Right Thought being more important than Expression of Impure Thought? I had somehow thought discussions of that nature were kept closeted in dark basements which had been meticulously swept for wires. While there is certainly something to be said for putting one's cards on the table, I find this particular outing rather unsettling.

Now, the second contretemps of which I spoke - an old one, but of much present relevance - is one I lovingly described in my Boys Gone Wild post some time back. The one full of tossing objects-other-than-crockery, uttering a stream of bad words and flouncing out of one's accomodations in the middle of the night.

The one which, we learned, never took place, of course. And the deep, evocative and sad irony of it all, given current circumstances and bedmates.

Lots of easy morals here:

Word count does not an argument make, nor is it a substitute for penis length. Beggars can't be choosers, but they could occasionally opt for celibacy instead of turning cheap tricks.

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TripleJ said...

Ah but the second one that took place doesn't count because the glass door didn't break.

That's the same as the "I didn't inhale so that wasn't smoking pot" claim I recall some politician saying.

(Come to think of it Monica Lewinsky should have claimed "I didn't swallow so..." :^)