Monday, June 19, 2006

Give me an O, give me a C!!

Yes. Totally beneath me, and, if I had to do it, it should have gone to YO!

The problem was that YO! wasn't allowing me to upload pics this evening, and these are all so excruciatingly appropriate...

For those of you who managed to follow any of the crumbs in the previous post, we could see this as our first Parlour Contest.

Which one of these most piquantly captures the essence of alt cheerleaders?

The rigid, asexual Pillar of the Left?

The non-tummytucked, Gay Old Blade of the Center?

Or the ever popular, and so very au courant, Poodle to the Stars of the Right?


Anonymous said...

...oh my! Inasmuch as I would much prefer the hirsute and oh-so-cheerful and hospitable pink-skirted, or the charmingly coiffed and attired, it sadly cannot be said of that those dour "authentics" (chest-thrusting silencers of inquiry) cheer with - dare I say it? - pleasure.

One vote, then, for Monsignor head-shoved-firmly-up-ass.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes indeed,"hedonophobic bulletins," as I recall seeing somewhere.

Anonymous said...

What shall we do with our poor dear Pillar? Those one man reacharounds must, but really, exhaust one. Surely the goddesses of mercy can turn even the most recalcitrant of ideological celibates into a quivering mass of delight.

Hasta el revolucion de la feminina eternal and her corollaries: hospitality, grace, splendour.

Anonymous said...

“That Karl Marx could not have envisioned the extremes to which the Soviet totalitarians would put his literary theories is obvious. We know, for instance, that his colleague Frederick Engels wrote the following in a letter to an early ‘proletarian’ novelist who asked for Engel’s help in popularizing his novel: ‘Look at your heroine, with her dialectical materialist eyes and her economic determinist nose and her surplus value mouth. You take her in your arms and you kiss her. I know I wouldn’t want to’ ”.

–Vernon Hall, Jr., A Short History of Literary Criticism

TripleJ said...

And which team do these cheerleaders support?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that IS the critical question!:)

Anonymous said...

Free agents, perhaps?

TripleJ said...

As for the "au courant caniche" is it an AC or DC poodle we have here?


irlandesa said...

The more I see, the more I'm going with the poodle. The Blair/Bush lapfest all over again.