Thursday, June 29, 2006

Boys being boys

There are times when one very much wishes to not Wax Serious, at least in public. That is a pose better left to those who do it for a living: posing, that is.

And the artful posers are everywhere right now, as the two Campaigns approach their most current moment of reckoning this weekend.

The Bad Intellectuals and the Good Intellectuals. Politicians of every stripe imaginable, whether institutional, sectarian or ad - or post - hoc. The “Journalists”, of whom I’ve spoken much too much, despite the fact that I’ve yet to read one who meets my own arcane and classical [as in epoch, I’m sure] definition of such.

I shall contentedly watch, then, as they indulge their apparently congenital need to pontificate on large issues, the sweep of history and, of course, their own place, or byline, within such sweep. And I will continue to cringe with every day’s predictable spate of name-calling, vilifying and slander.

Whether it’s Martín the Gatekeeper at the Page, spewing dime store rhetoric, proffering sophomoric [literally, I presume] reading lists for the unenlightened masses and now savaging a certain Delegado for such mortal sins as sharing a table [and a round one, to boot - such horrors!] with Señor Gilly.

And all the other feline tussles:

Who is pure enough to be allowed to lay claim to setting the time and place of the Internazionale? What newly incisive adjective can be coined for the latest Intellectual who disagrees with us on a particular point of doctrine? How many names can we drop in our authentic outlet to establish both our street cred and bonafides in one fell swoop?

And so often followed by effusive, demeaning, congratulatory caveats as to how grand, how wise, how yesterday, one’s poor mistaken compatriot.

Basta, truly, but absolutely unavoidable, if, that is, one reads. As if that’s all there is. Nothing but sand kicking, nose punching, ball snatching.

And, despite the pollyannaesque connotations, I myself, would be happy to put up with, tolerate, ignore, all of those who make my skin crawl. Even Martín. Yes, how terribly “inclusive” of me. Just imagine, a Parlour where all parlours fit. With no need to patronize, re-educate, belittle, purify.

But this, right now, is clearly a boy’s game.

[I imagine the above statement could stand on its own, but I would dare anyone to scour the Page, LJ or any similar outlets and find one single Lady involved with the longish knives, except, of course, as the subject of attack – whether it be Elena or Ofelia, Soledad or Ana].

I could even live with my recurring philosophical dilemma/nightmare as to how many funded gringos can dance on the head of a pin.

Better to just leave them to it, I suppose, huffing and puffing and blowing each others’ houses right down. Perhaps – who knows? – there may be some left standing to pick up the cards.


Anonymous said...

i want to write more, and i promise i will, soon. am just so very busy

but also when i do i will endeavour to be both very silly and serious at the same time

waxing serious can be such a bore

keep up the great work sister

girls rock !!


Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the pedestrian and reactive words with which the formerly esteemed D. Zero has showered civil society of late – accountings, sophistry, and sophomoric renderings of history – remaining forgotten in the Mexican Southeast are the communities who continue to languish under the needless red alert foisted upon them. For more on the state of things, Gloria Muñoz Ramírez has written of the current situation and, while uncritical of the red alert itself, the circumstances speak for themselves:

How can this red alert be seen as anything other than cynical posturing and opportunism? Nobody, but nobody, but reflexive cretins can believe it was in any way reasonable or necessary to impose this upon the communities. I'm just so very disgusted and sad to have confirmed in Gloria’s article what I knew had to be true since the red alert has NOT been withdrawn: the communities, the good government juntas, are dead in the water. All that good work, all those initiatives, stilled. Schools closed. Meetings cancelled. Outside visits denied. Support unable to be received.

Is there no end to this idiocy?


irlandesa said...

Darling spark: I hope you know how very much you're missed when we don't see you. Boys rock as well!

A: Yes and yes, and such a disconnect, so much wounded irony.

Spark said...

Irl !

I just logged on and caught A's and now yours appeared too - are you still on line ?

I had no idea about the Red Alert affecting the communities like this - what on earth is going on ? Why the strategy of shut down from within?

Anonymous said...

Querida irl,

Yes, wounded and wounding. Whilst Zero conducts his campaign From Above.


P.S. Hello spark, nice to see you back in these parts. I've been meaning to thank you for your reading suggestions of a few months ago re hierarchies, formal and informal. They were illuminating :)

As for your question of why the strategy of the shutdown below: exactly. That is exactly the problem - the lack of any sort of reasonable justification. And drawing in your recommended artcle regarding the way informal power structures can subvert a democratic process - I think it remarkably appropriate for the present circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I am really having a great laugh... at cretins, of this I am certain and of posturing, oh mother of God the posturing of late but more curiously of course certain bedmates. What a sight! And of course what was seen, summized, ascertained yesterday afternoon. Not hard to read between those lines. Of course only one, maybe two unimaginitive easily dismissable and oh, so not biased would understand the above.

As for election time posturings, posturing's of other another kind of certain criticism of below hanging out gloriously above, sand kicking nose punching and ball-snatching...I'll leave that to the too-much-testosterone crowd.

And finally, as for red alerts I'll save those comments, I promise, for later in another sandbox.

Anonymous said...

Have a little faith in the leadership folks.I'm certain that they know exactly what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

You know, I would like nothing better than to believe that the "leaders" know what they're doing, but the facts of their words and actions lead me to reasonably conclude otherwise. Faith misplaced does no one any good. And this has never been - at least for me - a millenarian movement.

Furthermore, I do not want to be mindlessly led by anyone. And if those are to be the terms, I respectfully withdraw.


Anonymous said...

To our faith-based commenter:

Absolutely: faith and blind trust in one's leaders. It's a formula which has worked forever, and who would any of us be to dare question the Leadership?

Sheepishly yours.

Anonymous said...

geez,the history and leadership over the past 12 years means nothing?All of a sudden everyone's a critic.Let's see what plays out over the next little while.
A,I can fully understand your concern for the people in the communities,but I honestly can't see the leadership intentionally causing hardship without reason.

Anonymous said...

Continuing on the theme…

It's just so depressing to realize at this late juncture that the influence, the work, the intention of the participation of the communities was strategic in service of a greater objective now driven by Yañez, et al. That the voices to whom one must necessarily cater include those wishing to cart around dominating banners of a mass-murderer, while those daring to criticize are ignored/marginalized as "intellectuals." I am so very angry.

And the communities? - they're left without any real means to respond given the fact that they're in "red alert" and any means of congress normally available to them are now not. This, to my mind, is the anthropological affect of the red alert, in the sense that it both establishes and circumvents power. Whether intended or not, this is the reality: the communities are presently unable to speak, while Marcos, or Yañez with Marcos as voz, continues to wield - now totally unchecked – power and voice appropriated from the hard-won moral high ground established through the Zapatista communities and Commandancia.

A quote, sadly apropos, by Alvaro Mutis, from “Maqroll”: "These struggles to change the world: I've seen them end either in miserable dictatorships bloated with simplistic ideology applied with no less primitive rhetoric, or in a profitable business for a handful of cynics who always pretend to be disinterested, decent people committed to the welfare of the country and its inhabitants. In either case the dead, the orphans and the widows, become pretexts for parades and ceremonies as sickening as they are hypocritical."

Ya basta. Truly.


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous beginning with "geez",

Then perhaps you understand something I don't. Do you? Can you think of a good reason for the red alert? I very much hope you can, because frankly, this breaks my heart.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of pedestrian comments...did anyone see that hit and run?

The esteemed and I add, with merit Delegate Zero, the Comandancia and communities will continue recieving said well-earned esteem of the world, long after you have entered into adult diaper's and beyond, I am certain. That posturing journalist's, (definitly not you) are criticising so heavily at this time speaks tome's of their worry that the repressive oligarchy they so blindly support will lose in the face of the popular OC. The languishing during red alert you so hysterically posture on has been addressed publicly by the formerly esteemed (your description of Delegate definitly not mine) a while back and in a place you yourself said, "I can't imagine supporting, considering." Considering what? Their newsworthy honest and accurate site v. (your) blog? No, I am not soliciting your comments about said site, so don't put yourself out, besides that isn't what this disscussion is about. Nonetheless, If you must regale hysterically, I will add again so as to help the specious, sophmoric redistributors of unwarranted criticism much like yourself, as I have written other places (namely that those other places and persons were concerned about consensus made before that red alert was ordered and not specious) but concerning the so-called foisted red alert: at the time it was ordered, many or most of who were being targeted by the indiscriminate police brutality, at the behest of said oligarchy were, if not most, all adherents to OC...The communities are surrounded by 70,000 troops at the beck and call of said oligarchy and even after the initial criticism of the red alert, more indiscriminate police brutality continued. Could you or anyone fully guarantee that those 70,000 troops wouldn't couldn't, be called in to attack the communities (adherents) by the abusive evil elite above? The communities and juntas are not dead in the water as you so dourly report. In fact communique's are still recieved from them. If you had done your homework, you would have surely had among your notes somewhere, that when the campaign started traveling, Moises was asked to communicate the needs of the communities, where and when needed. Do you think Moises or the communities are not capable of existing without Delegate Zero? That they can't take care of themselve's during heightened time's of repressive indiscriminate behaviour by those above? I can personally understand your concern for those in need in the communities. I can also personally attest to the fact that the generous good works of civil society can be railroaded by much more than a red alert. A red alert only postponed it in the past, where other entities from above stand in the way of the good works for much longer periods and with greater effort to indermine. I can also understand, sympathize if you will, about meeting's cancelled...but you are not the only one and most involved who were and are waiting for meetings to take place have been patient and supportive, considering the extreme violence inflicted upon adherents beaten and raped and imprisoned. Delegate Zero is campaigning from above? That is news to many.
Perhaps you could find something remarkable to say, so as to purify the masses...that way you would not have to quote others; but since you quote someone else mentioning miserable dictatorships bloated with simplistic ideology, those in profitable businesses and the parading of the dead, orphaned and widowed, perhaps you could show a little honesty about dictatorships and profitable businesses (those in power from above) and support those who are fighting this evil (from below)and without your pitiful pugnacious reproach demonizing those who have been beaten, raped and who mourn their dead, as pretext for parades since they offer their words of support one and all of their own volition. The blame for hypocrisy here, lay upon those who quote out of context and without warrant. Withdraw, it will not be a loss. I'd say, start your own worldwide movement. But since you don't have the base...good luck.

irlandesa said...

Darling last poster, who knows I adore her:

I'm most appreciative of your thoughts and the time you take to express them so well, but I also know you know that [except in YO! where I can't turn off the picture in Comments], I, unlike others, never post anonymously, nor would I ever feel the need to.


Anonymous said...

Dear comrada b,

No, I'm not Aketus nor our gracious hostess, but I'd like to point out - perhaps to your satisfaction? - that we have not heard from Aketus since you so vehemently dismissed his comments. This is sad as I for one appreciated his contribution.

You have every right to take issue with my words. Disagreement, however, does not need to be a form of assault, and the silencing of voices in the Parlour will certainly happen as you continue to throw flames. From your latest apology to irlandesa posted in YO!, that seems to be your intention - preserving YOUR space. Well, you should know, this sort of approach not only does not change anything for the better, but leads to poverty of thought and fascism.

Yours truly,

B said...

Dear Darling A,
I am certain that Aketus can manage on his own, who chose his words and arguement of his own volition. He was not silenced, as you so stretch the truth with, but then I tried to keep that comment directed to was NOT addressed to you was it? It was kept low key as possible as I was not certain if it was the person you so vicariously claim I alone silenced. I have a right to my oppinion as much as you do, how does that make me alone a fascist, while as you so eloquently pointed out to anyone else willing to engage you, unknowledgeable about the subject you so venomously attacked? A fascist I am far from, but am certain you like myself possibly other's in the parlour defending who they are, based soley on your oppinion. Now THAT is fascism. And how is it that someone like yourself can come in, using a flame thrower of words and inflamatory they were, then claim anyone who challenges this engages in fascism, resulting in poverty of thought? One has to wonder. I won't take the pity pot and sit on it, but will preserve my space. I love the way you twist things calling it an assault (thin line there deary) when I dissagreed with your words point for point. Which, in your most recent reply contradicts your very own prior words of 'blindly following' hence anyone commenting should have just agreed with you, having no oppinion of their own? You are quite mistaken about appologies. Go back and read throughout the parlour: when I appologized (the once or twice I have had to) it was a direct appology and I used the word "appologies." I simply pointed out to Irl, there was no reason not to have signed it...and it's B, not comrada. Lastly, your little outing of me here has tried to make me feel most uncomfortable which I can see was your intent while of course upholding freedom of thought and speech, but alas in vain.

TripleJ said...

Dear A,

Fear not, Aketus is not lost, he is merely luckier than us having for the time being found a soulmate and a much more pleasurable way to while away the time.

He's also on holiday at the moment and since it is winter where we live I suspect he stays snug in bed till some ungodly hour :^)

But I'm sure he'll be back some time.


Anonymous said...

Querido triplej,

Thank you for letting me/us know that Aketus is not lost but merely wandering happily, and it the best of all possible good company :)

Con abrazos,

aketus said...

What triple J says is quite true, but also, it must be said I've been absolutely flat-out on the internet as well... just not in these parts, but somewhat more locally.
Nazis make such excellent sport. Both in this field and in the other.

I haven't been keeping in touch with most close friends as a result. However I see things have been busy here and over at YO!, for one! Some events have subsided, affording me ample time to visit more often.

Also, I have moved house (on the internet), and am moving house (in the 'real world') this weekend. Fun! And a good excuse for tea parties.

Fond thoughts and regards,

Anonymous said...



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