Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The rainbow comes and goes

I like the painting.

And, despite being in the midst of the resfriado from Hell [visited upon me, I'm sure, by the twisted, yet ever powerful, demi-Demons of the lower orders, in punishment for many things, two of them, most certainly, being the sins of Temerity and Voz], I wanted to let some of you know that [checking here, ah, yes] the Sexta has issued some Considerations [by SupMarcos] concerning a Proposal for a Plan of Action.

Said Plan of Action was submitted by him at the end of yesterday's [the 29th, as I have not retired as yet] La Otra Assembly in DF.

I will be translating it tomorrow.

The summaries have already been published elesewhere [LJ], and the demi-Demons know I wouldn't dare to venture such temerity here [although I am more than certain that there shall be some discussion of Considerations, Consequences and Concupiescence in one or two of those odd, drafty corners to be found hereabouts].

Suffice that there are some changes afoot - or perhaps not, if one has been following things.

In the interim, I might innocently suggest that those amongst us of negligible ingenuousness, cynicism and ego investment, might wish to revisit a previous post. The one dedicated to most dear Chiquita.


Comrada B said...

As always... I look forward to your eloquant translations.

In Appreciation,


Anonymous said...

Changes afoot, positions defiined and hardened. All may be seen, for better or worse, in Zero's new 4 part interview in Rebeldia, now in limited distribution in Spanish and at NN for those wishing English.

Some snippets:

So, the Other Campaign began as a complaint box and later turned into an exchange of experiences, in the understanding of these experiences, and as it marches on it has become a place of struggle. Now, yes, we are going to fight. It’s not about something that is far off in the distance. And the government is playing its part so that the fight happens: with the attacks, the repression and the threats.
We are going to organize ourselves at the national level to do one thing and then do the next. And the first tests will be the decentralized actions on June 19 and the centralized one on the 28th. We think that here La Otra is going to have a more defined profile and will be able to enter, in June, a competition with the political class and with power, freedom for the compaƱeros and compaƱeras of Atenco. And on the same stage that they put up.

Yes, until now that stage, the electoral stage, served only to repress us, to shove us off to the sides, to ignore us. Now, whether they get what they want depends on what we do. Do I sound very threatening? That’s a promise.

[and finally],

So, there is no meeting better than this one, no better activity for promoting adhesion to the struggle than that which the Other Campaign is doing. That is to say, until now, we didn’t turn the Other Campaign into a struggle. We simply took attendance. Beginning with Atenco, we are now fighting as the Other Campaign. Fucking great, no? But hopefully it won’t cost as much, which is to say that everyone comes out alive.

That's it then. Hubris and bravado take the day, and with it, hope.

Sigh. I shall have to stand apart from this.


irlandesa said...

Way too ill here to sit up long enough to say what I'd like, other than to note the exquisitely appropriate amanuensis - water seeking its own level, as it were. The deliberate roughening, dumbing down, making dissonate.

And how uncannily accurate Rosario's harsh words were - a "poor imitation" in spirit, contrivance, means and purported ends.

But nor am I surprised that she was the one to speak them - the other side of maternal certitude. The one that prefers not to consider that other universe whose time has supposedly come.

Comrada B said...

Querida Irl...

I send a thousand ray of healing light. Here's hoping you are feeling much better and soon.

A: Have read them at said site and may have thought there was a communique/interview that Irl referred ("The rainbow comes and goes") to translating on the morrow was a different one. Uncertain...I will just stay tuned.

Healing Hug's,


Anonymous said...

We hope you are feeling better soon Irl.