Friday, May 05, 2006

Promiscuous posing

This lovely view of our meeting place is provided for the grumpy old gentleman who left his note in the wrong place.

And we much prefer a little Remy XO to domestic "champaign."

Making lists, giggling, having a stroll in the alley…just another Friday night in Hell’s scullery.

A fair amount of the giggling has to do with a new spate of missives from a very specific subset of gentlemen and their current meltdowns. As I hinted last evening, I’m currently strewing crumbs here and there, so, if you would like details, you shall have to peek about.

Not exactly what I would call a treasure hunt – but one of the gentlemen just popped up here a short time ago. I so hope he doesn't rue his visit.

By way of news, SubDelegado Zero has just announced – during a speech he was giving in Atenco – that he shall be remaining in DF until “all political prisoners are released” there. I’m mentioning this – and assuming the reportage is correct [always a cardinal error] – because I assume it will be impacting on scheduled events. Most immediately, in San Luis Potosí from the 5th to the 11th of May.

Other news, political and otherwise, might be found…elsewhere.


aketus said...

*a petit choux opens his trusty field guide*


irlandesa said...

Or perhaps his Lonely Planet?

And a note - or crumb:

Yo! Basta has been opened up to all those below and to the left, as well, I suppose to those above and to the right, given that one has no control. Meaning all can post there now, anonymously or in costume.

After all, one can never have too much hate mail.

Spark said...

Lonely Planet indeed.

But there will be no public sobbing. As it happens, it will always be nice to see you, whatever: And Yo!, You certainly looks like the cat who got the cream, and no mistake!

Good on you good lovers, brother and sister.

On a more serious note, please see and/or support/contribute to/forward this initiative: Written Constitution

if you are able.

Prom Pos

Spark said...

For those interested, you can contribute in one of three ways: [1] by joining the People In Common mailing list
[2] by posting on the forum at link given above, or
[3] emailing me direct

Comments, both negative/cautionary and/or positive/constructive [unless totally obstructive] will be properly included in the overall mix, as is only right and proper.

And, if anyone friendly happens to have a direct line to the Bat Cave, notice to Marcos of what we're up to would be much appreciated.

Certainly, yes and yahoo: it is not a ghetto thing.

In solidarity

Anonymous said...

Querida irlandesa y co-salonistas,

Some may hunker down in their commandeered, formerly-public headquarters whilst gleefully rubbing their hands together in hopes of an emerging revolution, as others may ardently trot out the "B" word at those questioning motive and means.

Pardon me for just a moment as I take a bite of my muesli – breakfast in bed, you know.

Thank you so very much. Now, where was I…oh yes: fussing over my parking space? No no, I let my staff handle that.

In further response to the confused gentleman ardently wandering into rooms waving his arms about, I would aver that defending the current manipulation of and glomming on to the present crisis/violence is disingenuous and at odds with what zapatismo has heretofore stood for: a thoughtful, principled and open engagement with civil society toward construction of a better world. Far from consulting with the bases, Marcos has sent them into hiding, and presumably their arms, with the sad events of Atenco. Rather than principled and borne of consensus, Marcos’s actions reek of opportunism and war-mongering. Those who care about all that has come before cannot sit idly by and let this happen, and despite my heavy schedule of facials, waxing and nails, I really must speak out.



irlandesa said...

Yes, quite a few caught in the crossfire, even from some distance, dear A.

All those not choosing to embrace the cool calculations and catalysis of the Gramscian moment.

Oh, hell, that should have gone to Yo! Basta!!

Spark said...

Can someone please explain to me in clear and unambigous detail what the hell is happening in Mexico/Atenco as I am confused and need to know. Or direct me to a link that does just that.

Thankyou and sorry for spilling my Muesli. Also, I have never had so many parking fines, clampings and impoundings as in the last six months in London. But to me mentioning that sounds extremely offensive given what can happen elsewhere in the world.

Peace and Love.

TripleJ said...

What is happening in Mexico Spark? Well nothing good for a 14 year old to be sure, seeing that he seems to be quite dead at the moment. Nothing good for the policeman either, he's also feeling rather poorly.

It seems to me, that both sides seem quite happy that some are dead as it allows them to clamour for the blood of their opponents. But the sad fact is they are dead and both sides are to blame.

One question arises in my simplistic mind. Why take machetes to a demonstration if your intention is that it be peaceful?

Sorry señor zero, you've lost me on this one and zero is definitely the mark you deserve.

Spark said...

Thankyou Triple J

Oh dear.

Comrada B said...

I am a befuddled by the comments here to jump to conclusion and criticize, no blame Marcos for the violence of a reactionary, brutal repressive government and police state and the deliberate manipulation by maintsream media whores. Lets look shall we, at merely the sequence of events. A labor day protest is scheduled, announced to the public, where a number of organizations gathered to speak. Because it was announced publicly and well in advance, it was not exactly what one would call a machination or even a sneak attack by it's oragnizer's. One of the organizations carried "symbolically" machete's to represent the machetero's whom a few years earlier resisted globalisation and privitisation. At this gathering the people of various groups in opposition to globalisation, privitisation, labor issues and the uneven playing field that affects their daily live's spoke from the heart, from conscience. The ensuing days of this gathering of hearts and conscience resulted in the opposition reacting with a melee of brutal violence and excessive use of force. The target's in this repression by a government that chooses to cover up it's duplicitous malfeasance were those who support the Other Campaign, some member's of the media and the people of Atenco who resist against globalisation and privitisation. The people from below feeling malevolent towards those above, will never justify malfeasance nor even misfeasance towards those below. One is a feeling, the other an action. I do not see how something carried symbolically (a symbol) in a protest, justifies brutal retailation? Those below oragnized to "speak" against repression and globalisation. Those above chose to quell that "voice" with severely brutal reatliation.

Seems pretty clear in my mind, who was at fault for acts of violence and for lying and manipulating the truth about the violence that ocurred. Should those below have instead, carried flowers in the end's of wooden toy gun's not capable of causing harm or taped symbolically to the end's of toy police baton's? When news reached supporter's, of the violence that ensued from the police to nearly anyone who participated and even those that didn't, should they have masked themselves (like one very duplicit soul) and started pointing fingers at their own and outing their whereabout's lest they too be beaten, raped, diappeared, imprisoned or killed? I dare say I do not feel sorry for a beaten police officer. For one he chose his career and consciously chose to support a repressive state and was not harmed in any way shape or form, till he and his ilk took to beating and smashing the live's of those selling flower's to eek out a living. I may be wrong and have been knwon to be on occasion, but the last time I checked, selling flowers was not a violent act against the state.

There's more.

That, Miss Muesli is a presumption of gigantic proportions. That Marcos did not order a six-week long consulta to satisfy everyone's overwheening desire to know that they did just that, draw a consensus and to everyone (including outsider's) satifaction, was a matter of inconvienience bestowed upon those below, by the violent action's of the so-called 'authorities of maintenance of peace,' AKA, the police. Where in any communique or with any real ounce of evidence, can you say there was not a consensus made before declaring a red alert? The only one's manipulating and opportunistic here were the media whore's blatently lying about thevenet's as they unfolded. A consensus surely had to be made quickly and was made, as thousands of police were dispersed to various locations, the army could have just as quickly been called to the territories, inflicting yet more brutal repression. The fact's clearly indicate supporters of the Other Campaign and anyone who resisted the offensive made by the agressor's, (agressor's here being those that committed obvious misfeasnace) were and are the target of direct attacks for "speaking one's heart while assembling." Your manicurist and cosmotologist don't travel with full service's by chance, do they? Perhaps your staff could provide safe chauffeur's for those that haven't been arrested of the Other Campaign caravan, to go perchance, to the jail where members of the caravan are being held, wilst your cosmotologist give's relaxing and rejuvenating facial's to those not arrested. After all, seeking justice in the face of brutal tyranny can cause unsightly age line's on the forhead.

Anyone who appologize's for repressive brutal regime's score's nothing with the rest of humanity and are in fact the suporter's of the real "Zero's."

Desde Corazon,


P.S. Enjoy your breakfast in bed while Rome burns and have another bite of muesli on me. At present opportunistic warmongers are the US government.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Comrada B!!!

irlandesa said...

I would like to mention that someone is attempting to open a space in our tabloid for what appears to be a quiet discussion of core issues.

Anonymous said...

Dear A,

From what I have read in the past week,it is my understanding that Marcos is still calling for a civil rebellion.
I'm limited to English reports,but is that no longer the case and if not,where are the reports coming from?

Anonymous said...

"...I dare say I do not feel sorry for a beaten police officer. For one he chose his career and consciously chose to support a repressive state..."

You sadden me beyond all measure, comrada b.

Comrada B said...

To the last annonymous:

Why because I spoke the truth? Or because of the upbraiding? Even passivist Tibet had to take measure's to defend itself againt the invasion of China. That still didn't justify what China did to them 'offensively' in the first place. And truely the sadest part of an analogy like this, is the forcing of peaceful peoples to defend themselves, when otherwise left unattacked wouldn't have to resort to such things, wouldn't even consider doing anyone violence. He still chose his career. Perhaps you support repressive state's? Perhap's the entire world should just lay down and take anything dished out to them. The bullies win then, with no one principled left alive to witness it all; future societies with any conscience, left a sad legacy of martyrdom.

irlandesa said...

Ladies and gentlemen, dear ones all.

I have decided to take a very short recess [if only it could include a playground!].

And, in the best of all possible worlds - and if someone might perhaps pull out their magic wand - the Parlour, and certain parts of the universe, might have returned to a place of flirtation and civility, of wit and kindness.

A world, in fact, where all worlds fit.

Anonymous said...

To Stephen and the other esteemed salonistas, and to our lovely hostess,

Stephen, you are right to ask. Thank you.

Yes, Marcos has called for civil and peaceful demonstrations and for the press to tell the truth about the violence of the police. So then, why accuse Marcos of encouraging a revolution in the streets (e.g., class warfare)?

The problem is not in speaking out against the violence, but in his calling for a red alert, the fact that the red alert follows certain class warfarish fighting words, that Marcos is now remaining in Mexico City indefinitely “in solidarity” with all those arrested, and the apparent eagerness with which he has done all of this.

As you likely know, when a red alert is called, all the Zapatista bases flee their communities and the Zapatista army readies itself for battle should it become necessary. It is a serious matter. By calling a red alert, Marcos as the military head of the Zapatista forces is suggesting to anyone listening that he may well call the Zapatistas to arms, to fight. This is a wholly inappropriate response to Atenco as the peoples of Chiapas are not in any danger from the DF police forces, nor, truly, is Marcos. How then can this be seen as anything other than a cynical media ploy and opportunistic leap into the melee?

Further, by staying in DF, Marcos is missing the CNI, an extremely important meeting through which the organized voice of the indigenous is expressed, and he is abandoning all those who have been planning to receive him throughout Mexico.

The Zapatistas, or rather Marcos as their political Subcomandante and military Comandante, have never before disappointed me so profoundly. My hope is Marcos will have a change of heart/mind, and seek resolution rather than a heightening of this conflict. If past history is any indication, I think he will. As written before, I have supported the Zapatistas for a long time. I signed on to the Sexta as an act of faith, unsure of where it would take me, because I believed, and still believe, the Zapatistas offer an extraordinary hope for change through example and illumination, not dogma and violence. For this reason, I cannot remain silent as the dream of Zapatismo appears to devolve into yet another mindless struggle, where reason is absent, violence is the means, and people are manipulated into becoming vicious servants of another master.

With best regards to all,

P.S. Dear comrada b: I wrote the above in partial reply to you. There is a more I would like to say, but I need a little more time with it before posting. For now, however, I must stop for the night, as I am, in fact, a working girl and it is so very late.

P.P.S. Dearest irl, as always I am grateful for your generosity of spirit and grace. Your vacation is well deserved, but please, don't tarry too long! We will miss you! Un fuerte abrazo.

Anonymous said...

Dear comrada b,

I just wanted to make clear that in saying I wrote the previous post in partial reply to you, I meant those parts discussing the reasons for my critique of Marcos, and NOT the last sentence.


Comrada B said...

Which last sentence would that be?