Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fun and games

Estimadas salonistas, a bit of housework.

First, having been diverted somewhat the last day or two, I’ve yet to mention that a new communiqué has been placed in our Library. And it’s not what you might think. It is from a domestic group, calling for some rather startling actions, quite unlike what we’re accustomed to seeing. I might suggest a quick read, for those left standing.

And I must say that one of the many lovely consequences of fevered times is that one gets to hear from many of one’s old friends. All my various in-boxes have been overflowing today, a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of queries, demands, gasps, entreaties, billet-doux and one of the most astonishing little pieces of Jesuitical sophistry my eyes have ever beheld.

As a consequence of the above consequence, some reshuffling is required. Some items will go to our Library, some to our Serious Tabloid, a few to the dustbin.

There. Now what should we get up to?


Spark said...

Ah yes tis nice to be back. Fevered times can be so much fun. Without in any way taking away from the seriousness. Fun and games in the best little tabloid in town, indeed.

Lovely Riteous Woman.

Well, much to my pleasure I can see that [The Revolutionary] PMT [Post Modern Times], that most eminent of broadsheets [read solely by the most discerning members of the CIA*] - whose launch & cosmic, yes, cosmic! lunch, graciously await your imminent European arrival - might one immortal day have more than an inch on your lovely little rag.

In other words: I need you. Get your sweet butt over here asp.

I hope that answers your question.

Anyway, 2 parallel essays came to me today that may or may not be of interest, covering problems we horizontal** orientated types now face in conspiring r'evolution.

Please forgive me if they are old hat, utterly inappropriate, or just plain useless.

The Tyranny of Structurelessness

The Tyranny of Tyranny

Personally I think there is hogwash in both camps [bit like the Capitalists and the Non,now I come to think of it] typical 'anarchists' being notoriously dogmatic&self righteous for a bunch of freedom fighters.

* CIA - Cosmic Indigo Anarchists. I will of course stop spelling this out in future, so as to increase the mystery and delight of divine ambiguity.

**Horizontality of the tender and wonderfuk kind please in Catalan, Czech Republic, County Clare and/or especially Camden

Catholic sophistry indeed.

Love and Chocolates

Anonymous said...

The piece in the library is a transcript of a speech Marcos gave - not a "domestic group".

What's up in the Parlour - I feel like I'm in a room of Parisian bourgeoisie chatting and drinking champaign while Paris burns and fretting about where they parked their cars. Perhaps a reality check is in order - and stop watching so much TV!

irlandesa said...

Sorry, darling, I meant the one in English - You didn't scroll down far enough!!

And I love the "champaign" - sort of a play on words, yes? Champagne/campaign.

Was it the Balzac reference that put you off?! You must not come to the Parlour often, as we really do enjoy civility and literature here. Could I perhaps provide you with a reading list?

Comrada B said...


Look's like someone got thier eyebrows a lil singed (grins.) Perhaps a Bic lighter and a cork from that fruity domestic (hint: light Bic to cork end till charcoal residue forms,) will assist those now MIA caterpillar's. Work's wonder's for bald spot's on heads as well.

Anonymous said...

the making of lists and checking them twice is always so much fun....speaking of old friends,fevered times always brings them out of the woodwork.
And much to my surprise,I've always thought that the CIA stood for the Committee of Indigenous Activists,but I guess I was mistaken...Cosmic Indigo Anarchists?...hmmm..