Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another peek

Yes, I know...

But I wanted everyone to know that I just put Part 1 of Bellinghausen's interview with Marcos in our Library - the first he's given in 5 years. A bit of a media whirlwind right now. Appearances on mass media TV shows and such.

Stay tuned.


Comrada B said...

Querida Irl...
An eloquant translation from our most gracious host, perhaps?



P.S. My translating software is like whirrled socks in a blender in comparison.

irlandesa said...

Darling B,

Soon, soon, and I have sorely missed the work.

As one or two of our readers know, I have been sans printer cartridges for quite some time, given that I have recently learned [the hard way, of course] of the wisdom of putting foodstuffs before cartridges.

Comrada B said...

My Dear Swweet Irl,

Oh my, I do so understand the prioratization. My printer itself went into fit's of jam mode "please check paper feed" long ago. Everyone said just uninstall and reinstall after checking all other minor details. After "x" amount of time spent in numerous session's that resulted in "please check paper feed" with no new results even with the assistance of a can o' air that just helped to fill a hazardous waste dump and not the printer I gave the poor thing (which came cheaply with said PC) a formal burial in closet (in the event of recycling, not to waste) with saluted round of 'tap's.' Ofcourse there was the well-meaning offer of friends "so and so's has printer's real cheap," but since our lives are so outsourced or marginalized in some fashion along with the cost of living prices skyrocketing while wages haven't raised but minor percentages in nearly 30 years, "so and so's" could only recieve a conciliatory smile.

Con Abrazos,