Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Just a note that we have a new translation in our Library. And it's an interesting piece, despite the fact that it concerns, um, "intellectuals". Sigh, of course, as we know it's a term that makes me shudder.

And something for tomorrow on caste and invisibility.

Unless it really does rain, as promised [which means nothing, since they promise it at least twice a year here, and nothing ever happens], in which case I shall be standing outside in it. Really.


Spark said...
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Anonymous said...

where is everyone gone?

surely the show must go on..?

masked, veiled or otherwise

a european fan

Anonymous said...

I think she did mention something about invisibility, EuroFan.

Spark said...

Wonderful, but also something not quite right about this last post

Anyway, FYI

Got convicted, £500 including costs

And in our small battle against exclusion, and for freedom, through my investigative-like commission activities i have now discovered:
[1]that the bEEB [BBC, ed] HAVE Access to a HELICOPTER [!!!] and

[2] romance and revolution being what they are, i may also get a ride in it

Ah bejesus, to the blazes with the revolution. i'm off

now that's what i call media mastery


PS Perhaps it's something to do with one's own secret history?
PPS i like being outside in the rain, too