Saturday, February 18, 2006


This is ridiculous. I’ve been writing a paragraph or two a night, then abandoning them, leaving a dust cloud of scattered, disconnected words.

Think of this as clearing my desk.

My father would, when it suited him, forbid the discussion of politics and religion at the dinner table.

Ill-disguised farce, all of it.

As I mentioned before, no one in our family had any interest whatsoever in religion, and the only one at the dinner table who ever wished to discuss politics was I. His reason for not wanting to hear it had nothing to do with civility whilst dining, which is a damn fine concept, but that he didn’t wish to hear it. At least from me.

My only point here is that I learned two things: not to discuss politics and religion at the dinner table, and there are a fair few number of men who do not wish to hear a girl discuss politics.

And, given the discussion that has been transpiring in our Comments, and given that I cannot for a moment imagine that any flatworlders or believers in intelligent design would venture into this Parlour, I shall proffer just the briefest of comments myself.

When my mother had a series of strokes which quickly destroyed her ability to speak coherently, then at all, I learned and watched, as she struggled, the other side of her brain struggled, to learn new paths to speech. I learned that this can happen, and perhaps it might have with my mother, if she had had more time.

Two paths to the same skill.

The other thought has to do with cookery, since it was mentioned in our Comments as regards coexistence. I do most thoroughly believe that cooking is simultaneously both art and science, requiring both heart and knowledge. Not coexisting in some sort of wary stand-off, but intertwined, plaited.

I use the word heart, rather than religion, and I don’t think there’s any need to deconstruct the meaning of the two words.

Suffice, for me, that anything worth doing is not only worth doing well but also worth doing with heart. I believe much that is ill with the world has to do with the rigid separation of powers between logos and, well, heart.

One can, for example, bake a cake without heart, and I have seen it done. One can also bake a cake without science, and I have shuddered to see that done once too often. And the truth is, despite my overweening passion for such confections, I would not choose to eat either.


And a very quick note about News.

As comrada b mentioned in our Comments, yes, Enlace Civil’s bank accounts have once again been closed, for no stated reason other than “they”, you know, “can.” The communities have been issuing supportive statements and such, but I would suggest that anyone who would like to send funds use the time honoured methods mentioned here previously.

Write me if you require a reminder.

[The following was written, though not posted, a week ago.] I am pleased to report that we have now received the first “clarification” on the two incidents of Boys Gone Wild which I mentioned in last night’s post and which so entertained me.

This has to do with the more obscure reference, of which I imagine only one or two of my readers might be aware, especially since it sounds as if one of those readers – or one of his homeboys - might have been involved in said dust-up.

The dust-up which we now know never took place. We knew this from the start, of course, given that nothing which is ever reported in any mainstream media ever actually took place. The compas didn’t really believe they’d been sequestered and then behave like a bunch of girlie boys, sending frantic messages to their leader. No durable goods were tossed, bad words uttered, flounces flounced.

I might have been perversely disappointed by this clarification, but, given the homeboys in question, I choose to remain a believer .


Anonymous said...

And the communique (Durito) translations?

irlandesa said...

As we speak, of course, sick days notwithstanding. Though I assume the question was rhetorical...

TripleJ said...

>>My father would, when it suited him, forbid the discussion of politics and religion at the dinner table.<<

It must have been a very quiet dining room :^)

In my home, there was nothing but politics and religion being discussed. I found it a bit boring after a while to tell the truth.

aketus said...

I had nothing to say to my family at large about religion or politics. My mother and sisters tried to tie everything on both subjects back to radical feminism and I found it very one-dimensional.
Dad however shares most of my views on both subjects, I think we talk about them more now than we did when I was young

Spark said...

lots of politics at our dining table. dad always felt that religion was good for nothing except war.

but also, ironic, when working in his beautiful garden he often comes over with the look of mystica

two paths, yes, science or religion

oh, yes, and art, the fluid one, and therefore best of all

some nice news: looks like on april 1st we will reclaim carnival& do a masquerade

and on april 23rd we will reclaim the national day for Freedom and a nation of all identities and all nations

and from then on will be following M with the touring, except probably by pushbike

have found some amazing comradas, and re media mastery i think we are being infiltrated by the BBC

& back to another, earlier topic: was told today that in Spanish duende also means forest spirit, like an elf or pixie, some lord of the rings intimation. does that make any sense?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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