Monday, January 02, 2006

Motorcycle diaries redux

There is a new translation in the Library - the JBG statement for the 12th anniversary of the uprising.

And please. If you haven't, do check out the new header at the Sexta site.

Then click the Sexta.


You will not regret it.


Boris Leonardo said...

my name is Boris Leonardo Caro, i am a Cuban youg journalist. a French friend an I have created a blog to support the ezln ( we want to publish the most importants news about "the other campaign", and also write some articles and make some interviews on this subject. we would like to share links with other people interested in supporting ezln. i invite you to visit our blog, though it's still very little.
if you agree, let us know about you again.

Rahz said...

Woo.. now that's a nice looking blog, the Sexta. Seems to offer a better opportunity for some interaction/discussion (and probably spam, eventually)

irlandesa said...

Boris - Wonderful, and thank you so very much, and please feel free to link to any of my little sites.

Spark said...

Irl and lovely Co

Nice linkin'

Here are some nice pictures of the spirit of art activism and circa [The Cladestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army] alive and well in the South Americas


(December 20 th 2005-Buenos Aires-Argentina)



"Where are the Peace Terrorists? [tra la la]
We've got a government of Errorists"

The New Model Love Army is on it's way!

[circa] 2012 [yes, YES]
'Anew May An Age Begin'

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