Thursday, December 01, 2005

Media mastery

Yes, darlings, just a brief note about the premiere of the new EZLN Other Campaign website.

Well, I must say it was worth the wait. Sleek, moderne [almost mid-century in ethos, in a good way], professional and very user friendly.

In case you missed it in the communique, it's at

Once you get there, the zeztainternazional pic will lead to the page where one can, once again, register one's support or not and also sign up for their email list. If anyone has any trouble navigating the list sign-up, just let me know.

The other pic [and do check out the sinuous graphic which somehow reminds me of the horchata word] leads one to the heart of the site. Everything is there, including most of the current translations.


Tomorrow we might toss around the idea of embracing the concept of forming a very "otherly" intergalactic committee.

Seriously otherly.


penguinrocket said...

Wow, that is slick. Good to see that they're putting up all the, er, seminal texts of the Otra Campana. Though perhaps somebody needs to remind them to include a credit for their tireless translator.

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble navagating how to get on the mailing list and show my support. My spanish isn't so good. Please help. :(

Spark said...
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Spark said...

Yes, let's get on with the [Gaiabolic] Intergalactica. Was thinking the same last night. What does everyone else think?

Perhaps we should begin with some kind of Parl[am]ourment critique of neo-liberalism, or Liberal, so-called Representive Democracy?

Not sure re controversy over guest lists, but in terms of the possibility of velvet change in the west I prefer semantically progressive 'alter' to reactionary 'anti': that said, am in full agreement as to building a new world from below, but from the left? or from the radical centre?

Capitalism as ugly brute exploitative scientism in an age of science; in this case the road to heaven on earth [a culture of artistic creativity, scientific knowledge and religious communion, in balance, ie what we all want] is paved with bad intentions!

Intergalactica might toss these ideas and somehow articulate some otra vision of a more natural pattern of global-national governance in which capitalism is sweetly subverted through GLOBAL tax and benefit for all in need and in western post-modern vacuum LOCAL grassroots empowerment, the facilitation of an ex-apathetica embrace of political engagement and collectivity: Political, or Direct Democratic Citizenship as the next stage after Liberal, neo-Liberal, Capitalist Consumer Citizenship?

Also, saw reference in communique to 5 Continents? What are these? And what about the biblical prophesy of 12 Tribes? 12 Tribes, 5 Continents..

This postmillennial prophetic chess game is getting confusing!

'Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number –
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many - they are few.'

[Written by Shelley on the occasion of the massacre of demonstrators carried out by the British Government]
at Peterloo, Manchester 1819]

miguel said...
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Comrada B said...

Querida Irl,


I just visited the new site for the Intergalatic...WOW! It is top notch.

Ahora...I have read every communique since the pleneary (of course before too) and understand that the new EZLN Intergalic 'group' are taking those who had already joined La Sexta through Revista Rebeldia and recieving this information to take into account all of those from other parts of the world who have joined La Otra thus far?

Would that be accurate?

Revista Rebeldia was were I joined La Sexta prior to the September 2005 (deadline of sorts) I singed on or around August 25-28, 2005 (exact day is unceratin) but was before that particular deadline of September 9th (or so) 2005, that Marcos announced initially (as I see now they are still allowing people to continue to join La Otra)....bueno If I have this all correct and given the fact that there are reams of posts to recieve from Rebeldia of those who have already joined and incorporate them to the new site then they should have (eventually, as I understand this will take time to do) full count of everyone who has joined?

Another very important question for clarification's !@*&# sake I need to ask you is:

If I have been "counted" as CON LA OTRA (which is how I signed on) then that would explain recieving all the communiques from Revista Rebeldia via email, since shortly after signing on?

Or did they only post the palabras at the Rebeldia site (as many were, posted) of those (with or against) that they "accepted" by some form of "approval" by EZLN? Were all that signed on, in agreement posted at Rebeldia? Or were you considered not signed on to La Otra if your words were not posted for the public to read?

I was concerned at first that what I wrote was not posted, but assumed (and one should never assume) that I was still accepted as 'signed on in agreemnet with La Otra Campana' signed up to La Otra since from there on I was recieving every communique concerning the Other Campaign (and NOT necessarily every communique directly concerning the other campaign)

When you had guided us through the Parlour to how and where to sign up, it seemed quite clear (to me anyway) that it was not necessary to sign on at Rebeldia solomente escribe en Espanol (you can sign on in Italian, Portuguese, English Spanish, Penguin, etc.) would that be correct?

Given the recent incident of not getting confirmation via email (that I DID provide to the new EZLN Intergalactic site) in order to suscribe...I am concerned if I signed on to La Otra at Rebeldia as (individual for now) Intergalactic (from another country) as to whether they accepted my support in agreemnet ("con La Otra") and that my signing on in agreement is being forwarded to the new group in charge of the Intergalactic ?

Muy Esperanzado,

Comrada B

P.S. my appologies as I did not try to make this difficult but am a little confused after recent comments in the Parlour about the Sup showing reverse racism over the invitaion only "thingy" (I understood the part about 'invitation only' to concern only those individuals that may be on any governing boards or decision makers in EZLN or what remains of or will become of FZLN) reverse racism of which by the way I couldn't find anywhere in the recent communique's (since the last one posted concerning the Plenary) and I read through them ALL three time's to make sure I had read them accurately.