Wednesday, November 09, 2005


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Such a bore here today. Special elections, and there’s nothing special about them, although one has to be ever so slightly pleased with Virginia, especially Virginia, and New Jersey.

The only real amusement came from the Republicans – truly the stuff of vaudeville – and their premature ejaculatory declaration that they were going to launch an investigation into that Leak to the Post about those CIA black gulags.

Then all Congressional hell broke loose. Once again. Signatures were postponed, Frists’ disappeared, and all because Mr. Lott drawled that hell yes, one of his own had clearly done the dirty deed. Given that all that information had been provided and discussed at an all-Republican confab – with Mr. Cheney as special guest -just before the Leak happened.

And all because once upon a time Mr. Lott paid an alcohol-fuelled good old boy homage to a mummified former icon of Southern Goth. And was then quickly stabbed in the back by his own pack of living dead.

Honestly, how Byzantine and surreal has this corner of the Universe become when Monsieur Lott now presents himself as a gentleman with whom I would not mind sharing the odd pint or six?

And, if I could, it would be at the Velvet Elvis in Savannah, one of those almost perfectly crafted southern dives. Live acts every night, a vast array of musical genre, appealing to every subset of riff-raff in town. Swing [lots, sigh, with all the girls in their most fetching Rosie the Riveter costumes], faux-chicano ska, anything a girl might want. I always showed up on Tuesdays for the Bud-driven hard-core.

The barman was from Dublin, the owner from Bath, and they even had a “VIP room” - the attic cum storage loft. No lighting that I ever noticed, filled to the literal rafters with cobwebs and boxes, but the perfect place for sampling semi-illegal substances or the odd snog.


Anonymous said...

Over here the talk of the continent is France and its current state of violent ferment.

I wonder how this it being reported over on your side of things?

On Unreconstructed Virgins

Today I am feeling the need [and also I have the time, before I pay a visit to the Picnick Police] to write.

So, by way of a random aside, and in the vague hope that it is of interest to someone in the Parlour or beyond: apropos the wondrous subject of Virgin Waters..

Here follows an unconventional view of the Universal Catholic doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.

But first, the Holy Trinity.

It's long, but I hope also that you will find it interesting

1. God the Father

God As unfathomable Mystery, wholly Other, Unknowable and Transcendent. Beyond the limited concepts of 'male' and 'female', this truth about the source of our existence is traditionally known as The Holy Father. Let's continue to anthropomorphise, but without reference to gender, and so to God the Unknowable Parent.

God As Parent.

Well represented by The Jewish Star, with its necessary qualities of Otherness, Faraway-ness and Constancy and/or Eternity. Also, we come from stars!

God the Father becomes God the Parent.

2. God the Son

God as Transcendent Parent is somehow [unfathomably!] able to manifest this One Universe, made in God's Image, and indeed in a sense IS this Universe, or rather the Universe and its contents are reflections of His/Her immanent conditional form[s].

In other words, it [the Universe] and all the created things in it are God the Parent's Child-like created forms, and in this way - as an Image to the Reality that made the Image - though they differ from That Eternal Parent they also share some of the Parent's attributes.

For example, being subject to the laws of creation, birth and death, they keep something of God's constancy but only in their change.

This Conditional amd Immanent Creation, in traditional language, is God the Son. Without refence to gender this becomes God the Child. In this matter, all beings in the Universe, from the greatest [the whole Universe!] to the smallest [eg, a mouse, or a cell, a quark, or even a great idea] are Chosen Children of God. Their identity as such being defined by their very existence. They are, just as we are, Chosen Ones, Loved and Forgiven [for that in us which, being merely an image, or reflection of a greater truth, is not perfect]and Chosen by the very fact that they/we have come into being at all! [However bad you feel it might be, the fact of the matter is that the whole universe and whatever exists behind it is conspiring to support you and therefore to love you in your basic aliveness.]

The Cross is a perfectly good symbol for this aspect of the One God, in that it is in the shape of the human form [so as to remind of our true identity and the perfectibility of our nature], it is made from a tree [in the Garden of Eden story there are Two Trees, the Best One being the Tree of Everlasting Life], it is subject to change, and also [most important?] it points in all four directions, indicating the limitlessness of our nature and of all created beings/things, the non-dual identity we share with the whole cosmos. As above, so below!

God the Son becomes God the Child.

Jesus, in this sense is both in all things and IS all things, made in the Best and Closest Image of the Parent, as with the Whole Universe, [He IS the Whole Universe!], One Holy Song.

3. God the Spirit

That Mystery that recognises these two aspects of God, the Transcendent and the Immanent, as not-two, non-dual, One. God is both Parent and Child, Creator and Created, but God the Parent is Most Real.

Now, on This Realisation all that is left for us to do is surrender to the Most Real, see this, live this, and love this!

The Star and the Crescent of Islam are a perfectly good symbol for this unifying aspect of the Trinity in that they show [together, as one symbol] the Transcendence and Constancy of the Parent, aswell as the Immanence, waxing and waning change [and, also, reflected/reflective nature] of the Child.

Find here the necessary importance of focusing on the [duendic?]space imbetween. In the immortal words of British Rail: 'Mind the Gap'

For it is in the liminal places that God the Spirit becomes God the World-Bridger

The Nation of Israel was named after Jacob, specifically to commemorate his victorious all night tussle with the Angel of Death, which he won, paradoxically, through surrender.

And [surely no coincidence] the word/religion of Islam is said to mean 'the peace that comes with surrender to the will of God'

The Buddha taught that the end of suffering could be reached by giving up the desire of the narrow fixed self and instead surrendering to the Truth, or Dhamma of 'things as they are' This path is said to be the Middle Way [between self and no-self, permanence and transience, constancy and change], another reason to dig the symbol of the Cross

So, to get back to the theism, we could picture it like this, if you will. On the left side is Israel, Jacob's [self-struggle against] God, and on the right Islam, and the surrender to God, the deeper reality, with which he won* the battle. [*Note, Jacob won. Even the angels are said to envy us our position as human beings]

And in the middle of the two, the Cross. In the Middle Way World, we are most like Christ when fully engaged with the struggle, but also not identifying with it, and therefore not of it.

Revolutionary Mystics of the World Unite!

4. The Immaculate Conception

Like a Virgin.. ?

In Zen, the key to truth, and therefore freedom, happiness and sanity is to be found in seeing things for the very first time.

This approach has usefully been called 'Beginner's Mind'.

In a nutshell: 'In the expert's mind there is only one possibility, in the beginner's mind their are infinite.'

And in the Christian tradition we have the hymn, 'Morning has broken, like the first morning' and God says to us 'See!I make all things anew.'

..Touched for the Very First Time ?

So, the whole universe is constantly being recreated afresh, without any kind of union, from One Parent and not [as is the case with worldly births, from two] 'as if for the very first time', a Virgin Birth, or better, an Immaculate Conception in the Mind of God

And to see this we must become quite feminine ourselves, in our reflectiveness and receptivity to the nature of things

Ok, got it out of my system. Thanks for listening.

Have a great day, and here's to us all getting a Tryst, at least once in our lives, with This

x Shalom

penguinrocket said...

Yes, it would seem that the Overlords remain unclear about the meaning of whistleblower.

Meanwhile, the Harlot has finally been put out to pasture--no doubt to whore herself on screen rather than in print. Coming soon: Miss Judy's Finishing School for Presstitutes.

Comrada B said...


OFF TOPIC...One of my professors taught Religion for thrity years at the local university. His classes were great at dispelling of the thing's he shed some light on concerning THE Immaculate Conception and apparently was widely accepted amongst many religious historians, and what many believed from the get go...conception then and always has required the intervention of 'biology'... (you will NEVER hear me talk about sex, oh beautiful glorious sex, in such a shall I say, 'sterile' manner ever again, LOL but...) according to these historians, Mary wife of Joseph had a 'maiden' name before she was married and took Joseph's surname. We see all the time that a given name has a literal meaning. We see british surnames, for example that have to do with class, or occupation or region, location/local being the root of the origin of the given surname, AKA: Smith, Brown... (one of these common names being derived from the occupation of the chimney sweep, which one exactly escapes my memory at the moment.) Mary's maiden name and YOU'LL LIKE THIS ONE IRL, translated from Hebrew was translated LITERALLY as 'Immaculate Conception.' Simple...lost in translation according to many religious historian's was that her maiden name, translated literally, meant Immaculate Conception, not the avenue or route in which she actually concieved. Mary and Joseph still had to 'do the dirty!'...and lost in the translation, God forbid! (more aptly, manipulated for the sake selling organized religion) was that she 'concieved immaculately.' Easy peasy!

ON TOPIC...Paris is fairly safe by day and literally burning urban warfare at night in some suburbs according to friends of mine, who live in a Paris suburb. According to this source (who are Arab and exiles) that have lived and worked in an NGO (ironic, providing housing to low or no income immigrants) said that police used a special firebomb (of plastique variety?) that only the combat police there use and was thrown into a crowded mosque of people mourning their dead. A little earlier, there was yet another incident of police use of excessive force on two youths (one of a family of African immigant and the other of Arab immigrant families) that may have committed something the equivalent of a 'misdemeanor,' (wasn't clear) but that police had broke out in combat gear chased them into a transformer type building and both youths were killed being electricuted. The whole story and the truth of the matter has yet to be revealed by the many news sources. I am hearing very little and it's conflicting. Clearly, many are familiar with the hatred and mistreatment of immigrants and the poor in Paris for sometime now. What's odd to me, is that for the most part the police in that city leave people alone, in general and are more relaxed if you will, than in other cities shall we say at different types of beahviour. For example, in a crowded outdoor cafe` setting in Paris if one sparked what would be considered illegal in many countries, but if there and in a 'crowd' the police won't bother with the 'smoking infraction.' Both cases of excessive use of police force occuring close together, with very little provocation for bringing out the combat gear and toy's and upon the same ethnic groups in both cases, obviously inflamed those that have for very long been treated with utter disdain. According to my friends, what made it worse was their Minister publicly 'commending' the police involvement in the firebombing of the mosque. This minister, they say, who tells these immigrants they can have entrance to city, but lousy, if any job's and no housing or the poorest of housing, on the other hand of course he, the same minister, will see to it that he'll streamline the red tape process for these immigrants, if they choose instead to be shipped over to Afganistan or Iraq to fight in this evil and illegal occupation. I would be more apt to believe this as a plausable explanation of their anger and the rioting than what some news sources are spoon feeding us in total simplicity with no real explanation other than 'angry youths setting cars ablaze.'
There was an erie Deja Vu that made my hair stand on end... when the minister publicly commended the attack from the police for firebombing a mosque full of innocent people praying reminded me of Acteal. Although the end result not nearly as brutal and finite, nonetheless sanctioned by the state as 'commendable.'

When will the people of this one whole World, with it's many Worlds within, start looking at each other soley as human beings (flesh and blood) sharing that one whole World, with no thought to color or class or differences?

Patiently and lovingly,

TripleJ said...

But Comrada B, this explanation of yours explains nothing (except that perhaps your professor was a dill) as if her maiden name was "Immaculate Conception", then she must have been named after such an event.

Or perhaps her middle name was Immaculate and her last Conception?

Personally I think she was a bit of a tart and like playing around with the boys :^)

Spark said...

Bit of a tart? The Mother of God? hee hee

Great. She'll fit in just perfect round here, in the Great Irlandesa's risque, romantic and very r'evolutionary salon par excellence..

But, where oh where are you my darling?

you will be glad to know we have decided on a masked debate here in London in order to thrash out our differences. come join the fun

hmm.anyway, wherever you are, i just love numerology, don't you?

And yesterday, what a day was yesterday - especially interesting if you like a bit of magic& synchronicity*, it was in fact the last European 9/11 [as in 9th of the 11th, as it should be] before the beginning of the 7 year countdown to hasta victoria, 13lunar months and all that Mayan jazz

And [do excuse me a moment, while i laugh my freakin head off] Tony lost in the Commons!

[off stage: lots of hilarity and rejoicing noises, whoops and yipees etc etc etc]

and, what's more, there was a brawl in the Commons between two MPs

you couldn't invent this stuff, clearly God is an artistic genius of the highest order [more on that later, just so you have been warned, because now it's about to become official - the Universe IS an Art, and so are You]

and, on a personal note, on 911 i also met two of my fave nuns in the morning, got charged with upholding civil liberties in the afternoon, by a lovely copper whose name was PC Sweetman, and then saw a shooting star [in London, of all places] in the eve

et, getting more and more on topic, au subjet du pays coq in the year of the Rooster, et les voitures flambes

From [LegacyofColonialism]

FRANCE 8/11/2005 1.20

Human rights, Brief

"Paris, in the same conditions as many capitals of the South for
which the US state dept., the British Foreign Office and the very
same French Quais d'Orsay do not cease to diffuse alarming bulletins
discouraging its own citizens from visiting," said the Algerian
daily `Liberté' which commented with ironic tones the invitations to
prudence made by the governments of Washington, London, Tokyo and
Moscow to its citizens residing in Paris and in other French cities
affected by the revolt, which is largely taking place in crowded
areas of the suburbs where many immigrants live. "The banlieues
Intifadah", "The war of the banlieues" and "The Heart of Paris
Struck": are some of the titles posted these days by the Algerian
press, a country from which 800,000 people live in France
representing the largest foreign community. "The urban guerrilla
climate involving the Parisian banlieus of Paris – says `al- Watan' –
are part of an unusual dynamic: it is a community uprising reacting
to a politics of exclusion that has lasted ever since colonial France
and it derives from all the social strata and the transformations
that it has generated". The daily Liberté offers a speical comparison
between the United States and France: "Just as in the USA hurricane
Katrina has unmasked the scandalous differences that persist among
blacks and whites, so in the Parisian suburbs, Blacks Arabs,
Maghrebis remain, one can say, the genetic suffering of petit
bourgeois France". [AB]

Copyright © MISNA
Free reproduction citing source.

Make no mistake folks, it is goin off over here

And also - the British Press: for a really good overall summary on France's disasterous policies see commentary in the Guardian yesterday by Freedland,,1637189,00.html

And for more provocative plain truths now being revealed to us about some really important aspects of advanced capitalist democracy, showing [perhaps?] why a Euro/US revolution cannot be exactly the same as the EZLN's, [though at the same time somehow must be in total solidarity&joined up via the Intergalactic]:

see also in the Times by heavyweight Aaronovitch C'est le economie, stupide,,22369-1861902,00.html

and also in ze Times, Anatole Kaletsky today [10/11] on, amongst other tings, the benefits of Mrs T "selling, or giving away social housing is invaluable politically because it gives dienfranchises minorities a direct ownership stake in capitalist society"

what a time, the beginning of our great tribulation, which can only end in victory, come what may

*re numerology - surprise surpise, I plead guilty to the loving numerology charge, my fave being Crowley's 1/666 the Divine Mind/Heart&Eye that is way above and beyond the 666Beast of the Human Mind - 'beyond preferences' or o metaphion as he put it - amen to that, and, oh for awoman too

And Immaculate Conception is that, a pure clear limitless mind and body tasting touching seeing smelling hearing all the sights, sounds, tastes, touches and smells, and even the mind objects like thoughts [though it's much easier to see clearly when they just settle down, hence the clarity of the unclouded or immaculate vision] omnipresent in both the stillness and the flow, without duality, tasting and relishing it all but identifying with none of it, no clinging

The very Mind of God

Tasty eh? Sounds like the perfect tart to me, so let's love and relish only her, and from there I'm sure it'll all fall into place

Yo Basta!

Comrada B said...



Comrada B said...

P.S. Buddhist student here...the world is one big warm and freshly baked Raspberry tart (lol) No one in my realm is relished to quite that point: cherished as a lifeform for all it's uniqueness, yes... afterall, even Mary will have other incarnation's none of which is THAT enviable especially, given myth and legend, having had a son killed, in one.

penguinrocket said...

Wow, quite a few Buddhish types here, myself included. Cool.

Comrada B said...

For those of you with wonderful Spanish reading and writing skills, cringe warning...

Q. Que hace ustedes encuentrar abajo de cada arbusto?

A. Tierra.



Admin said...
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miguel said...
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Comrada B said...

Ok Irl...Hide n' seek? We've missed you in the Parlour.



TripleJ said...

I see Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) was deposed by the grand jury and he said he did not learn about Valery Plame being a CIA agent from "Scooter"

So it must have been some other dirty rotten scoundrel that did the dastardly deed! Who could that be? Karl? I certainly would not put it past the bastard!

Spark said...

Hello All

Well, well well, curiouser and curiouser. I wonder where she's gone? Having a break from too much time with cyber stuff perhaps. Or maybe she's met someone special, but probably it is something else, we cannot imagine

Well, wherever you are Irl we all miss you, and hope you are enjoying your day.

Over here in Londonistan I find a very strange link: the most recent people to be arrested under the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 [the legislation which outlaws protest and which our weekly Peoples' Commons event is intended to challenge] are called Maya and Milan.

[They were arrested for the rather beautiful act of a bell ringing vigil outside Downing St on behalf of the Iraq war dead.]

Remembering Marcos' desire to play football EZLN vs Inter Milan [after the revolution of course] I thought these names a rather lovely synchronicity. Also, Maya's case looks like being THE test case as it has been moved to the front of the judicial queue: despite being the last to be arrested, her trial begins before everyone else.

Off topic: found out yesterday that the Euro flag is modelled after the biblical reference in the Revelations of St John to the Virgin Mary wearing a crown of 12 Stars.

The Bible talks of 12 Nations leading the world into a new age. Perhaps we should start thinking about which 12, for 2012.

And also, best get busy with it. See you in Milano for the big game!


penguinrocket said...

You are missed, Irlandesa.

Hope everything is alright.

Anonymous said...

She's probably resting from al the translations she's been doing. Must be exhausting and she gives everything bless her beautiful soul

Also, she's Scorpio so it might involve a birthday treat. I hope so

Also, please can anyone tell me what the overall damage from the hurricane was to the Zap communities?

Love to you Irl hope it's all ok

Comrada B said...

To the last anonymous:

Not sure of the specifics...but pic's shown of damage seem to be concentrated in the Huixtla and Che Gueverra communities (surely there are more, just not pic's from all areas). At least eight people were killed (rough estimate) with many more injured and scores of building's destroyed or flooded (which probably include already strained clinics.) The other damage done were to roads. As poor of condition as they are in to begin with, they suffered serious problems there too, needing heavy equipment to get them clear of debris, just to get needed help into harder to reach areas.

Indy Chiapas and FZLN sites has information on the storms and it's damage as well as pic's. Unfortunately, the riot's in Paris have started filling up the gallery in each (so you will have to back track so to speak, scroll and so forth)...'unfortunate' that the treatment of immigrants is what it is there and everywhere... I suggest trying the (above) sites for more info on Hurricane Stan victims in Chiapas. The sites are in Spanish.

I am working on getting some needed aid for storm victims there. As I stated before in an earlier post, their already stretched resources had to be terribly stretched thin to help victims of the hurricane, who now face winter's icey grip with many of their homes destroyed or damaged, so any aid would be welcome (no single pink high heel sent in box)...

The communities could be thinking with the storm past and the news taking it's eye off their plight from such a devastating hurricane and onto other more pressing items (like an already well financed national election coming up a year away v. their plight of utter survival under such terrible conditions now) that the world may have forgotten what has happened and how very hard resources are to come by from the already strained communities (heavy equipment to clear roads the state will neglect to provide, building suplies not easily aquired, carried on back's, on what was once a road now washed out and rough hewn to get them to their needed destinations, once warm blankets now ruined and burried in mud, more disease spread from unsafe conditions, etc., etc., etc.) that aid coming now after the world's focus is off in other directions, (yet the work of the communities just begining) would most certainly brighten face's and hearts.

Irl was kind enough to post the "place" to make donations after I had asked discretely how to get the aid from here to their in a safe fashion (in earlier post's here...) Make sure as she stated, in said earlier post to note in the email that aid is for the storm victims only and NOT ANY OTHER PROJECT if thats the aim of your inquiry too. If I can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to post here and ask away.

Irl: hope all is cheery and know that we so appreciate you giving heart and soul to translations and all you do, in this lovely Parlour!

Abrazos Fuertes todos personas,


irlandesa said...

Most everyone was correct - I will be back, perhaps this evening. And we might wish to check last night's communique in the Library.

Greg said...

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