Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Open House

Yo and hola, salonistas.

As I noted in a Comment earlier today, we may wish to take a look at the latest addition to our Library. As a bit of a postscript, the Frente site was immediately pulled, except for the communique and their response. And RR is down and obviously under construction.

It would appear there might not, therefore, be anywhere to openly discuss events.

Yo! Basta perhaps?

And, by the way, invitations are not required for entrance to any of our little rooms.


miguel said...

Lovely to hear from you, Irlandesa.
I've been mulling over how I can in some way contribute to Yo!Basta.
I'm not nearly as prolific as you, or say, Professor Rat.
Perhaps tech support? :D

Anonymous said...

Greetings Irl,

Nice to have you back.

"Invitation" only? As in a civil political directorate? Well.



penguinrocket said...

Interesting development. Glad that certain parlours and boudoirs are still open. And that you're back. Life has been less effervescent in your absence.

irlandesa said...

"Civil political directorate" or Sinn Fein without the, you know, electoral politics and open membership stuff, or clubhouse or whatever.

Whatever it is, it's most certainly locked up tight.

TripleJ said...

Good-bye Frente, and thanks for all the good work. We will all miss you.

Anonymous said...

Sinn Fein (de)redux indeed. I hesitate to use the P-word, but wonder if the Old Smokes' roots are showing.



Spark said...

She's back, she's back, She's back!

And everything is shifting.

As has now become customary, the Parl Square Picnicking story continues to be linked to the Zapas, both by reason of syncronicities that cannot be [rationally] explained and a full and foolish immersement in the divin'inspired magic of this open house!

So, on 1st December by chance we have arranged to hold our first newsletter/writer's group meeting.

We intend to publish our first edition in February or possibly January, to be distributed by hand and also on the web for print off, localization and distribution anyplace, anytime.

An act of brave and brazen plagiarism: so far the idea of a cross between Schnews [Brighton based grassroots A4 paper, an activist institution] and a spoof/satirical Hello! magazine, with Mayan horoscopes and other top drawer fluffiness [but also with serious political emphasis on local self-governance, positive national struggle and the imperative of the intergalactic] is gaining support and also, muy importante, generating much hilarity.

And: names under consideration include: PMT [Post Modern Times] peopleincommon[.org the name of Picnicker's website]and, yes, you guessed it, sorry but it's too good to let go of..

Yo Basta!

Cheeky eh.

Anyway, as MJ has said, I figure we can all contribute. Any objections? Please speak now or forever rest in peace.. ;-)

Anyway, next week 4th Dec is 'Beating the Bounds'. An action whereby we relive the medieval tradition of marking parish boudaries [in this case the 'Exclusion Zone' around the House of Commons] by beating sticks on landmarks, which in this case include Shell House, BA London Eye and New Scotland Yard. Heh heh. In the meantime the picnick policedgovernment has now started locking up bell ringers for doing Iraq memorial services in Whitehall. You really couldn't make it up.

So folks it all seems to be falling into place, just in time for Madame X to do her thing.

Talking of which: how to afford that airfare [read, affair] to Mexico next year? And, looking for signs, when?

Peace, Toast and Crumpets,

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