Thursday, November 03, 2005


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Needless to say, I’m delighted that so many of our salonistas seem to share my passion for needlework and baseball.

And, referencing one of the comments, I really don’t have anything against boys with embroidery hoops. But I must admit that I prefer them holding a skein of yarn while I’m winding it, looking slightly befuddled, bored and bemused. Plotting some sort of sordid way out, which would, of course, include me.


I know, how very Austen, but, then again, why the hell do you think the ladies enjoy her so much? That’s certainly one of the reasons. The flirting and plotting in the parlour over needlework.

As right now, for example, even though I’m working on two tiny little confections for two tiny new ones, since no one is holding the skein, there’s little flirting or plotting to be had.


penguinrocket said...

I can't imagine the man who wouldn't desire to hold your skein, dear irlandesa, particularly if he might have a chance to realize his necessarily sordid plots.

Anonymous said...

"Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain, until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent"

You deserve a lovely man

penguinrocket said...
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Comrada B said...

The windows of the Parlour are steamed up like a winter afternoon... cold as the Arctic outside (like most parts of this World nowdays) warm and cozy inside...
writing with finger on the steamy window "if there's a God, I must have pissed (it) right off!! sudden death of a child, years of winding my own skeins, okay now what the hell did I do to deserve th...

Running out of steamy window to write on, I have decided it's not some angry vengeful God punishment but this World becoming more and more used to be so much easier to find sordid plot and befuddled but eager look (sigh)
...mmmmm, scents

Undying Optimist B

P.S. Irl? Curiosity ovewhelming, are those EXPECTANT matching tiny knitted thingys? or close friend' EXPECTANT matching tiny knitted thingy's? my daily grind includes the sounds of rapidly beating tiny unborn hearts and the tiny raspy cries of newborns...Naturally, I leave my office to follow the raspy cry, feigning being needed for assist, secretly desiring to coddle and coo...(grins)

P.S. Hoping everyone (especially self) exhales love...

Anonymous said...

P.S.S. Detests insurance scoundrels...

irlandesa said...

Hurrying to clear things up - dear friends' little things, but just past the "expectant" stage. My excuse for tardiness shall be that I had to wait to find out the proper hue.

One pink and one blue, such an absolute delight!

Comrada B said...

That is beautiful Irl....and although belated: warm congrats!!! I remember my very first knitted booties for my first pink....they were so tiny, her barbie couldn''t wear them (lol) I did much better with little boat neck sweaters...I still have the babay quilt I made in Peter Rabbit motif, for my teen daughter that was killed...many a happy memory of bed time stories read whilst she curled up under the quilt...babies are beautiful and all pregnant women should be carried on around on soft pillows while expectant...


Anonymous said...

Oh B that is so very difficult..

my dear friends Karen and Brian lost their 17 year old son Jess 10 years ago or so in a tragic accident

What is there to say in these circumstances? It must be the most difficult thing imaginable for a parent

It's great that you are able to see the truth of Rumi's words on pain and breathing love

here is another, which in my experience comes to the same thing

"The antidote to the pain is in the pain"

On a related [child-like] note, tomorrow we are having a Teddy Blair's Picnic in Parliament Square. So, if you want a smile maybe you will find one here. Have a look at the Teddy Blair flier in the Resources section of our new web site

The Teddys are Revolting!

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