Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A toast

Publisher secured!!

Now we just have to see if the boys and girls at Remy, LV, Virgin, Hummer, et al, are equally easy.

Do have a peek, but don't breathe a word.


Anonymous said...

Someone should perhaps turn on the anonymous comments feature in YO Basta. And then that person should explain the significance of those images.

irlandesa said...

Dearest anon:

How charmingly snippy!!

I assume this is a sort of submission for our request for prissy, outraged Letters to the Editor. Perfect. Please, send us your best.

As for the current look of YO! Basta, I'm just working on the cover right now. In progress, as it were.

But I assume you knew that.

Very much looking forward to hearing back from you.

Spark said...

Yo BAsta cover
It's SO lovely and rich and beautiful Irl,

the images are powerful, clever, interesting and funny

and combining those words and the images works perfectly

well done

Spark x