Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tabloid credibility, NYT style

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Yes, I’ve been busily working on YO! Basta, and, as I had to reassure one of our charming Commentators, don’t be alarmed by the fact that it’s in such a state of deshabille at the moment. Toying, simultaneously, with such a variety of peevish programs can create a certain temporary chaos.

A rather major – what do they call them these days? – ah, yes, “disconnects” – in the States today. Flurries of warnings in NYC about terrorist plots involving baby strollers and the metro system. Based on “credible” intelligence garnered from someone captured in Iraq. Last night. Captured last night.

Given what we know about the competence of our intelligence services, that rings so very, very true, no?

Whilst the feds are simultaneously leaking “no, no, no, not credible” all over the place, and how could that possibly not ring true, given their vast experience with “not credible.”

But the point here is that it’s the federal government which issues these thus far specious Imminent Threats as a means of whipping a recalcitrant populace back into line. And said populace appears to be acting up quite a bit of late.

Actually it all looks quite Rove-like to me. Scare the pants off those limp-wristed Manhattan liberals, let them do your dirty work for you and then cover your own ass with denials. Win-win: you get to sow the seeds of fear while also putting the Real Enemy [the Democrats, of course, not the terrorists] in a lose-lose stranglehold.

But the real news is that Judith Miller is giggling her way to a 7-figure deal for her Jailhouse Martyr Memoirs [abetted by the clearly smitten Scooter Libby], while the new Supreme Court nominee seems to be paying a very high price for having seduced some judge away from a very bitter, bitchy and influential Female of the Right.

Those of us on our side of the great divide are really going to have to do something about upping the tabloid ante of our antics. Ah, well, there’s a simple solution for the better part of valor, even if it is fictive.

And it shall be on the stands soon.


Spark said...

Good Morning DaIrlin

Bejesus! You are the proud proprieter of a whole new genre of revolutionary credibility.

So: I would like to formally congratulate you on the immortal beginning of Breathless, the tome to make em groan, in anticipation, fascination, and great jubilation: up and coming Intergalactic Revelation!

Go get em Tiger
Peace and Joy
Colonel Sparkatus

Spark said...

There was something primordial about the first posts on Yo Basta: the images and the word Breathless at bottom: perfect. And I love the guy @Yo!

Deshabille: oh la la Irl, you must pull yourself together and start to get dressed up for the Ball

Your Prince awaits
31st Halloween, London Westminster, but don't tell a soul