Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Not the usual Library note this evening, rather a New Additions note. The first of which I have been hoping will be a series of translations has just been added. This is the series that shall shine light upon [or at least anglicize] the Debate transpiring in the Republic of Mexico [or at least in La Jornada] on various and assorted issues related, or not, to the Other Campaign.

For enquiring minds.

Now, as for the vapidly enquiring, and I know we also are that, more good news on YO! Basta.

The cover is in production, as is the first feature article [Old School Smokes], and the Editor is receiving a number of delicious tirades. We are still desperately seeking missives for our matters of the heart column. Contarary to preceived wisdom, they are not all made up by the staff.

Also Gossip. Please. I do have some lovely things, but we need much, much more. And no sources, footnotes or actual facts required [yes, just like Real Journalism].


Anonymous said...
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Spark said...

No time to contribute. Tis looking great though

irlandesa said...

Gracias, dear spark - much more to come, and never fear, contribute as, and when, you can.

Spark said...
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Spark said...


thankyou! UR def sweet angelic person from the cyber

But, regarding this business of tracking you down.. hmm could this be a right royal carry on up the Kyber?

Therefore, as suggested by your right honourable self I am now requesting full disclosure/

even just to send you a postcard from BC? and, rest assured once more, i promise to maintain composure

Spark said...

It's marvellous

And soon it'll be flying off the newstands in every major metropolis

Consider my subscription renewed!

Mr A

PS Please remember to mention Ronald Dumsfeld sometime as it makes smiles :-) happen