Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sordid Saturdays


[Yes, we know, but I must repeat it for the benefit of the newly arrived: all EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are located in our Library. And I’ve decided, at least for the time being, to keep the fetching little fragment to the left as the Parlour logo. It seems so uncannily appropriate.]

As we know, all news has ceased to occur in the universe, given that it is, I am told, the weekend.

There was, however, one tantalizing tidbit yesterday – but the time has come for naming this set-piece, and I don’t much fancy the ones I’ve seen circulating – Plamegate, Traitorgate, etcetera. While March of the Lemmings still seems appropriate, it doesn’t have the proper ring. We must work on it.

The hint was that Fitzgerald was doing something or other with that Italian intelligence report which had, early on, categorically called the Niger business not only unmitigated crap, but also manufactured crap. And the titillation here is that he might be “broadening the scope” of the investigation to include the web of lies and punishment beatings [no? wrong landmass?] in the run-up to the foreign adventure.


Well, truly in that this is the gossip, and who the hell knows if it’s anything other than just the usual chatter [yes, George the Lesser used that word, as well as opining, in that same sentence]. But, if it were to be true [quivering pleasantly], and if Fitzgerald is indeed addressing the conspiracy by the entire administration to deliberately lie to Congress on the reasons for war…

As for what Scooter the Sacrificial Lamb might be up to this weekend while the rest of the administration is busy shredding paper trails and hiring hitpersons at Camp David, here’s a lively little opine from a lively little site.

And, since one can hardly reference the Scooter without opining about the Harlot, the delightful piece of goods above was purloined from firedoglake who, we assume, purloined it from somewhere else. I know some of you are going to think sordid 40’s confessions magazine, but it had me daydreaming about Katy Keene and paper dolls.

Given my mood, perhaps more Saturday night trash later.


penguinrocket said...

I had hoped to write a substantial piece on my own blog this weekend about the Italian connection--but it is simply too huge.

So, instead, a crumb to follow: Michael Ledeen, the neocon whom Karl Rove has acknowledged as his main source for international affairs analysis. A Fascist admirer with old ties to P2 (Propaganda Due), the extreme right-wing Italian clandestine network (of which Berlusconi was a member) which launched false-flag terror attacks against Italian civilians throughout the 1970s in an effort to discredit the left, and to SISMI, the Italian military intelligence agency. The fixer who, along with Ollie North, acted as a liaison between Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar, Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, Mossad and the CIA to arrange the Iran/Contra weapons-for-hostages deal. The mastermind of a dirty tricks campaign against Jimmy Carter. Advocate of "total war" against the regimes in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. The convener of meetings in Rome in December 2001 and Paris in June 2002 between Nicolo Pollari (head of SISMI), Harold Rhode (Ahmed Chalabi's handler and a member of Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans), Larry Franklin (another member of the OSP, who recently pleaded guilty of passing state secrets to Israel in the AIPAC espionage case), and Antonio Martino, Italy's minister of defense. Just what were they talking about?

Follow the trail and you will quickly run into all the other familiar crumbs: Wurmser, Maloof, Perle, Libby, Feith, Luti, Chalabi, Wolfowitz, Bolton, and Cheney; as well as some big nasty balls of crumbs: the INC, OSP, WHIG, DPB, AEI, and PNAC.

And, of course, SISMI, which was the conduit for the forged Niger documents.

Is it a coincidence that Ledeen has close connections with SISMI stretching back decades?

It would seem not.

The something or other that Fitzgerald has been doing is reading the unredacted report of the Italian parliament on the forgery matter, a report which, apparently, directly implicates Ledeen and two former CIA operatives. Another something he has apparently been doing is sharing information with Paul McNulty, the prosecutor in the AIPAC espionage case.

Judy and Turdblossom are just the visible tip of the iceberg, the partisan flacks we love to hate. I now think that Fitzgerald has set his sights on something much bigger. If he can pull it off--and I'm worried that he may not be able to--this could be the beginning of the end for the whole neocon cabal.

As I was putting this together I came across this piece by Justin Raimondo, which just absolutely hits the nail on the head. He is way out ahead of everybody on this.

This piece and this piece by Raimondo seem really on target, as well.

It looks as though we may find out on Wednesday.

irlandesa said...

Raimondo is phenomenal!

I remember hearing Ledeen's name being floated, along with Chalabi's, of course - albeit briefly - when the Italian intelligence report first surfaced. How bloody delightful to have someone connecting all these vicious little dots for us.

As for Fitzgerald's ability to pull off the large butterfly net, I sense that he's more than capable of it, but I'm not sure even he has yet figured out the kinds of "ramifications" he would be courting.

And I've also heard word that it might even come down tomorrow. I assume you know about Fitzgerald's new website?

Anonymous said...

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penguinrocket said...

Yes, the new website is tantalizing, even if some say it’s merely standard procedure for a federal prosecutor.

I dearly hope that St. Patrick will be able to banish this entire nest of vipers from Washington, but don’t want to get my hopes up too high. I expect Libby will go down, but I’m not counting on anything beyond that.

One can dream in this parlour, though, and two new rumors to fuel my reverie are of possible confirmed Bush involvement and of the potentially explosive significance of one star + eight pages. I would take both of these quite salty, however. On that note, you should also be aware that Raimondo has made provocative allegations about Israeli foreknowledge of 9/11, which some people would have you believe discredit his writings. I don’t agree with them, and virtually everything that he has written about the Niger forgeries I had already gotten from other reliable sources, but if you refer to him you may find yourself suddenly embroiled in a debate over Zionism, which can be tedious to say the least. That being said, Raimondo has another must-read piece up today, this one about the possibility that Plame herself was the real target, along with the farcical but ominous Administration attempts to wag the Syrian dog.

The latest indications are that the potential indictees may learn their fate today, and that we may hear on Tuesday or Wednesday. All I know is that I will be hitting ‘refresh’ on Raw Story every 30 seconds for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, in light of your plaudits (not those of some committee), I am relaxing (if that is the word) with John Banville’s deliciously creepy and gorgeously written Shroud. Not his most popular book, from what I understand, but one that I already happened to have on my shelf. I’m impressed, and would appreciate your recommendations for further reading.

The atmosphere in Washington is brumous, the skies over Turdblossom’s head are louring, and one hopes that Fitzgerald avoids traveling by small plane during the next few days…

Anonymous said...

penguinrocket thanks a lot for info and links

now at last i can begin to understand the whole story

y'all have a good day


irlandesa said...

'Ramifications' was indeed my code word for 'small planes.' I am so very glad that it's you, dear penguinrocket, and not the intel services, who has the decoder ring.

Off to delve further into the belly of the beast. What I most liked about Raimundo was his heavy lifting - finding the stuff, saving me the time.

penguinrocket said...

Apologies, dear irlandesa, for stating what need not be stated, and for strewing mere crumbs when I'd rather bake you a fluffy yellow cake.

Here is a little gift.

irlandesa said...

Oh my GOD!!

How could we be left hanging with that "more soon..."? I've been reloading Raw Story all day also, but had just paused for tea. And chocolate.

Never worry about stating anything, obvious or not, dear penguinrocket. Besides, trust me, I have learned that even if you give said domestic services a lovely nugget, it takes them exactly 18 months to transcribe the tapes of the phone taps and further it to the proper foreign services. Something, once upon a time, about an amour. But they did, of course, get the baby part wrong.

Now you know I'm not going to be able to get away from the computer until the rest of the story comes in.

penguinrocket said...

There's more at the NYT, which I'm going to read now.

irlandesa said...

LOL - I just found it and came back to post it for us!!

Comrada B said...

The news is spectacular! Justin' pieces gave me kegals (is that even possible?)....thank you penguinrocket!

(Shivers of joy)


penguinrocket said...

Comrada B, I imagine that Justin would be thrilled to know that. I know I would be.

I'm not sure what to make of the new Cheney revelation. My first reaction is that it's gorilla dust being thrown up by Rove's lawyer, but who can be sure?

penguinrocket said...

Which makes me think of this, if you'll indulge an absurd digression.

penguinrocket said...

On second thought, this looks like Libby trying to take Cheney down with him.

Sorry for the deluge of comments--I'm feeling giddy!

irlandesa said...

We are ALL feeling giddy.

Incredible about the Corso piece, since I've been working on and off through the day on a Parlour offering that's - well you shall see.

I too assumed it was Rove's lawyer who leaked. Someone wants Cheney's name in tomorrow's headlines, before the indictments get there, and this leads me to opine that Rove is going to be getting a pink slip of his own. Tomorrow. And perhaps thinks he might, in this manner, slip under the news cycle radar.

Sweet dreams are made of this, even if, what the hell, they are just dreams.

penguinrocket said...

Indictments coming down the pike and a new parlour piece? I am positively aquiver with anticipation!

I'm no longer convinced this was a Luskin leak. No chance of Rove slipping under the press radar and, at this point, I think that's the least of his worries.

My third theory of the evening is that Tenet, who has very good reasons to want to see these guys go down, told Fitzgerald a long time ago that he was the original source, and that Cheney was a conduit. Armed with this information, Fitzgerald caught Scooter out in a lie thanks to Miss Run Amok, and has now gotten Libby to flip on Cheney.

Sweet dreams, dear irlandesa.

TripleJ said...

John W. Dean in his book about Bush "Worse than Watergate" also mentions the possible Israeli knowledge of 9/11 prior to its occurrence and the fact that very few Jews were among the victims as they had been warned not to go to work that day.

Comrada B said...

Certainly there are many 'mysteries' yet unravled pointing to Israel' involvement in 911. There are picture's that have circulated since 911, of a white van sited just across the mouth of the bay with nothing to impede the 'birds eye view' of the towers, by the occupant's of the said white van. They, according to witnesses, were there within 45 minutes prior to the planes hitting the towers. Those planes if I recall, were not in the air 45 minutes prior to the crash. Even if the planes were, how could this handful of men know? At that, how did they know to bring a number of cameras for phenominal shots of a yet to occur occurance? Once the van and it's occupant's were tracked down, there were many things that didn't add up to "we just happen to be on the waters edge, camera's in hand." Like the phoney "front" businesses these men in the white van (busted cold) worked for, a moving company, a this, a that...soon the investigators found following a trail these phoney businesses took a winding path back to Israeli inteiligence. The men were quietly deported back to Israel and nothing more was said or done. Why no further investigation as to how and why the occupant's of the white van who were at the scene well in advance, to take spectacular photos?

There are other instances of Israeli Mossad using white vans. In Gordon Thomas' book "Gideons Spies" ...a white van was spotted a short distance from the scene of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayad's 'accident.' The van spotted with engine running and lights off parked on a side street readily accessible from the scene of the accident. Within minutes of the crash, a small white vehicle sped to the back of the van came to a stop...the back doors of the white van opened, ramps came out as quickly as the little car had arrived. In drove the little car...and off sped the white van into the night. The van was traced back to Israel. This incident seemed to me to be stunning news implicating Israel, that never reached mainstream media as news of the investigation broke. Yet even with Gordon's MI5 or MI6 or whatever inteligence source, as he has many, seemed singularly 'inoxious'...till 911 and the quietly deported Isareli men in the white van.


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