Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One for the team

[The EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are in our Library, and I’ve just posted a few new words. They are the first installment of the Narratives from the Other Campaign preparation meetings and the Plenary. They are exceptionally long, totaling several hundred pages, so I’ll be translating and posting them in increments of 10 pages or so. And I’ve decided to start with the last, the Plenary, because it includes the Agenda points relating to the Other Campaign.]

And, since I’ve been much too immersed in words the last week to find time for any of my own, I may as well reference another set.

John Banville, who, against all posted odds, won the Booker. I know this most probably means absolutely nothing to 99% of our readers, but it was, for me, the single most heartening event of the Recent Past.

Not just because he’s Irish, of course, but because he is so eminently not chic and so very “literary.” Derided because he revels in words and knows how the hell to use them. Naturally. How very unsuitable.

After all, he doesn’t spend his days and nights in all the right places, parties and circles. And I’m rather sure that, if there were to be one, his name would never appear on anyone’s Top 100 Literary Lights list. Yes, the little worlds are so much the same. Derivative, diminutive and thoroughly dull.


Anonymous said...
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Comrada B said...

As we speak....there are sweet delicious whipsper's of G.W.'s memoirs..."Mein Kompf, Dumb Kompf."

Coming to a bookstore near YOU!

TripleJ said...

Dubya? I didn't know he could write!

As for the Brooker, I'll search for it as I like the title: "The sea"

That's good enough for me for a start.

Comrada B said...


He can't...

Nor can he string three words together...

devilish grins