Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not naughty

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It feels almost like Christmas. But, instead of wrapping packages, decking the halls, baking lebkuchen, concocting the usual clove-studded then immersed in cinnamon and nutmeg oranges, and all those other delightful pastimes [of course I do all that, and much, much more], we have, just today:

George the Lesser using the word “opining”!!

Rove turning on Scooter.

Rove and Scooter in a tête-à-tête talking about talking about Valerie.

And, like Christmas, one almost wishes it will never come. Except, in this case, the indictments [maybe tomorrow, as, for some arcane reason, they must come on an M, W or F, and prior to next Friday when the Grand Jury will be dismissed] will serve for the next tawdry chapter.

Glory days.

I do hope our more privileged readers – those who are not currently residing in the States and thus, on some level or other, engaged by this theatre – won’t find all this too, too boring. While the true payoff will be in the outcome [indictments, resignations, scandal, chaos, downfall], the undressing, as in so many arenas, can be equally delicious.

Speaking of which, and we knew I would never let that one slip by, I have been wondering what might have happened to my favorite stateside source for unmentionables: the House of Lounge in New Orleans. One of the most civilized, decadent, delightfully glamorous purveyors of fripperies in the uncivilized world. Their website seems to be down, and I fear the worst.

It’s hard being a girl.

Agent Provocateur, while cute, is, “naughty” in that very English way, which, given local tastes, is horridly off-putting. One can just imagine nasty, pudgy, pasty-faced little gentlemen slinking in, whispering of their search for brollies [and snickering whilst whispering] and such.

As for Wolford, and I do adore fine black tights and bodysuits, still, true to its Teutonic roots, puts one in mind of slightly grungy [yet aspiring to loftier scale, which makes it even more tawdry], suburban S & M clubs.

Thus, given that lingerie reflects its country of origin’s proclivities in matters of the boudoir, I would decree that only France and Italy should be allowed into the guild. I’ve already noted La Perla for us in a previous post, so, in a salute to Gallic seduction, we have Chantelle for our viewing – and, hopefully, wearing and being viewed – pleasure.


Spark said...


Hell Hath No Fury

decipher from your excitement at the Rove scandal that it's really hitting the fan in the US. great

the dark overlord, master of the universe vampire system error 666, is goin' down

USA, post 911/Iraq/Katrina/Dumsfeld-Blush and Cheney is obviously now in convulsive disarray. Blush is perhaps the worst Prez in history presiding over the decline fall eclipse of the American Empire, as China goes massive. yesterday watched CNN amazed - t'was like reading a village newspaper, the stories were so parochial. i'd forgotten how appalling media coverage is over here. married to a texan for 7 years, was subjected to US media a lot in the past. incredibly, it seems to have gotten worse

meanwhile the earthquake victims suffer and die because the overlords don't have the courage, humility or vision to see that the global system needs a global tax/health/emergency relief service

No Corporate Representation Without Global Taxation

So, regarding Magick Duties:

1 imp point in Yo Basta you have touched upon is the issue of activist duty in local sphere. are we to look at Zaps/Chavez as saviours or do our bit and ensure revolutionary projects in our own back yard? Lenin was very clear on importance of adapting revolutionary struggle to local conditions. it is extremely unlikely that one country however inspiring will hold the solution to all woes

however, the Zaps being indigenous oriented are a possible exception : we are, after all, unclothed and barefoot, all of us indigenous

and if we can link their now truly national struggle to our local/national struggles, and then link that on again to our global war for justice, yes we will be unstoppable

I think in this it's important in order to be effective to live in a place you understand, and to properly study its history [and the history of thoughts on liberty/democratic theory] and then go from there.

and on the importance of lightness of touch: the national/local solution is there to be revealed, not forced, as Michaelangelo uncovers the perfect art from inside the marble

Breathe Deep,
and Savour
Divine Flavour Breath Sav[i]o[u]r

Anonymous said...

I think Abe Lincoln was a worse president, after all he led his country to a bloody civil war from which it hasn't yet recovered fully. What could be worse than that? :^)

Dumb Dubya at least has the sense to make war overseas!

TripleJ said...

In the not "Not Naughty" category (in English a double negative becomes a positive unlike in French), I wonder where I can get a job like this .

$241,000.00 at a Topless Bar!

Well it's disputed, "I didn't blow $241000 at the topless bar, only $20000!" :^)

I need to get myself a business credit card like this! :^)

TripleJ said...

Talking about double negatives above reminded me of a linguistic joke.

The linguistics professor (who said Chomski? :^) is lecturing his students:

"In some languages, such as English, a double negative becomes a positive, but in others like French or Russian, it remains a negative. However there are no languages on Earth where a double positive can become a negative!"

And a voice at the back of the class goes "Yeah! Right!"

Anonymous said...

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doc said...

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