Friday, October 14, 2005

The march of the lemmings

[The EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are to be found in our Library, and there is a new acquisition as of this afternoon. Two communiqués concerning the IMSS, one from the Comandancia and one from Marcos. Quite informative, more interesting than you might think and only 5 pages long.]

The inaugural edition of YO! Basta’s gossip column is in production as we speak, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of delicious reports we’ve been receiving. October is usually such a boring time – the calm before the holiday storm [and, yes, that is a platitudinal correction to V. Fox’s soundbite – of course, you’ll have to follow the trail to the Library and read the newest communiqués to deconstruct all that].

As for the rest of the universe, there’s not much to report, is there? Other than the administration finally collapsing under the weight of its own arrogance and stupidity.

One could, of course, imagine the loveliest of news cycles, wrapped up in Florentine gift wrap, tucked under the Christmas tree.

A double perp walk for Frist and Delay, strolling hand in hand into the sunset of penal servitude. Frist weeping, Delay kicking him in the shins. About the same time George the Lesser is being put out to permanent pasture – oops, vacation - at the ranch, his handlers finally having to admit defeat at adding Antabuse to the mix in his cocktail of downers.

In a stunning gesture of bipartisanship, Fitzgerald [of the special prosecuting CIA outing Fitzgeralds] is named as what’s-her-name’s replacement, as she merrily scurries back to Texas, delighted to be able to spike George’s iced tea for him and deliver her mash notes in person. Cheney would have engineered the nomination, obviously, in exchange for saving his own withered ass and giving up Libby and Rove.

The two of whom would most likely never make it to a perp walk, having eviscerated each other in one last frenzy of fear and loathing in the back seat of the patrol car on their way to the booking station.

Not only lovely thoughts, but perhaps we might even pitch it as one more Law & Order subset. Titles, anyone?


TripleJ said...

Bush is apparently learning to communicate by sign language for two reasons:
a) So the deaf people may also get his message, and..
b) So we better understands what he is mumbling about!

Here is George the Lesser practicing his favourite phrase in Sign Language

Comrada B said...

I found a site where George the Lesser in in Free's rather healing when you click and drag the George Rag Doll grins...enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Where's the promised Sunday reading?

Anonymous said...

I was so hoping for that too.

It could possibly be my self-imposed impatience...silly Gregorian calander pushing us along completely out of synchronization of the natural rhythmicity of things.