Saturday, October 01, 2005

A lyric interlude

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Parlour: A musical alert. The show begins this evening, and it is a gift from the Frente. Do tune in.

[The message that follows is from the FZLN.]

A brief history of those of below and the musical left.

Beginning this Saturday [today!!], October 1, at 2100 [that's Central Time], DF time, we will be broadcasting a radio program on the musical history of the popular and rebel movements of Mexico and the world: the music of the marches of the National African Congress in the seventies, the songs of the railway strikes in Mexico of the sixties, North American worker songs, the struggles in Latin America of the seventies, the Vietnam resistance against the yankee invasion, among others. Each program, scripted and narrated by Raúl Jardón, will present us with a brief historical context of the music being presented.

We will begin this Saturday [today!!] with communist worker, campesino and student songs from the 20th century, from the 1920s on. Part One.

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