Saturday, October 15, 2005

Innocent fun

[Yes, the perpetual reminder: all the EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are in our Library.]

Friday night, which means in Our Lovely New World, there shall be no news to trouble our little minds, or to drag the big money newsreaders into work, until Monday.

And not a moment too soon, as far as I’m concerned. After all, there are reams of relatoria to be translated, and paragraphs of fiction to be concocted for ruthless, yet fetchingly na├»ve, estate agents in Barcelona.

Speaking of which [fiction, ruthless, reams: take your pick] I’m hoping to have several new sections of YO! Basta up in time for frivolous Sunday reading. Hot photos, breaking gossip, meticulously footnoted op-ed pieces. And we’re also still looking for a Resident Astrologer, of any bent whatsoever.

Now I’m off to celebrate the evening in style, knitting tiny things, plotting whilst I knit, sipping whilst knitting and plotting.


Comrada B said...

YA BASTA! is coming together nicely. It's really great so far...but even though I AM AS INTTUITIVE AS I AM haven't figured out yet how everyone is filling positions as contributors. Each time I enter the Parlour there are still more who have signed up to fill positions to contribute; But where? Was there a signing up for I missed? Is there some secret winding trail that one can only travel after ofcourse having received the invisible ink map, which is only attainable by word of mouth and only during every 7th full moon...promising first in blood to traverse said trail in deep deep cover under a nail thin moon...and a special coded prearranged knock on the door once one arrives at the secret location, a secret handshake, before one can get the skinny on how to contribute to YA BASTA? (lol)...



P.S. While using my special edition Cracker Jacks Secret Decoding ring and thinking of how many clandestine handshakes I can make up, awaiting the next finger-nail thin moon in deep deep cover...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I really must protest at the lack of spekking errors in this parlour..

Hello allWith Love :-)

lol and with apologies .. ;( and also much happiness and some good tidings at being back. all the teachers are on strike here and apparently i must be in love with I's mind - of revolution and romance and also with this a funny clever picture of knitting plotting sipping

but also, am sorry to report, can't find you. [i have tried. thru suggested breathless route , alas, to no avail

AND SO, Therefore, forthwith and herein follows
Official/Urgent Request/Announcement

Regarding Urgent Top Secret Mission "Pick Up The Easy Girl".

[Initial The Easy Girl Report from Downtown Vancouver: There are lots of them here. but none as pretty as a Revolutionary Irish. in a nutshell, she ain't here

So, request from Overall HQ some back up info re location 1) re: ficticious estate agents delightful European Location, 2) re company Located, requested, [3) Krakow/Budapest untested, could Barcelona be unbested]
or, how about, beloved, Inspiration flouted as a cornered poet , with a willingness to travel!

Yours Faithfully etc
A maSk in Waiting