Thursday, October 20, 2005

The geek factor

[As most of us know, all the EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are resting comfortably in our Library. And, if anyone has oodles of free time on their hands, I just posted Part 2 of the Extremely Lengthy Plenary Narrative.]

Well, thanks to darling penguinrocket, I have now managed to waste my entire evening, in a popcorn and reprehensible movie sort of way.

I’m not complaining.

It all started with that firedoglake link and went deliciously downhill from there. Of course, I’ve been an unabashed political junkie since my parents moved me to DC when I was 13. And of course I adore gossip of almost any nature, not to mention the unraveling of tangled webs.

But this is so very special.

Watching the homely idiots, so renowned for their guile and craft and knee-popping, scuttling back into the dark alleys that bred them. Has it crossed anyone else’s mind that one of the reasons – just a teensy one - for this odd downfall might have to do with the fact that Valerie and Joe are so very, very attractive?

I know, I know. The Dark Master Overlord’s subtext was just that Hating the CIA thing, and that other Hating Women thing [unless they be virginal and/or dead – we remember that one?], but I’m also wondering if there might be just a hint of something even more basic.

In addition to being venal, evil, incomprehensibly dangerous and ignorant, the Evil Overlords and all their various underlings are all - really, every single one of them - deeply uninteresting and unattractive. With equally unblessed lives. I’m sure George the Lesser was the only one to ever get a date in college, and that’s just because in those days he was a rich, heavy drinking, cokehead kind of a bad boy.

So here we have all these unhappy little boys, at the top of their game with the Election Coups, the Constitution Rewrite, the Handoff of the State to the Neocons, the plundering of the national coffers, the foreign adventurism, and so what if the yellow stuff in Niger scam was exposed for the silly lie it was.

It didn’t matter anymore. The deed was done, and no one gave a damn. Remember? No one gave one single damn at the time, and by then no one was even surprised.

But these smart, unhappy little boys, at the top of their game, went into meltdown over a simple article in the NYT written by a guy who was just some former whatever in some out of power administration.

But he was quite camera friendly, no? Almost Kennedyesque, mixed with a splash of Bond, perhaps, especially in that photo in the convertible with the blonde. He looked as if he might move in interesting, titillating circles, be invited to Hollywood soirees, get laid.

And so they went after him, and the blonde of course [doing their best to get her killed, since it was obvious she was no virgin], and they did it in the most bumbling, obvious, out of character way possible. Scooter and Rove, Novak and Miller, giving up the game in the very first news cycle.

Yes, little boys, still consigned to the chess club. No matter how much power, filthy lucre and backstreet secrets they’ve managed to accumulate in a lifetime of sordid dullness, they will never be that man in that convertible with that attractive blonde.


penguinrocket said...

Turdblossom has always reminded me of the impotent stalker character in Happiness. When somebody eventually casts March of the Frogs, I'm sure that Philip Seymour Hoffman will be on the very short list.

The Washington Post sheds some light on the aetiology of Rove's misogyny and self-loathing:

At the age of 9, I put a Nixon bumper sticker on the wire basket in the front of my bicycle. Unfortunately, the little Catholic girl down the street was a couple years and about 20 pounds on me. She was for Kennedy.

"When she saw me on my bike with my bumper sticker for Nixon, she put me on the ground, flattened me out and gave me a bloody nose," he said.

Meanwhile, by Joe Wilson's own admission, in the 1960s he had "too many wives and taken too many drugs. And, yes, I did inhale."

TripleJ said...

Who said George the Lesser was boring?

I find him quite amusing here:


What say you Irl? One more parlour game?

irlandesa said...

Oh, my god, not only entertaining, but also - satisfying.

Comrada B said...

Hmmm... I posted the link for G.W. in Free fall a week ago under March of the Lemmings, but apparently it went unoticed...oh well. It was slightly amusing and satisfying; but not nearly as thirst quenching as arrest warrants, convictions and very long stentencing. The day started out on a most lyrical note...even put A LILT IN MY WALK...seeing "ARREST WARRANT ISSUED FOR TOM DELAY."

The rat's are jumping ship and the Flea's have taken over... and do they need a pair of sturdy scissors to take down the puppet-masters? A left-handed pair of course would do just fine~! I feel an ARREST WARRANT TEA PARTY would be in order Irl, No?

Get the scissors ready... for, the better part of (more than) 35 years the puppet- masters just keep pulling them strings.

In quite a different key...

I have been trying to organize getting humanitarian aid to Chiapas for the flood victims. Some of our local organizations have roots in communities in El Salvador and Honduras, but I don't see any diectly in Chiapas. Will have to make some more inquiries before deciding on the avenue for aid, as doctor's and just plain everyday folk want to contribute.

The letter in the library asking for help from those of the left, mentions the organisations to send aid to...not familiar with all of them and would like a suggestion from the parlour for those inclined, on getting aid from here to Chiapas. I like direct action and some of my local organisations have so many meaningless meetings to decide on which course to take...that by the time the aid reaches victims in matters like this sadly, they could have used (badly needed this or that) 'yesterday in Dallas' they say. If someone has a direct link to getting aid to them, I have people who want to help.

Esperanza y Fuertes Abrazos,


P.S. Which poses slightly and glances down at old worn out socks that at least are dry...and glances and the numerous blankets warm and secure...knowing well they are much more needed else where right now...

irlandesa said...

Dearest comrada b,

I'm so sorry I missed the freefall earlier - I could have used it.

I have some messages in right now about how to organize/send aid for the storm victims from "outside." I know the Frente has organized collection points in DF, and they have one truck going down tomorrow night, sigh. And the ones mentioned in the communique are all in San Cris.

As soon as I hear back, I'll let you know, hopefully on the morrow.

And we are SO going to have an Arrest Warrant Tea Party!!

Comrada B said...


I raise my morning cup o' free trade in the air...

A toast to good works...
albeit in sad notes for the havoc nature wreeks making it ever more difficult for those who work so hard already...

Bends over in svelt lithe fashion to figit and adjust stockings on still fetching legs...grins gloriously at naughty ARREST WARRANT TEA PARTY.

Three channels to the left two to the right, left, left, left again to avoid the blairing of some song we'd never play and detection...


Comrada B said...


Have you heard back on how , where, from the "outside?"

I await word.



irlandesa said...


Sorry, no, I haven't heard a word, and I've had no luck exploring a few other avenues. As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Comrada B said...

Gracias Irl....

Esperanza y Fuertes Abrazos


Comrada B said...


I am an extremely patient woman....I wait for word and hope for avenues...