Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Feather duster in hand

[For any new guests to the Parlour, all our EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are in our very formal Library.]

A light housekeeping sort of evening.

A few details to be sorted, thoughts to be noted, floors to be swept.

As for the plaintive cry regarding the Whereabouts of Easy Girls, I’ve decided it should, and shall, be addressed in Matters of the Heart, YO! Basta, Vol. 1/1.

And as to the path to the whereabouts of another – one might remember a brief, yet spirited, discussion, in Comments concerning the path to the Breathless Article; follow said path, and there you will find lots of my work, each one of which will bear my current address.

And if that was much too convoluted and silly for words, just let me know.

So very little of interest in the news of late, a good thing, given the news of late. I must admit, however, that I was captured by Jon Stewart’s latest sobriquet for Rummy: “the Sultan of Moi.” Much more succinct and sweet than the words that so usually spring to lips when confronted with the terminally self-referential and petulant.

Yes, indeed, that was the floor sweeping chore.

Now I’m off to secure a publisher for our glossy and to try to ascertain how many times one must reference luxury goods therein to secure product placement largesse.

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Anonymous said...

Sultan Ronald Dumsfeld!