Sunday, October 02, 2005

Call for submissions, as they say

[As ever and always, all the EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are to be found in our Library.]

Once again it’s Saturday night, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

For those who might care to comfort, the final narratives of the presentations from the Preparation meetings are arriving, and it would appear that they are averaging one hundred pages per. As in per meeting. As in per each of 5 meetings.

But who am I to whine? Especially given friends who pop up out of nowhere to express their most self-effacing understanding of the social graces, human kindness, wit and me.

Or not.

So, given the perpetual not, and the infinity of paper, it must be time to play.

I am requesting engagement, of the most flippant type: genteel, kind, witty, not the prissy, screechy, anima-ridden sort.

The Hour of YO! Basta has arrived, and I shall be devoting all free [read: stolen] time to its premiere issue. I am, therefore, seeking all manner of contributions, as I briefly mentioned last night. Letters to the Editor [the more pompous the better], relationship questions for our Matters of the Heart column [the more convoluted the better], tidbits of gossip [the more imaginative the better], and so forth, and I know we get the idea.
For those of you who wish to back-channel your contributions, feel free. Otherwise just post them as Comments, and we can have twice the fun.


Comrada B said...

Irl!! I have missed the Parlour much these last few days, but I have been concentrating on being productive, ie; Indigenous and The Other Campaign.

I just arrived back home a few minutes ago from the Yaqui Territories; Compasinos walking miles roadside in gratitude for blessings in Magdelena; Cultural celebrations ay Penasco; The tail end of a five weekend seminar for indigenous women on leadership skills at a University in Hermasillo, which closed with a video documentary on the scores of women killed in Juarez; As well as the picking up and delivery of a badly needed oxygen tank for the medical clinic in Potam territory. And having done all the driving, which you can imagine was near nightmarish with all the pilgrims walking the roadside and this after dark.

And yes Irl, I am exhausted, but exuberant~!

It is MUY IMPORTANTE that I have a SECURE WAY to contact you, Irl. A clue: it has to do with invitations, of which THEY will only go, if they are...and they are~!

Please let me know how to reach you...ASAP.

Con Esperar y Fuertes Abrazos y Sonreir...


PS I promise, if I can slap all the road dust off me I will contribute something to YO BASTA!

Spark said...

Dear Editor

I really must protest at your OUTRAGEOUS attack on anima ["Call for Submissions, as they say" Oct 1]. It's as if that great Public Intellectual Germaine Greer never ever happened. Or maybe she just happened too far. Disgusting women hating stuff.

What bad did the feminine principle ever do to you? Or anyone else for that matter? You'll set the cause back by years with loose talk like that. Yours is I'm afraid an all-too-common attitude of the patriarchal male archetype bias of you western media mogul types. Anima ridden! Harumph. As if being emotionally all over the place and pathologically unable to see the funny side of life is some kind of problem. You women hating types! How can you possible know what it's like, you with your testosterone and your evil animus attitude. Rest assured that I will be withdrawing my subscription forthwith.

Emotionally/Angrily/Pompously yours etc
Mr Animal

irlandesa said...

spark: so very, very perfect. You are clearly reading/consorting with the same personages as I. Pride of place in our journal.

comrada b: Let me explore some avenues.

Comrada B said...

What can I say ? I am most grateful to adventures down avenues. THEY have been invited to and have arrived at their territory in the past...but after meeting with the head of this particular group of indigenous this last weekend, she is at a loss as to how to directly send an invitation. Discrection is wise.


A gigantic gracias for: (grins) I love it!
I had never ventured to that site before, and apparently...."In the year of the Red Overtone Moon...
I am White Solar World-Bridger;"

Lovingly World-Bridging, I am guided by The Spirit,


Spark said...

Comrada B: Glad U like!

World Bridging Indeed, Yes this is what we Need