Wednesday, October 26, 2005


penguinrocket said...

My secret decoder ring seems to be on the Fitz.

irlandesa said...

That's a damn fine thing :).

The person for whom it's meant knows who he/she/they are.

Maybe I'll get cute and convoluted and drop the odd crumb later this evening when a girlfriend of mine comes over and we do some major damage to the Cabernet and the Remy.

In the interim, I am in absolute meltdown with the pace of the March of the Lemmings and simply HAVE to get some work done, sigh.

But, thanks to thou, dear penguinrocket, I cannot stop reading the bloody comments at firedoglake.

penguinrocket said...
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penguinrocket said...

Your crumbs are like pearls, dear irlandesa--beautiful and opaque.

penguinrocket said...

Or, at least, sometimes.

When I feel myself confined to playing the swine's role.

Othertimes, like diamonds.


TripleJ said...

Who is the cutie looking up at Tux?


I just love babies!!!