Sunday, September 18, 2005


[Lest we forget, the EZLN and other zapatista translations are in the Library.]

First, I wanted to let you know that the translation of Marcos' words from the Plenary last night is now in the Library. It gives details, dates and places, of the first departure. A six-month tour, my goodness.

And, whilst doing said translation and vainly trying to find a definition ["boteo" in case anyone knows it, and I do know that "bote" can mean jail, but...], and knowing how enquiring the minds of our readers are, I thought you might like to know that my favorite non-alcoholic beverage in Barcelona [where it's made with tiger nuts, thank you], "horchata," apparently also means, in DF slang, "orgy."

Such fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Irl,

I'll be the first to admit that I'm in dire need of one of those drinks this morning.
I obviously overindulged and developed a severe case of the head just can' stop spinning ....

Anonymous said...

Saludos a todo,

My head, too, is spinning. Extended organizing...Zapatista delegations until "finished" and what that may mean for Mexico and the rest of us. As ever, the world has never before seen their like.

In case those streaming the events from La Garrucha haven't noticed, Revista Rebeldia has put up a link where one can add comments (albeit the discussion, like the convocation, seems to be primarily a space for the construction of a new Mexican politics) at

As for those spins...I'd been in a state of despair from the general state of the world - moreover believing it was just the tip an iceberg poised to swallow us all. Suddenly, there is a lightening of that weight; that spinning feeling: could it be...yes, I think so - no, definitely...hope?

Con un abrazo a todo/as los compaƱeros del Ezeta.


Comrada B said...

Friday, before The Hour of Our Tea Party I stumbled out of work to a cafe`, where upon I consumed the richest of peanut butter/chocolate/protien powder smoothies, when somone suggested we eat some real food nearby and then stumbled into a dinner with fellow trangressors at a local Guatemalan restaurant. The food was rich and delicious. Black beans, the "special" rice baked with cheese, corn & sour cream, the quesadilla etc, etc. One of the trangressors bragged about their magnificent Horchata being an absolute must to try. Honestly, the food I took in was more than I could consume in over a month. It was some of the finest I have encountered and I have had many a glass of Horchata over the years...

Then I remembered the Tea Party... how rude it would be of me to arrive and announce "Oh, no thank you Irl... I stuffed my face before I got here and just couln't, but thank you." It wasn't the consumption of the alcoholic variety of elixir's that left me moaning with tummy pains. Being overly polite and trying a little of everything offered that evening, was what did me in.

What Ramona said in giving back the embroidery of "colors" to Sup, left me to tears.

In the face of being exluded for 500 plus years, they exlude no one, no matter what their color, origin, background, etc, etc,... the only exception being the "minority of capitalists." I felt included.

Now for seem's out of place (but then not out of place) in the context of things to interpret Boteo as a "jail" given it's common usage in Mexico.

For me....another interpretation sprang out from the paragraph:

Boteo...a small boat. So perhaps to take up as little space as possible while visiting, being the considerate guests we know them to polite, kind and humble. This perhaps, in close reference to "little paper boats" and the building of bridges with the rest of the nation.

Are international's excluded? I understood, quite well thank you, the comments of recent past in defining their struggle, that they are in support of other's struggles and will continue to support others struggles, but that their focus must remain on them at a local, state and national level. Bueno;
But do they truely realize their struggle is a mirror for the struggles around the world and their success the HOPE held by all struggles everywhere?

While, conformity was calling me (like others) to sit down in the comfortable indifference that lives and worries only about 1979, (true story and shared with friends) I had dreams for consecutive nights in a row about traveling for days then walking into the jungle. Where a rebel encampment looked in complete suprise and then suspicion at the white woman, arriving by night, with no backpack. Encircling they asked in at least three different languages what I was doing there. Scared I had offeneded them by not announcing my arrival, yet certain I was suposed to be there and nowhere else.
The little office still lingers in my mind...the battered desk, the strewn tobacco, cot, the solitary little window illuminated by there, the patience shown in quietly summing up this waif that wandered in, and the putting up with my disertation in explanation.
As I was shown around the various communities, they kept asking "Are you sure you want to be can leave at anytime you like?" I wouldn't hear of it.
Acteal. In the church prayers by all, then to the door, watching evil faces slowly making a robotic step towards the church; (now utter horror in reflection of the lives felled, before so much blood had spilled and messeged, I am certain, by the soul's of our dead. and must reiterate that I push no spritual beliefs on anyone, with that concept of soul.)Random shootings and beatings...police, army and others would swoop in commit their acts in variious locals and run away just as fast.
Still, the peoples moved forward. A campaign to see who was in agreement, a new Constitution....a new way. Eventually, achieving their goals, the communities became somewhat the 'envy' of those states around them that had not quite caught up to speed, wanting to emulate the fruits of these other's struggle; to flourish in harmony and peace, as well.
Then, the soul's that have gone before us, pointed out that there were many around the world which wanted to emulate the same, and did. Some national goverment official saw how successful they were at upholding the new Constitution, that they were bending over backwards to meet with the good goverment officials, to announce "they would be glad to add the new Constitution to the old one (which was not honored fully) so that they could make an even stronger Constitution." There were polite smiles and some expletives by the good goverment, but their reply was "Thank you, but no thank you." (remember, this is 79')
Then came the annual celebration, where upon everyone dressed in brightly colored ribbonsof traditional clothing and as Conch and as Turtle. On the highest peak, at the warmest time of year, (as it was quite cold there most times) they celebrated in single procession, singing and blowing Conch. They would stop, stand in line quietly to rest, then commmence the march singing,
Conch sounds, and costumes....and broad smiles everywhere. One young boy had only one shoe, and even it had holes. I gave him one of my boots, not minding at all the little rocks that peirced my feet. I ran up ahead to another small child, and said "What are you dressed as?" he replied "A turtle." He had but two scraps of brightly colored fabric tied strategically to his clothes. The annual celebration? To celebrate victory in their struggle, the protection of their human rights and of their culture.

Even with all the tears shed, lives lost and struggles of all for these hundreds of years...everything is moving forward in the right direction...

The Souls of our dead have said so.

Hasta La Victoria!!

Sonar... Quieto...


Anonymous said...

Yes,of course their is hope!

Anonymous said...


Oh yes, always! It's one thing to think it, and another to feel it however.

By the by, are you able to get anything from La Garrucha?


Anonymous said...

Hi A,

Can't hear a thing...not too sure why.

Anonymous said...

Okay then. Perhaps some counter-insurgency hacking? ....the KeHuegla site is down entirely as far as I can tell.

I hope I'm wrong.


Comrada B said...


I have been listening since it commenced....but admit, dial up sucks with all the buffering. From beginning till lats nights ending remarks. Then again this morning, but have found i was bounced off and am having difficulty, so you're not alone.



Anonymous said...

Hi A,

It appears that all streams are down,at least at the Rebeldia room.

Anonymous said...

I found some sound at the FZLN site, but it is hardly La Plenaria. Perhaps it will shift into transmitting the gathering once the link to La Garrucha is re-established (assuming that's the problem, of course). Here's the link:

Comrada B said...

I have tried every link.....alllinks appear down except Radio Saman and Radio Ambulante, which are only broadcasting music, which is what they have been doing when the connection was lost at times since yesterday...I wonder how long it would take for a response, if one inquired to CMI or FZLN sites, as to the status of the transmission from La Garrucha. If anyone hears why or where to go for link for transmission, PLEASE let us all know...

Fuertes Abrazos,


irlandesa said...

Such a pain. I would think that Chiapas Indymedia would be the first to post answers, since they're handling the streaming, but I haven't seen anything yet.

Anonymous said... isp went down for a bit as well.
now i hear i missed the closing.