Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Through a glass, lightly

[Yes, the EZLN and other zapatista translations are perched in the Library.]

I had planned on translating the transcript of this last weekend’s closing statement, although there will be another statement to come, because I thought it might be useful to clarify a few housekeeping details. This is the closing statement for the 5th of the 6 preparation meetings for the “Other Campaign,” the one in support of the Sexta.

Other things, though, also needed to be done today, so I think a summary might suffice.

Revista Rebeldía is preparing and posting a report on all the different proposals being presented by the various participants, as well as the opening and closing statements and transcriptions. I haven’t been translating most of these, but if anyone would like to have a specific one done, just let me know. There is emphasis on the fact that these meetings concern how the campaign is to be conducted, not on how the goals are to be articulated or achieved. That will come later. Reiteration that the Other Campaign will not be rolled out in the same manner as previous marches and programs: no large mobilizations, grandstands, etcetera. They will be meeting with humble people, small groups. And listening, not giving speeches. And, again, that there will be a meeting on September 16 as well as the issuing of the joint proclamation.

Now, back to the other Other.

500,000 displaced, from New Orleans alone. As I said, I’m in no mood for reiterating the obvious, at least not for the moment. Although we know that all stern words to myself mean nothing, and the occasional screed will usher forth.

The other evening I was suggesting that some of us, all of us who do certain things so well, might do certain things. Schools for Chiapas and their little bus, Mexico Solidarity Network and their tours and workshops, Chiapas Coalition 98 and their mailing list.

Indymedia might wish to create an alt cybervillage for all those displaced, victimized and isolated. Assuming, of course, that they can keep out the hordes of spamming provocateurs who have been so busy on some of their sites.

The one group that I am sure requires no suggestions is Pastors for Peace. This is, after all, precisely what they do.

There are other groups, not here, that might send words of comfort, knowing that I will traduce them.

And a promise for the morrow: a detour and a bit of respite.

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