Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tea and empathy

[My usual evening reminder: the EZLN and other zapatista translations are still tucked into our Library.]

I should reveal that last night’s gentle chiding – as to what I shall and shall not countenance – prompted a flurry of interesting email. Just for the record: all apologies are accepted, and the poem shall be cherished.

Such an interesting lot, our readers.

In appreciation, I’ve finally managed to fix penguinrockets link. Valiantly sourcing the currency of latest events, as well as a delightful read [the wedding pictures, and captions, are treasure – the “c” substances riff had me giggling aloud, truly] and a most marvelously kindred spirit.

This weekend is the last of the Preparation Meetings in the Mexican Southeast for the Other Campaign. My god, they must all be exhausted. And, as a reminder, the Plenary session is to take place on September 16 and 17 with the Joint Statement [the EZLN and civil society plighting troth] being issued, as far as I’m aware, on the 16th.

My god, they are all going to be utterly exhausted.

Such a confluence of events on the 16th. Coincidence, or...something else, she mused breathlessly?

Since I’m in no mood for fact-checking this evening, I shall count on the perspicacity of my readers to correct if I’m wrong on any of these.

An event at Riverside Church, I believe, for/with Hugo Chavez. Did they finally allow him entrance for the UN trip?!

And isn’t that the National Day of Prayer declared by George the Lesser for his latest tens of thousands of civilian victims?

However, I do know for a real fact that it’s the Day of The Grito, of course, but what I’m following with bated breath is whether or not AMLO will indeed show up in LA for said Grito and tête-à-tête with Villaraigosa as planned. First, of course, the Mexican Election Overlords must clear it, and then the North of the Border PRD Overlords.

But not a word on that subject. I have no interest in incurring the wrath of the truly organized and protected [and you may guess as to which of the Overlords I fear most], especially given the number of hit lists embracing my name of late.

Therefore, given the above [yes, I’m trying to do Utterance], and the remarkable cosmic confluence of events, I am declaring the 16 of September of the current year to also be the Day of Our Tea Party. Here, in the Parlour.

I shall provide libations both daring and demure, a traditional array of foodstuffs [from watercress sandwiches to seedcake and my most divine Shrewsbury tarts] and a menu of coincidentally tart topics.

All the above-referenced, in fact.

So do come and play. Ladies are encouraged to wear their most flirtatious floral chiffon frocks. Gentlemen, sigh, are encouraged to show up.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

An infomercial from a blog to make milllions? i didnt get that on at all....seems a little out of place here. I personally don't don't buy capitalist greed and feed the corporate beast. i think I feel nausea coming

irlandesa said...

LOL indeed. These horrid scum are now apparently automatically spamming their little comments right after one posts. Usually, as you can see, I've been deleting them immediately, but I must have retired for the evening before this one appeared.

TripleJ said...

George the Lesser is an idiot, that's his excuse for being incapable of rational decisions. And I excuse him readily on this account. He was born stupid, is stupid and will no doubt die stupid as medicine hasn't yet found a cure against stupidity.

However the same cannot be said about Dick Cheney. He is the evil one.

Comrada B said...

Stupidity should hurt...

It is in those eye's....the evil one reveals much in his. Utter disdain for human life whilst making billions. It's like looking into a human vortex...

I am practicing in a mirror... what it would be like to have such an evil sneer on my face and failing terribly,


penguinrocket said...

Thank you for your kind words, Irlandesa. My own modest efforts at keeping a record have been inspired in no small measure by your tireless example. As for the rest, I can think of no greater reward than your delight and giggles. I only wish I could muster a bit more of your wit and elegance.

As it turns out, an unfortunate confluence of glitches both technical and personal are preventing me from updating the blog in a timely fashion. I will return to it soon--though perhaps not to the interminable compendium of the shocking and awful. For, really, how can one keep up?

Perhaps I'll go check out Hugo at Riverside. I organized a talk there a while back featuring Arundhati Roy and Howard Zinn--an experience which left me so drained that I haven't been back since.

Comrada B said...

Where is that church? I would enjoy hearing Chavez speak...

He truely is "a man of the people." Anything that makes a pretzeldent grit his teeth, is good in my book.

I am still getting request's for a copy or where to find one, of "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." Truely, the greatest example of serendipity I have seen in THIS life.

I am assuming most have seen or heard of it, but for those who have not: it was a documentary of the finest order shot live as everything unfolded, in the attempted coup against Hugo Chavez. Two photo journalists who happened to be passing through Venezuela on return from an assignment in another Latin American country, at the very precise moment, everything unfolded.

A rally of Chavez supporters were commencing to hit the streets when at the last minute, the opposition decided to have a rally of their own. As mayhem and screaming matches between the two groups commenced, opportunists abounded, including CIA sharp-shooters.

Unfortunately, for the sharp-shooters who fired upon innocent supporters of Chavez and the media (like sharks in a feeding frenzy) who tried to portray Chavez as a criminal, that his "thug's" were soley responsible for opening fire on the crowd of peaceful supporter's, there were the photo journalists strategically positioned, armed with video rolling just above the CIA sharp-shooters who were armed with sniper rilfes, filming it ALL as it took place. The journalists then went to the palace, and we get an insiders view, moment by moment, of an attempted coup.

The media of Venezuela (as well as the media of the U.S and the U.S. State Dept.) lied about the unfolding of events that led to the moments before the coup trying to put pressure on Chavez to step down. Chavez stood his ground and refused.(It's a great film, so I won't give all away...)

The U.S. State Dept. had egg on their face. They announced to the World that Chavez and his "thug's" had finally been taken down. (to my great joy and amusement,)within hour's they had to retract their their statement and in it's place publically state, "We look forward to doing business with Mr. Chavez is the near future."

For those that have not seen this film yet, it's a must see.

I applaud Chavez....."BRAVO HUGO!"

Before I completely lose it and go off on a verbal rampage over this administration...I need to heed the advice of very wise council, who once said to me in moments just like this one,




penguinrocket said...

The Riverside Church is at 490 Riverside Drive (between 120 & 122 Streets) in New York City.

Take the 1/9 train to 116 & Broadway, walk west to Riverside Drive and then north up to 120th. 

Comrada B said...


Irl, the ivitations you sent were exquisite! Daring libations heaven scent! Premiere noblesse, so I thank you.... The daring libation goes remarkably well, with delicate little mouth watering tarts, yum! Perhaps some seed cake to follow the coincidentally tart ever tantilizing conversation...Will there be psaltery too? ....I promise flirtatious but, in flowing zaitunal silk,


Spark said...

hello friends

so busy with things, but wanted to throw my two pennies in regarding the confluence of events on the 16th. for tis truly a rather special/relevant date for me, and this year in particular too, it being both my birthday [so, go on, have a nice drink on me, I'll pay you back I promise :) ] and also it is the very special day this week that i must go to Charing Cross Police Station at 7pm in order to find out whether or not they will charge me. not sure exactly what for, er, for organising a picnic? The Serious and Organised Crime Police Act 2005 (SOCPA) aka the anti-picnic legislation.. lol

yes tis mighty busy this week in London too - what with the DSEi Arms Traders being in town. Grrr.

And so off I must trot: for we clowns are now getting quite organised!

Wish us/them all luck on the 16th:+ have a lovely time what'er u are doing

Love, Kisses, Smiles, Sparkles etc

Spark said...

PS Just Lovely to know U/we will be having a tea party that day

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