Sunday, September 04, 2005

Small consolations

Just a few words this evening, as the events and images from the Gulf are almost impossible to bear.

A reminder as to what has been transpiring in the Mexican Southeast. This weekend was the fifth of six scheduled meetings with Civil Society [I shall reclaim the term, even if no one else is of late - it just becomes increasingly apropros]. This time it was with individuals, not associated with any particular organization. I read that 300 persons presented themselves, including the relentlessly devoted Ofelia Medina.

The last meeting is next weekend, to be followed by a joint public announcement on September 16. There has also been some reference to a plenary meeting on that date, though I haven't seen any details. I find it extraordinary that they'll be able to pull that together after all the work and chaos of the previous 6 weeks, but we shall remain pendiente [one of those often untranslatable words].

And a very small thought, the tiniest of possible consolation. Might it be possible for those of us who do what we do, and so often so well, to do some of it for the hundreds of thousands of newly displaced persons in the Gulf?

Just as an example, Schools for Chiapas might work a tiny miracle with their Little Yellow Bus. For devastated children living in shelters in Houston and Dallas and Baton Rouge and hamlets in Mississippi who will soon be going off to class in a foreign land. Pencils, notebooks, crayons, exactly what you do so well.

MSN might schedule a mini tour to Biloxi and help with clean-up and/or conduct a workshop on the living consequences of a shameless toxic economic system.

Chiapas Coalition 98 might make use of their impressive mailing list to suggest financial and/or physical aid to Habitat for Humanity which is planning a massive, two-tiered effort.

There are a thousand other possibilities and thousands of skills and hearts, from Indymedias to the Frente, and I shall continue to list them for us.

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