Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pomp and circumstance

[Don’t forget our Library where you shall always find all the EZLN and zapatista translations. The new one – which you really shouldn’t miss – is enjoying pride of place.]

My head is spinning with the unending confluence of events on the 16th.

Now, in addition to our very own Tea Party, we have the following:

The event for, and, yes, apparently with, Hugo Chávez at Riverside;

The closing session of the UN birthday party hosting all those Very Camera-Ready Heads of State;

The Grito [and, by the way, the Mexican Election Overlords delivered a moderately scary pronouncement last night, and AMLO issued his own today stating, more or less, what the hell, I won’t go to LA: easy, isn’t he?];

And now, Spark’s birthday AND visit to the Picnic Police Headquarters!! I really hope this doesn’t mean he’s going to have to miss his birthday cake, sigh. I would so hate to have a perfectly divine genoise with mocha butter cream and ganache go to waste.

And, lastly, the Joint Proclamation between the EZLN and Those Who Have Signed On To the Sexta is to usher forth from the Selva on the 16th.

As luck will have it, the words I posted in the Library today [Marcos on Words and Ways] present a fairly concise overview of the EZLN’s perspective on the Other Campaign to come.

As for the Big Boys at the UN, I see that the new US Puppet Ambassador will be getting his gold star for having gone beyond even the wildest expectations of the Most Evil Overlords Anywhere who pull his strings. The Human Rights Commission has been gutted, and, oh, as for all that money promised at the last G8…not.

The good news is that I hear from someone I know who runs a public radio station that she is seeing with her own eyes people literally swarming back into New Orleans, even ahead of the Mayor’s statement that some areas might be habitable by next Monday. In case you missed it, a few idiots let the kittens out of their wives’ Prada handbags and publicly stated that New Orleans would be rebuilt…but without poor people, damn it!! And I do believe that was the head of the local planning commission or somesuch.

So, poor people being much smarter than planning commissioners, they are reclaiming their city in the best way possible. By taking it.



Anonymous said...

The poor reclaiming their city and defending their space very inspiring to say the least.

Spark said...

yes! really inspiring. indeed, in a way that is what we all must do. poverty being definable in all kinds of ways, and not just in terms of money [eg of spirit]

Irlandesa, the goodies that you are preparing for the Tea Party are so delectable sounding that i am coming over all funny. however, at the risk of displaying my ignorance, to be honest i am not at all sure what half the delicious sounding menu items you have mentioned are.. which to my mind just goes to add to the mystique of it all!

divine genoise. mmm all i know is that i want some, whatever it is..

ahh - quick bit of research:

Genoise - named after its place of origin, Genoa Italy, it is a type of light and airy sponge-like cake. Different from a sponge cake in that the eggs are beaten whole and a small amount of melted butter is added. This makes it more tender and flavorful but is less sweet than a regular sponge cake. Whole eggs and granulated white sugar are warmed over a water bath and then beaten until very thick. Flour, and sometimes cornstarch, are first folded in and then melted butter (usually clarified butter). Can be flavored with extracts, ground almonds, citrus zests, or liqueurs. The genoise is leavened solely by the air beaten into the egg and sugar mixture. Must be careful not to deflate the batter when adding the flour and melted butter. This is a very versatile cake that is the base for many desserts. It is usually baked in a round pan and can be eaten plain but is often times split (2 or 3 layers), brushed with a sugar syrup, and filled with jams or preserves, fruit purees, fresh fruit, whipped cream, buttercream, and/or nuts. (Recipe for Chocolate Genoise)

oh jeez that really does sound divine. maybe i should consider offering a marriage proposal forthwith!

Happy Happy
Joy Joy

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