Sunday, September 18, 2005

Plenary over [?]

Well, Chiapas Indymedia is now reporting that the Plenary ended almost an hour ago - at 15:15 local time.

As soon as I get a copy of the Closing Statement, I'll post it in Spanish while doing the translation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Irl,

I just saw that note on the website. Thing is, I was listening, then Marcos said they were going to break for 45 minutes. I came back to nothing. I'll go look and see if there is the last broadcast somewhere.

Is that what you (or the others) also experienced?


P.S. Thanks for the lovely breakfast. It inspired me to fix something over here...which, now that I mention it I believe may be burning.

Anonymous said...


irlandesa said...

Anna - Yes, that's exactly what I heard - and if Marcos did indeed come back in 45 minutes and deliver the Closing Statement, it would have squared with the Plenary end. RR is now reporting it closed at 3:30 local time. Ah, well, the ups and downs of technology. I imagine I'll at least have the written words for us shortly. Glad about your breakfast: hope you saved it!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Irl,

Thanks for letting me know...I thought I might've lost track of the time. Too bad we missed the last bit. What a marvel, however, this was. How wonderful we could all share in the event despite the miles. And thank you for hosting in the could we not linger among the warm surroundings, tasty offerings and libations, and good company?

My lunch? Quite tasty, thank you. Nothing, though, like your full Irish.


Anonymous said...

Dear Irl,

Yes,thank you for the wonderful weekend.I shall cherish it forever!Actually feeling a part of the whole process from many miles away and understanding very little Spanish,is simply beyond words.
Simply amazing.

Comrada B said...

I think I remember in past parlour remarks of your's, you said we would be delightfully suprised....It was so much more than I could have ever expected and has been a wonderful weekend. Hope, inspriation and comradery abounding everywhere from the passionate readings from the heart in La Garrucha and the HOPE it holds, to comradery in the Parlour...muy hermoso!

Was simply beside myself when I couldn't hear the closing statements...but no one translates as eloquently as you Irl. Some try but it does not flow gracefully... more like stepping over rocky terrain in a clumsy fashion, terse, dry and there is always something missed.

I cannot believe the incredible schedule for the tour...I can now, not only breathe a sigh of relief aaahhhhhhh!...but plan accordingly.

The wellspring of HOPE from "The Other Campaign" is so intense, mere words can not descibe.

Wondering if they realise what a gigantic, so big it cannot be measured, gift of HOPE they have given so many?

From the Heart,