Thursday, September 08, 2005


[Yes, the EZLN and zapatista translations are still in the Library, and there shall be more tomorrow.]

I know I had promised detour and diversion this evening, but I was met with the former myself. A missive, the more formal closing statement from last weekend's meeting. I will have it out tomorrow.

And I'm feeling a tad Orwellian this eve - as in Orwell in Barcelona. Not the most comfortable of circumstances, Orwell and Barcelona taken separately notwithstanding.

Perhaps, given the above, a micro-homage of my own.

The birds and flowers and magazine stalls and oceans of humanity of La Ramblas [yes, I know, but it is how I call it].

The Plaza del Pi and Plaza Sant Josep Oriol - the epicentre of the universe. The passementerie shop; the ancient alchemist, a perfumer, who can read one's heart; Beardsley around the corner [where I learned to make my own Venetian masks], and everything else one could ever require.

La BoquerĂ­a, of course, simply and truly paradise on earth.

Not perfect, no. There is, for example, a certain class of endlessly self-styled "intellectuals" whom one just knows wear their Armanis to bed. And the usual rapacious mercantilists whoring their trade at all levels.

But, unlike so much of the rest of the world, there is also another city, which still exists and most likely always will.

A city which reads, and thinks about what it reads, which embraces all eccentricity and sells hashish in its pharmacies. A city which manages to comfortably embrace anarchism and socialism, decadence and brilliance, competence and indulgence.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Question
is Not,
Dare We Desire.
But Dare We Not

Anonymous said...

Geez Irlandesa,life is not intended to be a spectator sport,is it?

TripleJ said...

To "anonymous 3":

I certainly believe Life IS a spectator sport at times. I find watching Bush and Co. sometimes more entertaining than even Fawlty Towers or Monty Python, or the Goon show even.

At the moment the US federal government bears a remarkable resemblance to the Keystone Cops.

irlandesa said...

My Darling Anonymota,
As in inamorata, of course, but plural.

#1: A lovely, properly encyclopedic entry, which I read straight through. Just information, or a warning of sorts?

#2: Given the breadth, width and depth of my Desire, might I presume all is well?

#3: You have me at a bit of a loss. The post title, if that is what you're referencing, was a simple play on words with Plaza del Pi - as in "hanging" at the Plaza, just for myself, of course, as I assume most of my readers don't read Catalan. Or were you alluding to my Homage to Catalunya reference and chiding me gently for whining, just a bit, about life on the left?

TripleJ said...


I think Anon #1 may have been referring to Orwell Plaza in BCN




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