Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Of mice and men

[All the EZLN and other zapatista translations are still and always in our Library.]

Such a “best laid plans” sort of day, so I’ve tossed them all into the basket where they will still be tomorrow. Staring at me balefully, as they do.

One of the consequences being that the 11 pages of the comandantes’ and comandantas’ words from the opening of the Plenary are not nearly done. But they shall be.

I wonder if any of our US guests saw an astonishing little piece by Anderson Cooper today. After having done a very swift about-face from his initially competent Katrina coverage [now bending over and casting dark aspersions on the Mayor’s competence and motives] – he did an interview with the Police Chief in a small Mississippi town. The gentleman was walking him through the horrific conditions in one of their neighborhoods.

No electricity, mold everywhere, unspeakably unlivable.

And, as it turned out, the only part of town where these conditions prevailed.

The residents, by the way, just happened to be poor and Hispanic. And it was this very white very southern Sheriff who was pointing this all out. Aloud. All of it. And annunciating quite clearly.

The Mayor, who was refusing all enquiries, had a Plan. No shelters, god forbid, despite the fact that there were an abundance of possible facilities. No electricity.

Buses. To take the residents 50 miles away. Fifty miles from their jobs [and they do not own cars, of course, nor is there any public transport, this being the EEUU] and their homes. Fifty miles away from the Sheriff and his otherwise pristine little town. For good, of course.

A microcosm of the subtext in New Orleans, of the battle between the Mayor and the Federal Government and the latter’s maddened leap for the opening Man and Nature have presented them.

Ethnic cleansing, I believe it’s called.


Anonymous said...

Dear Irl,

My god. If you haven't already seen it, here's a link to Naomi Klein's article in the latest Nation, which echos your remarks: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20051010/klein.

Have a lovely day or two off. Once again, many many thanks for your fine translations.


irlandesa said...

Dear Anna,

No, I haven't seen the article, but can't wait. I always love it when girls think alike.

And we so do.

I've been taking the last day or two off in an attempt to deal with my animus-ridden angst, to embrace logos a bit - for a change.

And thank you so much, always, for your incredibly kind words. I rather imagine you know how much they mean to me.

Cheers y abrazos.

Anonymous said...

Dear Irl,

Don't we though?

Here's hoping your logos meets up with a bit of eros...and not the animus-producing sort.

Un sonrie,