Monday, September 19, 2005

Occasional festivities

Just a very quick note - first, to let you know that the translation of the EZLN's closing statement to the Plenary, by Marcos, is now finished and in the Library, along with the rest of the EZLN and zapatista translations. I'll be finishing the comandantas' and comandantes' words from the Opening Session tomorrow, and then I'll move on to the point summations.

Those of us who beat the September 11 deadline should be expecting an email on the morrow.

I so want to thank all our guests - or 'salónistas' as Anna dubbed us, and she will probably not be surprised to find I shall purloin the nom - for filling me with delight with their presence, words and spirit. Everyone was so very thoughtful and engaged and fun, and I think we shall entertain on a much more regular basis.

The masque, perhaps.

Although I'm wondering if anyone out there is expecting a birthday any time soon, as I found the most marvelous picture for pin-the-tail on the donkey. Has anyone else had a peek at all the pictures from the Plenary at the Frente site?!


Anonymous said...

Dear Irl,

For some strange reason,I wouldn't have expected anything less.....:)

Anonymous said...

Querida Irlandesa,

But of course! It would be lovely to join in for more festivities. I can't claim a birthday soon, but a masque ball would be perfect...and could there be a more perfect medium within which to have one?

Thank you, as always, for translating. Your contribution is inestimable.

Fuerte abrazos,

Anonymous said...

Dear Irl,

Una pregunta-what of the ones who missed the deadline?

Anonymous said...

Greetings all,

Indymedia now has video of the gathering in La Garrucha. As well, there are quite a few wonderful photos to be found there. Here's the link to the video:


Comrada B said...

My birthday is of no importance...but it is in spring

The mentioned in a well known poem and just prior, to your favorite month Irl (grins)

And after my favorite month, your favorite month, a masked fiesta or two...comes the TOUR to my area!

I do so look forward to all of it!

Valentia, Esperanza y Paz,


irlandesa said...

Anon #3: Time for catching up: as for those who hadn't joined on to the 6th prior to the 11th - you can still do so. Just go to Revista Rebeldia - - and follow the signs. You can register pro and con via either email or on webpage. If you have any trouble with it, just let me know & I can walk you through it.