Friday, September 16, 2005

Nooks and crannies

The proper way to prepare for a Tea Party, while awaiting one's guests. Curled up in a quiet nook, taking a bit of refreshment.

Do keep scrolling down through the day, as there shall be a number of posts.

On this, the Day of Our Tea Party, the day the Joint Statement shall be presented, the peoples of Mexico shall be celebrating their Day of Independence, and so very much else.

The Menu is next.


TripleJ said...

I'll have an Earl grey tea to begin with, while I ponder Huga Chavez idea about moving the UN away from the US.

To be sure, "South" is the way to go and I feel sure even Ernest Shackleton would approve of my idea of moving the UN to the south pole. After all Antartica belongs to all nations, exploitation of resources there is (at the moment) strictly forbidden, and there is the decidedly added bonus that all meetings and discussions could be brought to a very rapid conclusion simply by turning off the heating in the meeting room :^)

My only niggling concern is all the hot air generated might melt the ice.

But even if no one wants to take my idea seriously, I certainly believe the UN should move away from the US after being treated with such contempt by Lesser George.

Hemm Irl, you would not have some Calvados about? In Normandy if you ask for a coffee, and forget to tell them you want it straight, they automatically serve it laced with Calvados, and it just occured to me that a wee bit of apple flavoured alcohol might just be the thing to go with Earl tea :^) I may have invented anew beverage! :^))

irlandesa said...

Calvados in our Earl Grey, yes, a lovely idea! It reminds me very much of the traditional Barcelona working class breakfast: coffee heavily laced with Spanish brandy. Just the thing at 5 AM.

miguel said...

Something of this reminded me of the time my sister Celeste and I made our own Irish Cream :-) it didn't work out, but then, we don't have the Irish spirit I adore so much in here :-)
I'll be in the library. I do so like tea parties that have literature to read - it's the cream on the scone :-)

irlandesa said...

mj: I would never dream of having a Tea Party without a plethora of literature about. In my last real home my Dining Room was, in fact, in my Library.

Comrada B said...

A good library sparks hour's of good conversation, but it's the transgressors that bring the volumes to life.

The menu is marvelous. The setting perfect and ever so cozy. I never drink, but in the midst of fellow transgressors, the delicate shade of the pink Kir is becoming more tempting. The diet can wait till after the fiesta has ended...wait a minute...what diet? pass the tarts!