Friday, September 16, 2005

La Sexta live

Well, what can I say?! A lot, we're sure.

Such an incredible delight - and to lead off with Ramona. That was incredible.

Susana, Esther, Zebedeo, David, Pinguino [who wasn't very cooperative], Tacho and Moises.

And, yes, a 6 month working tour. From January through June of next year. And then another from September '06 to March '07.

The Other Campaign has now been officially turned over, from the EZ to all those organizations, groups and persons who have joined in.

KeHuelga is still transmitting, so I'm going to keep listening and checking back.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Simply a wonderful time folks!
Thank you for the hospitality Irlandesa.The drinks were simply marvelous!
It's getting a bit late here in the east and we're expecting the remnants of the tropical storm to blow ashore continue on with the fun and frolic!

Spark said...

Night night all