Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Excuses, excuses

I know I vowed that I'd be back to the usual no good tonight, but something is apparently transpiring in the heavens. God, I hate having no control over the heavens and such.

But right now I'd settle for reasonable rents in Barcelona and manuscripts that would re-write themselves. Oh, yes, and children answering their mobiles.

Until all that happens, and I'm giving it a week or so, back to the classifieds, the stacks of chapters and cursing just a very little bit.


Anonymous said...

To Irlandesa, and Everyone Inhabiting The Best Parlour This Side of the Mississippi

I have a question. A burning question, needing an honest answer: is it possible to fall in love over the internet [love at first byte?] and know for sure, in one's guts, that one is destined to meet, become lifelong friends, work with and possibly even marry this person, and not be completely and utterly deluded?

That is my question.

Hmm. I appear to be thinking about you, and my up-and-coming visit to the West Coast, and the idea of the mag, and Barca, rather a lot.

Why was I made like this? What can explain my state of mind? Oh I know, there is a trilogy of Romero's films on the BBC this week, THAT must be it.

Or could it be the ongoing Penguin story?

Or could it be the way you write, and the things you write about, and the way it makes me feel to read the things you write about? and

Or coukd it be the sense I get that I am what you need. Last night I had a dream that an angel told you "he needs you at his side."

Forget I ever said a word: I must be crazy.

Anonymous said...

oh God-help-me i hit send before i was ready!

well i've sent it now. and it rings true so to hell with self conscious editing ;-0

[i know, i know, that's just plain silly: no-one ever actually does

well, just try it while looking in the mirror, as i just did. it might make you lol - i suppose it's kind of like a pirate thing? ;-) ]

anyway, i do hope you're doing ok today. sounds like you've been having a rough time of it what with bills and children not answering phones and manuscripts needing work and all. i know how it can be, so i just wanted to cheer you up some

PS the marriage idea is a bit extreme, yeah, whoops, sorry 'bout that. Probably given a moment' consideration I would have edited it. Marriage is a bourgeouis reactionary institution, right? Somehow I doubt it. But the rest of it seemed and still seems like a really good idea. With y/our writing/translation/editing skills, connections, and poetic knowledge: Yo! Basta= killer revolutionary publication. Like i said: vamos amiga


TripleJ said...

Anon Spark!

Marriage has been statistically proven to be the only cause of divorce! :^)